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281 You Really Need Treatmen

"Dong, dong, dong."

As the music of heavy percussion sounded, a large red dragon slowly emerged from the sand dunes.

Compared to before, its body was much larger, and had grown from one hundred feet to two hundred feet. It looked like a mythical creature, incredibly daunting, causing people to dare not look directly at it.

Waves of heat lingered all over its body. When it breathed, all that was spewed out were flames. The black airflow in the surroundings avoided those flames as if it encountered its natural enemy.

"As expected, our Demon Generals are amazing to be able to force Vigilante A to fight with its real body from the start. I remember when it fought against the Spirit Bear, it appeared as the Azure Dragon."

"In other words, the Demon Generals that we trained in this short amount of time can already be compared with the Spirit Bear that had the beliefs of hundreds of millions of Russians!"

Seeing the appearance of this terrifying fire dragon, the many Caucasian senior officers of the Black Sand Military Base Command Center not only did not panic, but rejoiced instead.

The thirty or so Caucasian men who were causing the black air all raised their guards and scattered, leaving no one to guard the machete man.

Compared to the terrifying fire dragon before their eyes, that lunatic with superb knife skills was just a slippery pond loach.

Although they had been fighting for such a long time, they did not manage to catch a chance to deliver the finishing blow. However, they believed that it was only a matter of time.

This was their home ground. There was a continuous supply of Demonic Energy being replenished. They had confidence that in the long run, it would definitely be the other party that could not hold on first. They had more than thirty people on their side after all.+

In the System Space, Fang Ning also felt slightly puzzled after watching.

However, he could not disturb the currently fighting Sir Study God, so he could only ask another combat expert.

"Anderson, do you know why the Venerable Dragon God has to appear in the form of a fire dragon? The bunch in front is just a group of Pond-level contestants, it's not worth making such a big deal out of it, right?"

Anderson thought for a while before guessing, "Recently, there has not been enough manpower in the Draconic Penitentiary. We want to build an arcane realm, as well as to make a Spiritual Game Tournament. The Whitestone people that Your Excellency specially recruited are good for moving bricks, but unfortunately, what we need now are Game Tournament Masters.

"I believe the Venerable One is worried that the fish will escape the net. It is not easy to find thirty Pond-level souls outside. This place is their home ground. Once they escape, it would be incredibly easy for them to hide."

Fang Ning immediately nodded his head, this analysis was very system-like. If Sir System did not even say 'in broad daylight', then there was obviously a problem.

As expected, a professional was a professional.

The next moment, everyone saw the fire dragon, with its posture that attracted the attention of all the Demon Generals, suddenly spring out.

From being extremely quiet to a sudden extreme movement, accompanied by the grand background music. For a moment, none of the Demon Generals reacted in time.

By the time they came back to their senses, there was already a terrifying dragon mouth with raging fire falling from the sky!

System Notification: [The System consumed 10 Morality Bars and 10 Aggro Bars, used 'Flame Dragon Devours The Sky'.]

[The System captured Garrick Parkinson.]

[The System captured Carmen Jacobs.]

[The System captured Calvin Kirkbright.]


[The System captured 32 Pond-level Powerhouses into the System Prison.]

[The System eradicated various demons from the 'Land of Demonic Energy', obtained massive amounts of Morality Points, obtained massive amounts of Chivalry Points.]

The fire dragon's movements, from start to finish, the entire process only happened in an instant.

In the Black Sand Military Base Command Center, the various Caucasian senior officers exchanged looks.

A long time passed before someone spoke up and asked an operator by the side, "Was the combat data collected? Power index, speed index, as well as attack power, attack method, anything is fine."

"There's nothing," an operator replied.

"Why?" Several strict voices sounded together.

"The fire dragon's attack speed was too quick, many collectors did not manage to react. However, the video footage should have been captured by the ultra-high speed cameras and can be analyzed afterward." The operator hurriedly remedied.

"Report, the fire dragon's high-temperature Dragon's Breath burnt key components of the ultra-high speed cameras we installed at the scene. The relevant battle images most likely have not been captured. We only have images captured by ordinary cameras." Another operator suddenly conveyed the emergency report.

"Damn it, Vigilante A is too strong. Retreat, retreat!!" A flustered voice sounded.

Immediately, the Black Sand Military Base Command Center began to move quickly.

Packing documents, destroying data, and blowing up the base's core facilities were all necessary procedures of evacuation which have been drilled countless times in the past.

There was only one thing that had never been drilled before. When all the evacuation procedures began to be carried out in an orderly fashion, everyone looked at each other, but no one did anything.

A long time passed before someone whispered, "Is that underground prison going to start the self-destruction program at the same time as this place?"

The gentlemen all exchanged looked, but no one replied. They were all currently avoiding this question.

They all knew, the Vigilante A with Heaven's Eye was above them.

At this moment, whoever dared to order that to be done, might become his primary hunting target.

Although they did not know the System Map, and did not know about the concept of red dots, they had long been aware that the result of Vigilante A's serving justice was based on the degree of one's sins. This was especially true for criminals, where whoever he captured was accurate.

After all, only a small amount of those criminals were on death row. Most of them were ordinary criminals, and many were even light offenders.

Ever since this Black Sand Military Base Command Center was built seven years ago, the United States penitentiaries that were in full capacity started to relax year after year for the first time. Although countless families of prisoners protested outside, the local agencies covered them all up with special disappearances.

Since no one answered the question, everyone acquiesced that this problem did not exist. They quickly packed their things one by one and started to leave through the secret portal.

When it came to protecting their own lives, they attached great importance and made perfect preparations. Otherwise, they would not dare to watch the scene of Vigilante A in battle.


Among the many sand dunes, when the fire dragon gulped down 32 Pond-level Powerhouses at once and fully proved the difference in depth between a Lake and a Pond, its eyes stared intently at the broadsword man.

The broadsword man was not flustered, and said, "I am the heir of the Mad Sword from the Upper Realm, Nie Renkuang. I descended to this realm three years ago, walking the path of combat. I just exited isolation a few days ago, and sensed that the Demonic Energy of this place is abundant, so I came here to subdue monsters. Your Excellency must be the number one Powerhouse in this realm, the True Dragon Bloodline, the Pharos of the East, the Dragon God Hero?"

Hearing this, Fang Ning felt slightly odd. 'You could have any other surname, but why did it have to be 'Nie'? Furthermore, your name is Renkuang. Do you have any relationship with Nie Feng and Nie Renwang?'

Human words spewed from the fire dragon's mouth, "I am. For you to be able to sense the Demonic Energy of this place, that's truly rare. There should still be a great demon lord left here. Can you find it?"

Nie Renkuang immediately took in everything and said, "Earlier, it was all thanks to Hero's timely arrival that I was saved from those Demon Generals, I can't thank you enough. For such a trivial matter, it is just a matter of service."

His words were full of heroic spirit. Fang Ning seemed to have seen the second Qiao Anping appear.

Coupled with the doubts he had earlier, he opened his mouth to ask the System, "Will there be any problems with him?"

The System said, "There will."

Fang Ning exclaimed, "What problems?"

The System said, "Although I cannot sense any evil intent from him, I have this urge to viciously pummel him. When I finish beating him up, he should have a problem then."

Fang Ning was speechless, "Are you thinking that if you were just one step late, he would have killed all those 32 Pond-level Demon Generals?"

The System was astonished, "Yes, yes. Mr. Rich Boss, you really are the worm in my stomach. It's exactly that feeling. If the Bodhisattva Spirit King were here, I definitely won't have these kinds of feelings."=

"Ptui, ptui, you're the worm in my stomach," Fang Ning immediately retorted, "I just know your nature like the back of my hand. To be on the safe side, try using your Khorium ore dog eyes again…" 

The System said, "Those aren't mine. They're your Khorium ore dog eyes."

"Damn it…" Fang Ning was really 'speechless'.

System Notification: [The System used the Legendary Esoteric Skill 'Spirit Gaze', consumed 10 Morality Bars and 10 Aggro Bars.]

[The System activated 'Clairvoyance' skill, currently consuming 1,000,000 experience points per minute.]

[The System is scanning Nie Renkuang.]

[The System discovered slight demonic energy essence on the target.]

Fang Ning was shocked, "Oh no, he has demonic energy on his body, there really was something fishy about him."

The System said, "Maybe he was here too long and got infected?"

Fang Ning pondered and felt like that was a possibility. The System could not just beat someone for no reason just because it felt unhappy.

That was not a hero, but a tyrant.

He considered, and reminded, "In that case, he might be in psychosis. Since he's also a Demon Slayer, why don't you give him some Morality to cure him?"

The System said, "Alright, if it weren't for him attracting all those monsters here, it wouldn't have been so easy to catch all those Demon Generals in a single net. I won't leave him to die."

The fire dragon stayed there, not saying anything for a long time.

Nie Renkuang did not appear to be surprised at this, and only patiently waited.

Before long, his complexion changed, and he looked in horror at the plume of white gas coming towards him.

Following that, a voice sounded, "Don't be afraid. I found that you seemed to have been infected by Demonic Energy, and require treatment. This is one of the banes of demonic energy, Heavenly Morality, and can help you return to normal.

Nie Renkuang's heart squeezed at the words. He endured the immense pain of the Morality entering his body, and forced a smile, "Many thanks to the Venerable One for your generosity. I am truly grateful…"

"Heh, no worries. By the way, there are rules for me saving others. Forget about those who don't have any abilities, but you look like a capable person…"

Before the fire dragon finished speaking, Nie Renkuang's body moved, and he flushed out the Morality in his body.

He approached the fire dragon quickly and took out a bank card from his body as well as a black jade pendant, which seemed like he had prepared long ago.

"There is 200 million USD in here, as well as a precious artifact. The former was painstakingly accumulated after I descended to this realm, and the latter I brought with me from the upper realm. I'm giving the Venerable One this as compensation. I feel much better now, so I won't trouble the Venerable One to waste any more power. Slaying demons are more important."

Although he seemed to be hurrying giving the fire dragon compensation for saving his life, he was actually trying to take the opportunity to get rid of the Morality.

In just those few short seconds earlier, he could already feel the cultivation he recovered these few days. However, it was all for naught, and he seemed to have returned to the power level he was at after he just descended.

However, as long as he borrows Vigilante A's Dragon Force and gets rid of that tyrannical great demon lord that was forcibly occupying this place, he could find an excuse and let himself seize this Land of Demonic Energy, then his strength would definitely recover quickly.

Although he was scheming in his heart, outwardly he wore a smile, and held out the bank card as well as the black jade pendant with both hands.

The fire dragon's large mouth opened slightly, and those two items immediately disappeared.

"Since you're so tactful, I can't be too stingy as well. I'll give you some more Morality… Believe me, you really need treatment now. The Demonic Energy in this place is strong. Don't move first, the beginning will be a little painful, but it'll get better in a while. Since you're paying so much, I definitely won't let you have any worries about entering psychosis again. Rest assured, this is just a small amount of Morality for me, there's no problem for me to consume this much."

After a while, as if quite satisfied with the two rewards it received, the fire dragon nodded its head and spoke.

Just as the fire dragon finished speaking, Nie Renkuang immediately realized that he was being enveloped by a strong Vital Energy. He was rooted to the ground, unable to move a muscle, and was bathed in an atmosphere that was warm like sunshine.

He wore a grateful smile on his face. With his strength, it was still possible to break free.

However, he reconsidered, and gritted his teeth and endured instead.

He believed that no matter generous Vigilante A was, he was just surface acting. He could not consume too much of his own strength. The value of all that Morality, as a demon lord, he knew better than anyone.

He would endure this suffering and gain Vigilante A's trust. Then he would seize this blessed land, where he would have a solid foundation. Only then would his goal of turning Earth into a hunting ground be able to be realized.

However, he had completely no idea that the System always tied up loose ends. A Hero does not carelessly make promises he cannot keep, and will always keep the promises that he makes.

This was a stark contrast compared to a certain procrastinator.