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287 Dream-Cultivation Method

After Vigilante A retreated, only one person was left drifting on the sea.

 Ren Ruofeng was moving along with the tide.

 How can such a kind person like Fang Ning watch his allies die?

 This was what Ren Ruofeng said when he planned the strategy of trapping the enemy.

 "I won't die. No matter how badly injured I am, you must not care about me."

Fang Ning's worries aside, he did remember that the other had high IQ and was of his grandfather's generation, which meant that he would not let himself die, and was not easily persuaded. So, he let it go.

Besides, if he really did die, it was better to get the Bodhisattva Spirit King to resurrect him into an insect. His daily intoxicated state, compared to Chong Daqing's leisurely life, was worse.

So, Ren Ruofeng held his chest, blood staining the front of his shirt as he looked up aimlessly at the blue skies with white clouds. His memory, though, had returned to the faraway past.

This whole business was like a tangled mess of hemp, and the more one wanted to untangle it, the more tangled it became until it became overwhelming.

Human and human, human and demon, love and sin, abuse and love, ordinary and extraordinary. All of them made already complicated problems even harder to solve.

Deep in his thoughts, he did not realize how much time had passed when he saw two people flying towards him, one after the other.

"Leader, Leader, are you okay?"

Ren Ruofeng smiled bitterly. "Your new leader is so cruel. I'm going to die, yet she didn't want to see me?"

These two people were Secretary-General Liu of the Think Tank group, his former confidant, while the other was Ding Xiang of the Special Investigations Unit, the lover of Little Zheng and long-time teammate, as well as the designated nanny of the Truth Department.

Speaking of this, Ren Ruofeng felt incomparable to Little Zheng.

Secretary-General Liu immediately found the chance to make trouble. "Oh, Leader Qiao said that you're a thousand-year disaster and won't get yourself killed. You must've wanted to play the ruse of having yourself injured to gain the enemy's confidence. He saw through it, and had us bring you back."

Ding Xiang had already floated up from the surface of the sea. He tidied himself up as force of habit, casting a cleaning spell to remove the bloodstains and dirt.

He lifted his head, sighing, and looked towards a cloud floating near the horizon. "Go, both of you. I don't want to return. I'm perfectly happy staying in The Venerable One's home. There's Brother Carp accompanying me when I drink, and I can also use my remaining years to do more meaningful things. This kind of life is good enough for me. Oh yes, I still have some of my things with you. Tell your leader, and let him do what he wants with them."

Secretary-General Liu gave a look of pity, but followed Ding Xiang back.

At that moment, in that cloud, a woman was concealed. It was Hong Yunjiao.

"This man that cannot die of old age… people using the Evergreen Supreme Technique can sense each other. He must have known I'm here, but didn't think of coming up to check. Then I'll leave you alone. I'm going."

Hong Yunjiao turned and left.

From beginning to end, she did not even turn into a man.


In a southern city, a clinic with a sign saying "Helping You to Find True Happiness".

The clinic was big, and there was already a long queue.

The only medical assistant was a big green insect, while the others were all men in suits. They were all members of the Association of Spirit Kings, sent here to maintain order.

Some of the men who had been in the queue for days felt sad. Such a beautiful woman turning into a man would be a loss for men.

But then they felt thankful…

"Sister Zhu Zhu, you are here?" Chong Daqing, seeing Tian Zhu entering, immediately paused its work and demanded a two-hour break.

No one in the queue objected. They all said that Doctor Chong had been working overnight for many days, and it was time for a break. They were not in a rush

Chong Daqing invited Tian Zhu into the doctor's office, and invited her to sit.

"In the last two days, I've earned lots and lots of money. The Great Azure Dragon had said to share half with Sister Zhu Zhu. I've already asked Elder Er to calculate it, and I can give you a bonus by year end." Chong Daqing said seriously

"He, he. That's nothing. You eat a lot, and you just have to earn your own food money. Thanks to you, I could escape from Azure Mountain," said Tian Zhu, smiling.

Chong Daqing laughed at the praise, its eyes glowing. "That's true. Every time the Great Azure Dragon has something big, he has to call me -- Chong Daqing. Two days ago, he asked me to help him again, which interfered in two days of my business. I have to take some time to go to his home to eat. But, the Great Azure Dragon had said that even blood brothers need to settle their accounts. The money given to Sister Zhu Zhu must not be a cent less."

Tian Zhu had an inkling. She smiled. "Since Venerable Dragon God is also owed a life debt by me, I can help him pay it by treating you to a meal. Since you have insisted on settling the accounts clearly, then the food money can be taken from my bonus."

Chong Daqing smiled widely, agreeing repeatedly.

The woman and the insect were soon sitting at a table in a nearby restaurant. This was a property specially started for Insect Prime, which counted only the net price of service and material in their budget.

That was why it was one tenth cheaper than the Fang family's old restaurant in Qi City, only the taste could not be guaranteed.

In order to fill its stomach, Chong Daqing would often choose to dine here. Only when it had earned more would it fly far away to the Fang family's old restaurant.

After a filling meal, the woman and the insect parted ways, Chong Daqing returning with satisfaction to its work.

The customers queuing in the clinic were much too many, and many of them were Lady something-something or Sir yadda-yadda, which it was not familiar with. It did know, however, that they were very rich.

Tian Zhu did not leave, but watched from afar as Chong Daqing flew off happily. An expression of envy flashed in her eyes.

If a person could live like this insect, free of troubles, it would be good.

However, the future of the Celestial Swine Demons, as well as the blood of the Celestial Swine ancestors, were all bore by her, and also her fetus.

How could she be free?

The future of the clan was too obscure and far to reach, but the baby in her tummy was the most tangible.

Maybe it would be hard to do other things, but at least she wanted her child to be as unburdened as Daqing when it was born.

Those two, as the highest and second-highest-ranking officials of the Truth Department's Think Tank Group was truly wise, and not easily manipulated.

Only the fact that those two still acted like young people when it came to relationships had given her room to maneuver.

Pity, it had only made it up to this step, and could not be surpassed.

Hong Yunjiao, as expected, did not become a man.

In the other's eyes, there was only Ren Ruofeng, and Chong Daqing did not cast the Great Reversal of Heaven and Earth on her but just its own talent-concealing art.

The wisdom and pride of the two had already ensured that they would never be used by her, and also would not help her revive the Celestial Swine clan.

At least, in the end, the loser would be her alone.

Her own child, destined to have their protection, hopefully could live a life as happy as Daqing.

As Tian Zhu thought this, she slowly wandered in the quiet, peaceful southern city.

How long would this quietness last? She looked up into the sky. This may have to depend on how long another roamed the skies.

Tian Zhu, deep in her thoughts, did not realize that in the air, a hidden wisp of black gas had entered her body.

She was a Lake-level Powerhouse after all. In this world, who could trick her without her noticing?


Compared to her, Fang Ning, a person with a serious case of procrastination had a much more comfortable life.

To him, Lei Tian's vow and the potential problems of the broken snares could be all unloaded on Sir System. Just procrastinate for a while, and decide only when things come to a head.

To celebrate the success of defeating the Demon, he had ignored the worry about the broken Net and happily found an island-running game, playing it all night long.

The next morning, he had woken up with difficulty, eyes tired as he went to work and cultivated.

Only then, did he check the System Notifications from yesterday.

Helping Sir System kill the evil demon Lei Tian had earned them 1.5 billion experience points!

He could only say that Demons from the Upper World were so great that the experience earned from them was so different.

Now, Sir System's experience has risen quickly to 6.2 billion.

Also, because he had farmed a future Demon Lord, the World Mythos level was not increased by 1 or 2 points, but by 10 points.

Seeing how fruitful the gains were, Fang Ning defiantly asked for holidays.

"Sir, the System who always keeps his promises, the three-day holiday we agreed on…"

The System: "I won't give it to you."

Fang Ning rubbed his eyes, speechlessly saying, "Why?"

Sir System said loudly, "That time, you said you could help me deal with the problem of Nie Renkuang becoming a demon. Now ask yourself. Have you dealt with him?"

Fang Ning rolled his eyes. "He's in the Draconic Penitentiary now… I truly didn't deal with him becoming a demon, but I've already found the Bodhisattva Spirit King to deal with that Nie Renkuang himself. Is this different?"

Sir System said smugly, "Sorry, Big Billionaire, the demonization of Nie Renkuang has not been solved, and even Nie Renkuang himself has not been dealt with. Lei Tian is only a role played after Nie Renkuang became demonized."

Fang Ning then understood. He said thoughtfully, "Are you saying that the War Demons don't propagate naturally on their own but through demonization of other clans?"

Sir System said firmly, "Just so. Which is why unless Nie Renkuang regains his human form, the problem cannot be considered dealt with. So, Big Billionaire, your three-day holiday cannot be given."

Fang Ning said dejectedly, "Never mind. If there's none then there's none. I'll go take a nap."

Sir System asked, puzzled, "It's daytime, the time to work and cultivate. Why are you going to sleep?"

Fang Ning gave a mysterious smile. "Just now, Anderson gave me a method to fight Lei Tian. In the writings, there's a method to split the spirit… into three consciousness bodies. This splitting of spirit is nothing I would dare to do.

"But, it made me understand suddenly. Maybe I can try designing a Dream-Cultivation Method. I would like to start my research now."

The System said dubiously, "Impossible. You must be tricking me again. You actually want to take the chance to sleep, since you probably played games last night. Don't think that I don't know because I'm farming monsters."

Fang Ning was tired and sleepy. He said, disappointed, "Can't there be more trust between human and system? I really want to do research.

"Sir, you're such a rigid System. You only know to follow the rules of doing things, and your comprehension ability is a rule that has been set. You're a system, so you don't know. I'm a human, and one of the humans' best talents is creation."

Sir System was confused. "Do you have the talent of an inventor? Alright then, I'll believe you this once."

Fang Ning said immediately, "Then you must promise not to call me within 8 hours, or my research process would be interrupted."

The System, "Promise."

After a while, Sir System regretted it, because he could hear the loud, thunder-like snores of Big Billionaire coming from the break room.

'This was creating and inventing? This was definitely sleeping.

'I may know that Sir Host is lazy and cunning, but never thought that he could use his cunningness to this end.'