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301 Hurry Up and Build Noah’s Ark

Upon hearing that, everyone was appalled and puzzled, various expressions could be seen on their faces, only Vigilante A sat there like a statue.

Ren Ruofeng was the first to react, he immediately felt irritated. No wonder he could only become the leader of Think Tank Group, while the old man was appointed as the director.

It was not because he was not smart, but because he was not ruthless enough…

Director Hu took in the expressions of the crowd, but when he looked at Vigilante A, he was slightly shocked.

Out of all the intelligence, it seemed like there was nothing that could move him at all, the Path of Heavenly Punishment was indeed extraordinary.

That was not right, he had to get rid of money…and evil apprentices.

It looked like there had to be another round of blood spilled this time.

He was the only one now who would dare to speak and was confident to summon the Celestial Dragon.

As for the few that were assigned by him, aside from Qiao Zishan who was somewhat competent, their strength was probably stronger than Qiao Zishan's, despite their progress in sensing totems was far from his.

As expected, it was difficult to gain the approval of totems by just cultivating on their own.

Director Hu scanned around, just as he was about to say something, Ren Ruofeng suddenly spoke, "Director, you're so wide."

When he heard that, he was almost going to spit some old blood out, then Ren Ruofeng snatched the topic away.

"Everyone only sees that by employing the Celestial Dragon, its growth will be affected, but we didn't think that…" Ren Ruofeng paused for a moment to gather everyone's attention, he then said after feeling satisfied, "This crisis affects the whole earth, nobody can escape from this, if our China calls upon the dragon totem, puts tremendous effort to turn the situation around and mend the issue, we'll definitely be able to gather the hearts of the people."

He said seriously, "In order to do that, for a short period of time, the nurturing process of the Celestial Dragon will certainly suffer a severe damage, but in a long run, I believe that the Celestial Dragon will be able to strengthen its foundation eminently, and the pros outweigh the cons. The key is that we can grab the opportunity to spread the power of dragon totem to the whole earth, totally break through the original setup, and China will truly gain full control of this new era."

When he said till the end, he stood up clenching both his fists, then waved them around in the conference room, and just like a true hot-blooded youth, he said, "As long as we have more courage and become braver, China will be able to win over this whole era!"

With a smile on Director Hu's face, he secretly gritted his teeth and thought to himself, 'What a bastard, stealing my limelight again… Oldman Ren, there's no end to us.'

Qiao Anping was the first to clap, he said excitedly, "Advisor Ren is right, we should've done that long ago!"

The look from Hong Yunjiao as she set her eyes on Ren Ruofeng became obscure once again, it was as if she could see the high-spirited, enthusiastic youth back then…

It was just that she had totally forgotten that she was currently disguised as a man.

Her obscure look was witnessed by Principal Xu beside who had no clue about this at all, hence he instantly furrowed his brows.

Principal Xu thought that he needed to find time to have a good talk with the newly appointed Leader Hong. In the world where the public morale was degrading day by day, Oldman Ren had stirred up enough trouble, he did not want another problem to arise anymore.

Elder Hai was thrilled as well when he heard so, as the leader of the Combat Group, and after being in the military for many years, why would he not want to carry out such a huge scene?

It was only because of his role as a commander which forced him to repress his character. Looking at the overall picture, this made him appear to be somewhat over-conscious.

Right then, there were a total of eight people present at the meeting.

Vigilante A, Director Hu, Oldmen Ren, Hong, Xu, Qiao and Hai, who added up to seven.

There was one more person, Elder Feng who was also known as Hallmaster Feng from Hall of Lores.

While everyone else agreed to the statement, he hesitated and said, "Old Hook, Oldman Ren, should we consider again before we decide, the situation isn't so critical yet, right?"

Just as Director Hu was going to speak, Ren Ruofeng said before he could, "Oldman Feng, I say that this is a chance that appears once in a lifetime! Although we're not clear of why the Americans are contrary to their normal practice and why they're acting so slow, it's the perfect opportunity for us to get control of the situation at once. If we wait until they've reacted and when we've lost the effects of being the leader, the effect will be highly reduced!"

Director Hu only smiled without saying a word.

Elder Feng frowned and no longer objected to it.

In the end, Ren Ruofeng said, "Director, there's a unison in the opinions, please give the instructions…"

It was then when Director Hu exhaled a long breath and said clearly, "Since that's the case, I'll issue the three thousand three hundred and thirty third decree of the Truth Department, three days later, we'll offer sacrifices to the heavens and earth to summon the Dragon God!!"

At this moment, the Black Dog who was far in Vigilante A's farm villa was holding the Dragon God handphone with a single claw, as it solemnly pressed the "call" button.

The Dragon Carp in the fish tank that was on its back felt that it was strange and asked, "Brother Brett, I've always felt that it's somewhat odd that the owner asks you to activate the Dragon God summoning ceremony at this time, we're at home now, we're not in danger, are we?"

Brett the Black Dog had never considered about this problem, it just replied without much concern, "I do whatever the owner asks me to, what's there to think about?

"The owner must be worried about being too far away from home each time he leaves, and that the house will be attacked by demons, so he always asked me to be ready for the summoning for him to be able to help in time."

"I see." The Dragon Carp had a sudden realization and praised, "From the sounds of it, the owner treats us extremely well as he even considered about this point. Those days when I followed Long Da and the others, they had never thought about the safety of a servant like me… Sigh, it's just different between dragons. I'm really envious of you, Brother Brett, that you've been following our owner long ago."

"Hehe, as long as you put heart into working for master, I believe that he will present you with this kind of protection talisman." Brett the Black Dog said with its head held high.

"I'll definitely work hard. It's just that this time both of us were supposed to be credited, but I can only blame myself for being too selfless, I initially thought that the great green insect was just here to consult as a reference, but I didn't think that it actually has no etiquette at all. It turned from a guest into a host and stole away everything I wanted to say." The Dragon Carp said resentfully.

Upon hearing that, Brett the Black Dog comforted, "Don't be upset, the owner can observe very clearly, he sees everything that you've done. Sometimes it's much happier to have dogs that don't fight than dogs that can and will."

"Eh, Brother Brett, I didn't think that you actually have such literary talent, you're absolutely right about what you just said." The Dragon Carp was really surprised.

Brett the Black Dog was secretly elated, it thought to itself, 'The Animal World movies that I've watched are quite useful after all…'

Two days later, on the shores of the ocean in New Netherlands, in a skyscraper situated on a bustling street.

It was where SBI Headquarters was located, which was also known as "Special Affairs Joint Investigation Bureau".

Chief Hook was in the office with his brows furrowed.

It was this again, the group of fellows made him delay two days' time before they calmed down the public discussion and settled the situation… They were simply getting more outrageous and more reckless, it was just like they had turned the beautiful nation into a toy at their own will.

Robert that fellow was somewhat sneaky.

He handed up a secret report stating that there was an issue in the upper levels of America.

Was there a need for him to report that?

The only thing he needed to do was to conscientiously follow the script that he had designed by meeting God earlier, and to incidentally tell God that his son's lifestyle had a problem.

However, the first time he was sent out of China for field work, he did not die.

The second time at William's house gathering, even after he provided those heliotropes with intelligence information, he still did not die.

During the last time, he let Jim do it himself, but still he did not die.

At last, he did not become Spiderman's uncle…

The directors had long written the stage lines before his death, yet he always did not die at the time when he should… He kept wanting to steal more camera time.

This fellow should really die…

If that was not the case, he did not have to worry about it so much, because there would be a Western Angel who would help him with these…

Just like the Eastern Pharos, which helped save the workload for the counterparts in China, and also lessened the shifts they needed to work.

Anyway, the thing about Robert not dying for all three times were directly related to the Eastern Pharos…

While Chief Hook was caught in his deep thoughts, a phone call woke him up.

After he picked up the phone call, he immediately grabbed a tall hat from the clothes stand, left his office, then took a private elevator and pressed the "-50" button.

It turned out that underneath this headquarters building, was another military base.

The group of senior officers from America who previously evacuated from the Demonic Realm were gathered here again.

Looking at their true identities, there were military generals, senators, congressmen, governor, mayors of big cities, heads of financial groups and so on.

Each of them were big shots with immense influence, and they had control over innumerable human resources and corporeal properties.

Nonetheless, Chief Hook knew that they all had a common secret identity; they were members of the Sorcerer Club.

They were the ones controlling the political and economic lifeline of this enormous empire.

These people often held secret gatherings to secretly make every important decision.

Afterwards, they would implement it through official organizations, shift the empire's resources, fulfill their own wills, and achieve their own benefits.

The reason that he was able to participate in this conference was just because he disguised himself as one of the members.

Hence, he was contemptuous of Robert's report…

Chief Hook walked into where the gathering was held.

This was a plainly decorated conference hall, in the spacious main hall, there was nothing else but a gigantic round dark brown table.

On the roundtable, a faint bloody smell came off, but Chief Hook would not overthink it.

This was because he knew then that during important gatherings, if the arguments became too intense, many of them would smash their laptops or phones at their opponents.

Therefore, there were quite a number of heads that were beaten up on the spot, causing blood to flow onto this table…

In order to commemorate the seriousness of its history, ever since this table became the testimony of important gatherings, it had neither been changed nor completely cleaned.

At this moment, many red high-back chairs were placed around this table, and the seats were mostly filled.

Clearly it was another important gathering, and this roundtable was about to witness history once again.

A fierce argument will happen again.

"Is this catastrophe real or not? We shouldn't have listened to that black cat from the start! Now there are many discussions about our hesitant actions, the military authority of America has suffered the most serious challenge!!" A middle-aged man dressed in brownish-grey military uniform had already stood up from his chair and was yelling at the top of his lungs.

"Calm down, Lieutenant General York, Mr. Tom provided us with lots of help during the early period of the Sorcerer Club's establishment, this is just a small repaying of kindness to it. Mr. Black Cat has said that those from the Snake-worshiping Brigade wants to revive their big snake, and needs to absorb some Power of Fear, so it entrusted us to help it while we were at it. I think that this was probably just a beautiful lie.

"Now we're just frightening the little adorables outside for a few days, it's not a big deal. Later on when we present them with some welfares and benefits, they'll be so elated that they'll entirely forget about this fear that they have now." A big-bellied fellow who was obviously a head of a financial group said indifferently as he trimmed his nails with an exquisite nail clipper.

"Gentlemen, gentlemen, please quiet down, allow Chief Hook to introduce us to the latest situation." A white-haired old man in a suit who seemed to be the host of this gathering called a halt to everyone's argument when he saw Hook entering.

After Hook nodded to the gentlemen who were present, he went straight to the point. "Thanks to our mature system, there are already no discussions outside, everyone has returned to their peaceful daily lives. Of course, what I'm saying now is just bullshit… Thanks to God, the situation now is very dangerous!!"

The conference hall became silent at once, everyone was stunned.

"The black cat didn't lie, the ocean tides of various areas are showing abnormalities one after another, and they can't be explained by any existing scientific theories. There are no signs of the moon nearing, no explosions of undersea volcanoes, and not even Atlantis was found!

"The only thing I can tell everyone here is that we should hurry up and build Noah's Ark! At least everyone present here deserves to be on the ark…" Hook enunciated each word slowly.

"Bam", the big-bellied head of a financial group looked at Hook blankly, while his nail clipper dropped to the floor.