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Bai Shixin was overseeing the progress of the informatization of the Greater Rat Clan and communicating with the human engineers in order to understand the core of this computerized informatization system.

At the same time, Elder Ancestor Bai and Nie Yuan slipped away from underground and arrived at the peak of a nearby mountain.

It was night time. The stars were twinkling as the moon hid its face. On the top of the mountain, a constant breeze brought about some coldness in the air.

The duo looked up on the galactic sky and talked for a short while.

Nie Yuan nodded slightly before the both of them left the mountaintop and return to the deep underground.

However, none of them had noticed a wisp of black smoke appearing in thin air and entered Nie Yuan's body.

After they had left, Vigilante A hurried to the exact spot the two had left.

What could make the Eastern Pharos hurry?

The System said in confusion, "Hm, there was a faint black spot that disappeared as soon as it appeared. I almost caught it."

Fang Ning was researching the Dream-Cultivation Method and was not paying attention.

The System had missed out on plenty of monsters before. For example, he had only caught two fish in the Land of Heritage before he had to return empty-handed.

A sudden thought crossed his mind. He asked, "Say that again. What color was that? I think I heard an incredible word."

The System said, "Faint black. I haven't seen a villain of this color for a long time, if we kill it, it will definitely boost our Mythos."

Fang Ning's heart jumped. Trembling, he asked, "Is a new villain threatening to destroy Earth? I remember Insect Demon had turned black right before he was vanquished."

Naturally, he was shocked. Was he not trying to live a peaceful life with all those overtime he had taken?

This supervillain appearing at this moment was just opposing Fang Ning's wishes!

The System said, "Billionaire, you're right. What do we do?"

Fang Ning's brows furrowed as he vocalized his thoughts. " Lemme think. Insect Demon had wanted to swallow every living being on Earth by procreating a limitless number of insects, thereby triggering the end of the world; Hydra Demon wanted to trigger a chain volcanic eruption to lower Earth's temperature; What does this new villain want to do?"

The System repeated, "That's right, what does he want to do?"

Fang Ning was speechless. "What are you repeating my words for? Check the villain out."

Vigilante A landed shortly on top of the mountain.

It was the exact spot from where Elder Ancestor Bai and Nie Yuan had left.

It was wide and barren. There was no tree in sight. The rocks on the mountain were rough and its cliff was steep. In the dead of night, there was a peppering of firelight as they looked down.

Looking up, the starry sky was clear but moonless. There was no haze or fog obscuring the surrounding.

Through the System View, Fang Ning seemed to have an understanding. "You mean the black dot disappeared from here?"

The System confirmed, "That's right."

Fang Ning shook his head. "Too many possibilities, too little clues. I'll relay this to Zheng Dao so he could inform the Truth Department and the Alliance so they can keep an eye on this."

The System quipped, "So you don't have any clues?"

Fang Ning said incredulously, "I have too many clues but no evidence."

The System retorted, "You're just lazy to look for evidence and wanted to leave this to someone else. I've seen through you."

Fang Ning ignored it and said, "I have to work overtime and cultivate. You take note of it. The next time the thing appears, catch it."

The few days following that were calm and quiet. All the sources returned with no special discovery.

If Fang Ning had not known that the System would never lie with regards to farming monsters, he would have doubted his own judgment.

However, since the System told him what it told him, there must be a supervillain in hiding, discreetly executing a plan of destroying Earth.

Many people could have the thought to destroy Earth, but those with the power as well as willingness to do so was rare.

Fang Ning only worried about it for a few days and had let go.

'What was there to worry about? Even if the sky is falling, Sir System can take care of it.'

Therefore, Fang Ning continued researching his Dream-Cultivation Method.

Another week flew past without any news. Fang Ning finally had some ideas on the Dream-Cultivation Method when Zheng Dao sent him a severe text.

"Tianjing Fawang and Lady Tian Zhu were arguing in the Truth Department's internal market. No one wants to let the other win, looks like they're about to fight."

"Tianjing Fawang requested you to vanquish a demon."

"Lady Tian Zhu asked for you to be a judge."

'What happened? How did the two 'Tian's clash with each other?'

Fang Ning read the content of their argument carefully and his face immediately changed.

He said, "Sir, you have to go check it out."

The System exorcised the ghoul wandering in the graveyard and said, "No."

Fang Ning demanded, "Why not?"

The System said confidently, "The Truth Department's internal market is in the northwest of Ji City. The System Map had already been unveiled so I can see them clearly. Both of them were not evil, they're not red or black, one of them was even a green dot, an ally. So why am I going there?"

Fang Ning got it. The System would never be a busybody...

Upholding justice was something it had done daily, but to be a fair judge was something it had never done.

Fang Ning said in exasperation, "Fine, if you're not going, I will."

The System asked perplexedly, "You being initiative? Did you have too many overtime sessions and just wanted a chance to be lazy?"

Fang Ning said helplessly. "Can't you think of the bigger picture? Both Tianjing Fawang and Tian Zhu were not regular people, they are Descended Ones. The news that was sent to us was definitely not something other people can mediate. If these two started having a fight, it will have a huge effect on the society."

The System was confused. "Is that so? Alright, I'll go have a look. It'd be too dangerous to send you as White Dragon there. After all, you're only a Bucket."

Fang Ning snapped back, "Nonsense, I am now a Basin-level."

The System paused as if to scan for details, and said, "Oh, you really are. But what does that matter? You're still a cannon fodder."

Fang Ning, "..."


At this moment, at the internal market of the Truth Department in the northwest of Ji City.

Usually, this place was filled with noises. Sellers and buyers of every sort would yell at the top of their voices in order to find the materials and ingredients they want. It was the place to go for anyone who wished to purchase cultivation materials.

However, the market was pin-drop silent at the moment, No store owners were selling their wares, and no customers were buying anything.

All the people in the market had congregated in the decorated square in the center of the market.

The square decorated with flowers did not have a huge area. It was just for Extraordinaires to rest, so it was finely embellished.

Currently, there were two super powerhouses facing off in the center of the square.

On the east was an old monk, Tianjing Fawang. He was forthright with people, not scared of authority, wholesome, powerful, and had just recovered to Lake-level recently.

During the Azure Mountain's Treasure Trading Convention, it was him who supported Vigilante A, ignoring the Azure Mountain's power.

At the moment, the Fawang was wearing his yellow kasaya and held his rosary beads as he locked gaze, frowning, with the elegant lady opposite him.

The elegant lady wore an ensemble of loose silk dress to cover her evidently pregnant shape.

She looked weak, but the power that she exudes was even stronger than that of Tianjing Fawang's.

Even in her pregnant state, her strength was not to be looked down upon.

None of them were talking. Both wearing calm expression, they were waiting for someone to arrive.

The mass surrounding the square were all whispering and muttering softly. It had been a while since they had witnessed dramatic face-offs like this.

"Why did this old monk stop the lady?" Some late Extraordinaire asked their fellow bystanders.

"Old monk? That's the eminent leader of the Chinese Buddhist Association, Tianjing Fawang. Why would he pick a fight without a reason?"

"Fawang had sensed a pure Demonic Energy in the lady's body, it seems to be hiding within her unborn baby."

"Fawang said that the baby's talent was so good, it can even be considered rare in the Upper Realm. If the baby was born, they would become the vilest villain there ever was. To avoid that, he wanted the lady to abandon the child."

"Oh!" Hearing the explanation, the latecomer was stunned as he understood the implication.

The conflict between these two could not be mediated normally!

"No wonder the lady's so determined. Her child's gonna be born soon, how can she agree to giving it up? She would never abandon this baby whether Fawang's words were true or not."

"That's right. That's where it was complicated. Fawang said it was for the best for the world, so he had to do it. But the lady was not wrong as well. No one would be able to butt in..." Someone shook their head, having no idea to help.

"What do we do now, do we let them stay like this?"

"Oh, the lady had asked the Venerable Dragon God to make a judgment. Tianjing Fawang also believed that the Venerable Dragon God would handle this justly."

"Hm, could the problem be solved just by him coming here? This clash between the two parties looked unavoidable."

Someone was not confident in the outcome.

Some other people nodded. This simple conflict had involved three Lake-level powerhouses.

Unlike the previous incidents where the Venerable Dragon God could just overpower the villain, the current conflict was not easy to determine the wrong party.

No one would protest if the Venerable Dragon God vanquished evil... those who did were either dead or had been locked up.

However, no one had seen the Venerable Dragon God handle quarrels between two righteous parties.

It had been said that he would rather arrest a petty thief than to care about the conflicts between the Chinese Buddhist Association, the Chinese Taoist Alliance, or any schools and sects in the righteous side.

Now that the conflict was related to the legendary "Demon Baby", both parties were right to stand their ground, how would he handle this?

Many people were worried and pessimistic about the development of the incident.

"On one side is a mother. Mothers will always protect their children, how could they allow harm to come upon them?

"On the other side is the eminent monk. He doesn't want to see the world being thrown into chaos by the birth of the Demon Baby, that was his intention. This is difficult, so difficult!"

"That's right, the Venerable Dragon God is fair and just, the Eastern Pharos who shines his light all around the world. But this? He probably couldn't solve this."

More and more people sighed and shook their heads. Obviously, this dilemma was not something fighting strength could solve!

The Venerable Dragon God was invincible, but he had always been overpowering his enemies with sheer strength.

No one had any hope that he could solve this problem perfectly.

There were people who had a terrible thought. 'Maybe this will turn out to be a bloodshed!'

At this point, someone asked, "That's not right. The lady should have looked for the father of the baby, why would she ask for the Venerable One to back her up?"

"Isn't it obvious? The dad was probably someone useless who would just be in the way if he came."

Slowly, most people glanced upward anxiously, waiting for the hero to appear on his flying sword.