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283 Sir System Wouldn“t Fall for the Same Trick Twice

In the Spirit King Cave of Spirit Valley where Bodhisattva Spirit King secluded.

Many insects perched on the protruding stones of the stone wall.

Technically speaking, The types of insects there were not a lot. Most of them were just butterflies and bees.

Before turning into a butterfly, caterpillars would consume leaves for nutrients. They might not be considered as beneficial insects to most people, but their metamorph, the butterflies, were essential to the pollination of many plants, so they were actually in a mutualistic relationship.

The other insects that Insect Mother and Bodhisattva Spirit King had reincarnated had begun to transform into butterflies. They fluttered against the glow of the setting sun, forming a pretty picture.

Chong Daqing was the leader of the Spiritual Insects Clan, and also a caterpillar.

Several months had passed. Chong Daqing had been eating a mountainous amount of food every day, but it did not even turn into a chrysalis. Many people from the Spirit King Association was puzzled, but no one dared to ask.

"Congratulations, Bodhisattva. I've wished for you to be blessed by the Heavens since you're always helping people, and it came true. This Arcane Realm is perfect to be used as the base of the Spiritual Insects Clan's reproductive efforts."

Insect Mother flailed its fair, plump torso, and spoke gently.

At its side, a young man smiled and said, "Insect Mother, it's all because Brother Dragon sent the message. You're not wrong though. The world is a different place now. When I descended, I've made a promise to the will of this realm. I want to do something that leaves an eternal mark, good people will be rewarded with prosperity and longevity, while bad people suffer. That was how I descended successfully.

"After my descent, I founded the Spirit King Association. Firstly, it restricts the spirits from wreaking havoc on Earth; secondly, it's to realize the promise I made to this realm. Now that Brother Dragon has arrived, a big part of the second reason had been accomplished. I only lack progress in the former. The Demonic Realm's emergence came at the right time."

Bodhisattva Spirit King specialized in that. He was right, with the hard work that Fang Ning and the System put in, all the villains they came across had had short lives filled with destitution.

The inmates of the Draconic Penitentiary had all expired when they were about to execute their grand plans, and now that they were in prison, they have no money to spend...

Insect Mother sighed in relief. "Looks like this the Venerable Dragon God was really the luckbringer for you. Your major opportunities had been brought about by him. He is the light in this world. When I was Insect Demon's tool, I've heard him talk about all the weird plans he had. I thought the world was going to be plunged into darkness, but he alone brightened the realm, it was really a miracle."

Bodhisattva Spirit King chuckled and did not comment. His history with the Dragon Clan could not be talked about, but Insect Mother was right, the Venerable Dragon God was his luckbringer.

It must be his good karma...

He exhaled silently and waved his arm as Insect Mother and he disappeared from the Spirit King Cave.

An ability like this looked normal, but how many people on Earth could do it?

Vigilante A could fly around like a rocket, but he still could not teleport.

The true power of Bodhisattva Spirit King could not be summarized with what he had shown. Combat-wise, Vigilante A could take ten of him at once, but in terms of all-roundedness, he could beat ten Vigilante A's.


On an island in Central America, the sea breeze swept past the tropical trees on the beach, swaying them gently.

Long Fan rested on a Cacao tree and waited hopefully.

Soon after, it saw the Venerable Dragon God came out of the portal next to the stream. Behind him was a bulky man, so it approached them.

It felt like an illusion, but it felt as if the man was a little weak.

"Venerable One, the villain must have been defeated by you, right?" he extolled.

Vigilante A said expressionlessly, "One more, but this fellow fighter was affected by the Demonic Energy, we can't leave him alone. I've already invited Bodhisattva Spirit King to look at him, he should be here soon."

Nie Renkuang's heart clutched tight, and he began to perform Persona Partition.

'Flight' complained, "Oh, this is bad, the Bodhisattva is coming, the host might turn toward the path of Buddhism and become a Guardian Demon. The host would spend most of his days chanting mantras and eat grass, we will no longer have any use to him, and we will never be able to come out again."

'Hold' deliberated, "Which Bodhisattva specifically? I've never heard of Bodhisattva Spirit King, it might be a new title after his descent to cover up."

'Fight' was ready to fight. "What are we scared about? So what if he is a Bodhisattva? They can convert other people, but can they convert our host? His wickedness is deeply ingrained and he's wildly obsessed with fighting. He would be physically unwell if he abstained from battling for even a day and sees the whole world as his hunting ground. Buddhism preached to be kind and compassionate, how could he stand that?"

'Hold' analyzed carefully and said, "There aren't many Bodhisattvas who have real power, but one was exceptionally powerful. Other people won't know this, but our host wanted to challenge a demon in the west of the Great Bodhisattva Pass and witnessed him wielding his powers. It was clear from the beginning that the Bodhisattva was a nemesis of cultivators on the Path of Evil."

'Fight' retorted, "What are we afraid about? There's no such coincidence in the world. Besides, even if it is him, he would be much weaker than before due to the limitations of this world and might not even be able to harm our host. If we can become the master of this Demonic Realm, the pros far outweigh the cons. Even that Huang Rui old fart said that the Azure Mountain in China could live outside of their rule, not even the whole country could do anything about it.

"If they behave so stubbornly, they must have known that as long as Arcane Realms kept growing, not even the divine and demonic beings will be able to do anything to them when they descend in the future!"

Therefore, Nie Renkuang decided to not flee...


Soon enough, Bodhisattva Spirit King and Insect Mother appeared on the island. His pinpointing skill was one of his strong suits.

Fang Ning had only mentioned a general direction, but he could transport long distance with such accuracy in a short time.

Vigilante A and Nie Renkuang stood beside a boulder on the riverbank where the portal was.

In fact, the portal was right behind Nie Renkuang.

Vigilante A had seen the appearance of Bodhisattva Spirit King from afar and immediately noticed that his power was much stronger than before, touching the edge of a Lake-level.

Just as Fang Ning said, everyone else was moving forward as well since this was not a programmed console game where the bosses were locked onto a specific level.

"Brother Dragon, it's been a while. Daqing was plenty of trouble, wasn't it?" Bodhisattva Spirit King began his pleasantries as he approached Vigilante A.

"Oh, it's doing fine. Since opening its own clinic, its business was booming. Now that it stopped coming over to eat so frequently, I miss it a little. I wonder how it's doing."

The System was that straightforward.

Fang Ning was speechless and asked, "What about it are you missing? I bet you saw its daily income and was trying to get a new source to borrow money from."

The System said, "Hey, not bad, you're really the roundworm in my stomach can guess what the other was thinking)."

Fang Ning could not retaliate.

Bodhisattva Spirit King smiled. "It's fine. Now that the kid has a proper job, it no longer wanders all over aimlessly. I think the Celestial Clan's leader would be proud of it."

The great green insect had already exposed its own background when it was eating. With the knowledge Bodhisattva Spirit King could access, he could easily find out about many things.

After getting the pleasantries out of the way, they both laid their eyes on Nie Renkuang.

Bodhisattva Spirit King scanned carefully as he made a decision.

He was different from Vigilante A, the System was only less than a year old. Even though it was a battling expert, it still had not seen many of the techniques in the Upper Realm.

He was different. He used to vanquish demons for a living, so as soon as he sensed Nie Renkuang, he knew that Nie Renkuang was a powerful demon.

'The aura of the person is not evil though, it only exudes a hint of obsession. No wonder Brother Dragon who sees evil as a sworn enemy couldn't detect that. He even wanted to ask me to relieve him of his Demonic Energy.'

He said calmly to Nie Renkuang, "Mister Demon, you can drop your disguise in front of me. We might even have met in the Upper Realm. If I'm not wrong, you must be one of the War Demons."

Fang Ning was surprised. He did not doubt Bodhisattva Spirit King's words at all.

Everything clicked as he replayed the scenes in his head. 'No wonder he had such an aversion to Morality. If it were Qiao Zishan, he would've jumped in excitement.'

Nie Renkuang did not respond initially, but he suddenly laughed maniacally.

"I didn't think it through. I guess being too clever is not a good thing." He twirled on the spot and a tall, dark-faced man with black-armored appeared out of thin air. It was the War Demon, Lei Tian.

He said proudly, "That's right, I am the War Demon, Lei Tian! I am the only War Demon who has had no failure in my record! What a shame that all three of us were not at our peak. With only this much power, this battle would've been so, so boring."

Facing the two powerhouses, Lei Tian seemed to have a refreshed fighting spirit. 'That's right, it has to be a difficult situation but still with a chance that I could survive, that's way more fun.

'Otherwise, it'd just be me bullying weaklings, where's the fun in that?'

Vigilante A and Bodhisattva Spirit King were both staring at him, but he was not scared at all.

"Even though our strength is less than one-ten-thousandth of our usual strength, our combat skills should still be good enough, we can still fight 'til we're satisfied today!"

Bodhisattva Spirit King tensed up and immediately got ready to defend.

However, as soon as he finished talking, he shifted into a wisp of black smoke and darted at the portal right behind him.

To his surprise, he found a silhouette blocking the door, and it was Vigilante A!

"How could this be? You were right in front of me, and you should have been the same response as Bodhisattva Spirit King!" Lei Tian could not understand what had transpired.

Fang Ning thought, 'Heh, Sir System had seen this before. The two Russian necromancers tried the exact same thing...

'Your tone of voice and your behavior was the same as them, Sir System wouldn't fall for the same trick twice.'

Immediately, Lei Tian realized that he was enveloped by shrouds of white mist which then imprisoned him.

He struggled against it, but as he was about to break free, several dragon-shaped vitality auras began to constrict him.

"Hmph!" Seeing that, he stopped struggling and just sat down weakly.

"If you want to kill me or to torture me, I don't care. If I even frowned a little, I shall not be called a War Demon!"

He was still very tough, unlike the regret and unwillingness the other villains expressed in the past.

Bodhisattva Spirit King was going to speak, but a cloud of intense dark energy poured out of the portal toward the trio. Its energy level was immeasurable due to the force it poured out.

Subconsciously, Vigilante A dodged. The dark cloud swiftly covered Lei Tian and dragged him back into the Demonic Space.

Vigilante A asked in confusion, "Who saved the villain?"

Bodhisattva Spirit King's expression was serious. "Brother Dragon, it could be the Heaven's Path of the Demonic Realm, or in other words, the Will of the Demonic Realm. I'm guessing that it had set its eyes on the War Demon, Lei Tian, and persuaded him to come. However, it was stopped by you. Now that he was overpowered, it spent a massive amount of energy to break through the barrier to save him."