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255 Who Is Qualified Then?

May 15th, the day of the Alliance meeting. The entire country was jubilant as celebrations ran for a whole day while the news spread like wildfire.

At the foot of a great mountain somewhere in the southeast, seven people were huddled together.

Gu Buwei stood at the front of the group, a daily newspaper gripped in his hands. The headline was clear for everyone to see.

"The Pharos of the East - the Great Dragon Hero, will be leading the representatives of China to the first meeting of the Alliance of Justice and Order, which will be held at 10am today. The board will be choosing the Alliance leader as well as six sentinel elders. The Alliance aims to maintain global justice and order, to defeat all evil demons, and to handle and prevent all special affairs that will cause global harm in this new era."

Below the headline was a group photo; in the middle of the group was an expressionless but handsome Asian man. He was standing atop a flying sword as he gazed towards the East.

Behind him were three females and six males, a giant eagle with a white hamster and a great green insect on top of it, and two big dogs standing on top of a cloud below it.

Below the group photo was the introduction of everybody in the photo.

Gu Buwei looked up towards the sky; the weather was clear and there were no clouds as far as the eye could see. He kept silent, his surroundings as silent as he.

As everyone looked at the newspaper, their faces were colored with envy.

You could say that he had made a name for himself, and that he would soon ascend onto the global stage. All they could do now was silently work harder and hope that they would also be able to go abroad to show off one day.

A moment later, a voice broke through the silence.

"Master Gu, will we ever return here?"

Gu Buwei answered lightly, "Not within five years."

The one that had asked the question was actually Shen Xingchen.

He was shocked at the answer he got. He continued, confused, "I thought we would descend every three years? After we leave to return to Azure Mountain, are we sealing it off?"

Gu Buwei swept his gaze across everyone, noticing the similar confusion etched into everyone's faces.

"I might as well tell you all now. All of you are Azure Mountain's last batch of disciples from China. We will only be returning to China for disciples in five years," spoke Gu Buwei.

Relief replaced confusion in everyone's expressions. Shen Xingchen asked again, "Master Gu, didn't you say that we would have an entire year to accept disciples and carry out the Treasure Trading Convention this time? Why are you in a hurry to end things? I've found two geniuses full of potential and I'm currently in the process of persuading them to join us. I predict that success will happen in two months."

Gu Buwei shook his head and said, "Those are small matters. Something has happened at Azure Mountain, if we don't return now, I'm afraid we will no longer have the rights to return at all."

Hearing this, everyone finally realized the severity of the situation, and nobody dared to ask any more questions. It was only five years; to Cultivators, five years was nothing.

Gu Buwei kept his silence once again.

Shen Xingchen had seen the newspaper too. He thought to himself, 'In five years, I too want to be able to stand on a grand stage, where I will show off my prowess to everyone before I return home in the grandest clothes.'

'Five years later, we will return with glory.'

Atop the jade cloud, Vigilante A was casually soaring, not at all displaying the cosmic speed of 20 kilometers per second.

He had no choice, he had to care for a group of old, weak and frail people…

The System said, "Mr. Rich Boss, isn't it troublesome if you keep traveling back and forth? Do you humans always like doing things at this pace?"

Fang Ning huffed, "How could you call this troublesome? A countless number of seniors have acted as role models to me. Late Seniors Long, Ye, Xiao, Lin, Chen, and more all paved the road for me. I have a System, I shouldn't be falling behind them. I will prove them wrong and knock them off their feet."

As to what Fang Ning made the System do that caused it to complain about being much too troublesome, it would be revealed as soon as they were a few hours away from their destination.

After a two hour trek, everyone had finally gathered above the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

In the air, the sea breeze was strong while emerald waves rolled endlessly below everyone's feet.

The great green insect atop the giant eagle had just woken up, it extended its front limbs to rub at its buggy eyes before it asked, "Great Azure Dragon, have we arrived?"

Before Vigilante A could answer, one of the Truth Department's officers that went by Zhang stood forward with an instrument in his hand. He nodded and said, "We're at the right location, and we've arrived half an hour earlier than scheduled."

Officer Zhang then proceeded to check with the representative groups of the other countries to confirm their respective locations.

Vigilante A stood on his flying sword and kept quiet, allowing them to arrange the flow of everything.

In everyone's perspectives, this was only the first time they were meeting. There was no need to make it too grand, it would be better if it was as lowkey and as simple as possible.

Although news of this meeting had spread far and wide, everyone in the Truth Department knew that this Alliance was of nongovernmental nature and that fact would never change.

As to why official members of the Truth Department had to join a nongovernmental organization, there was no need to explain this.

Half an hour later, the members of the other countries started arriving one after the other. None were absent.

Since they volunteered to join, they would of course attend. Times are different from the olden days now, their dependence on China was deep.

Officer Zhang welcomed everyone one by one, his actions experienced.

Fang Ning was stressed out just watching him; if it were him that was handling everything, he would have such a headache.

Fortunately he did not need to handle such matters. He did not even want to imagine if it were Sir System that was handling things.

14 countries, with a total attendance of 41 people. China had sent nine out of that 41, otherwise how would it be possible to be the organizer for this?

Finding Extraordinaires that had the ability to fly in these countries was no difficult matter, but to have them willingly represent their country in this Alliance was another matter entirely.

Among the attendees, there were quite a number of familiar faces. For example, the Duke of Cloud Fog City, Yun Hui, and Landlord Liu, who was attending the Alliance meeting as the newly-appointed Grand Tutor of Guifang Country…

There were also people Fang Ning had met while Sir System was out farming monsters, like the prince of Ukraine.

He did not have much real power before, and was merely a prince in name. It was a similar situation to how the prince of England had no corresponding rights in the United Kingdom.

However, with the dawn of the new era, some of these princes had managed to cultivate specific skills, especially the path of godhood. With these godsent behind them, the title of prince was still impressive.

The other 13 countries that attended the Alliance meeting were all countries that he had expected.

Only Goguryeo had always seemed to be on the fence, be it during the past or now. However, it had always stood on the USA's side and it had no intention of hiding this fact.

Contrary to what was expected, they had also sent three people to participate in the meeting.

The leader was a young man that looked average, yet his eyes glimmered with intelligence. Behind him were two malicious elders in long robes.

It was obvious that the elders were not friendly, so one could not help but cast sidelong glances at the trio.

Fang Ning was naturally much more focused on the three of them. His gut told him that the trio might have attended to stir up trouble, thus threatening his position as the leader of the Alliance.

[The System is evaluating…]

[The System is evaluating…]

[The System wants to farm the pair of Wisdom Spirits…]

Noticing the Notifications, Fang Ning was shocked and he immediately halted the System, "You stupid System, Stop this nonsense immediately."

The System was confused, "I want to farm those evil things from Goguryeo, why are you stopping me? Could it be Mr. Multi-Millionaire Host wants to be in complicit with demons even before he comes Alliance leader?"

Fang Ning was furious at being slandered without a reason. He spat, "I saw the indicators on the System Map, these clubheads had the nerve to send two evil demons. They're completely ignoring the Heaven's Eye we bought with experience points. However, it isn't the right occasion to act now, so reel it in."

"When would be the right occasion then?

Fang Ning patiently placated this immature child, "After I officially ascend as Alliance leader, then it would be perfect as a sacrifice!"

The System deadpanned, "Okay, then hurry up and finish showing off."


At this moment, Officer Zhang had just finished saying a bunch of nonsense.

Basically, he had said that the significance of this Alliance meeting was great and that he was grateful to everyone for attending.

He had also said that they had a bright future and a smooth journey ahead of them because they had the Great Dragon with them…

In actuality, he had already acted according to Ren Ruofeng's orders and had already notified the participating members that the Venerable Dragon God had already been picked as the leader of the Alliance. They were merely going through the ceremony now for official purposes.

As for the name, it was also to fit the interests of the Venerable Dragon God.

His actions and behavior had long been seen through by the Truth Department; he was a righteous hero that liked showing off on top of spewing traditional words and phrases like he was all that…

This title of Alliance leader and elders, as compared to the title of Chairman and committee members, was much more suitable for a hero.

If you were strong enough, anything you said would be supported by anyone. For example things like the now popular Pond-level Powerhouses, the new Dragon Clan Power Standard, the secret pills crafted by the Dragon Clan…

Finally, Officer Zhang spoke in an orderly tone, "Now, let us begin the first agenda of this meeting. We are to elect the most extraordinary, the most righteous, and the most revered hero among us as the Alliance leader. The Alliance leader will then nominate six sentinel elders, where they will be passed through voting."

Everyone thought the same thing, 'All that you didn't say was the name.'

At this moment, Duke Yun of Cloud Fog City hinted that he would like to speak. He and the Truth Department had already decided that he would take lead.

However, the young man from Goguryeo beat him to it.

He then said, "Everyone, please listen to what I have to say."

Yun Hui was merely a duke, he could not afford to quarrel with him, so he relented.

Everyone was shocked. What was this clubhead trying to do?

Everyone knew that this first meeting was merely for show, since everyone else knew that they would have to depend on this newly-formed Alliance to maintain justice and order and to eliminate evil demons in their countries in the future.

The young man spoke with gusto, "I believe that this Alliance should be led by an Alliance leader… No, it should be Chairman; the selection criteria for the Chairman should be intelligence beyond measure, excellent leadership qualities, and the ability to look at things on a grand scale. Only someone like this will be able to maintain order in this world as a true leader. I also think that one sentinel elder is more than enough."

Although what he said was logical and factual, everyone's faces showed anger at his words.

This clubhead really was here to stir up trouble. Everyone knew that Vigilante A was nothing but straightforward; even when it came to arresting thieves, he only had one method and that was the simple way of first catching them, then lifting them, then moving them, and finally putting them down…

Other than being extremely powerful, did he have the intelligence to match it? Did he? No, he did not. It was obvious that other than trying to exempt Vigilante A from being chosen, he was also here to slap the Truth Department in the face, so that the relationship between Vigilante A, China, and the Truth Department would be compromised.

After all, the Truth Department had already promised Vigilante A the position of Alliance leader.

Officer Zhang was at a loss. He distinctly remembered that when he had spoken to the representative of Goguryeo, the other party had agreed to the proposition immediately.

Now he was going back on his word? Who gave him the courage, the guts? Was he not afraid of Vigilante A going berserk?

Or have they already decided that Vigilante A was a man of integrity and they did not care if they angered him or not?

He's probably here to stir up trouble for the Alliance on orders from his true master.

Officer Zhang's was filled with fury, however he spoke with a calm tone, "Mr Park Deokhwan, how do you suppose we chose the leader then?"

Park Deokhwan confidently answered, "I believe it should be public and fair. We are the Alliance of Justice and Order after all, so we should be fair ourselves. I believe we should select the leader using a public examination, and anyone can participate. I feel that doing this is fairer than voting."

Officer Zhang could already see that this man was not speaking with good intentions, so he signaled a colleague to contact the higher-ups. He continued to ask, "Then what should the exam questions be?"

Park Deokhwan's answer was immediate, "All participating countries here will get to come up with a single question, I believe that is most fair, I don't think I have to explain more. 14 countries and 14 questions all with the aim to pick the most intelligent and the best leader among us."

Officer Zhang glanced at everyone else. Some had wanted to retort, but stopped as they did not know how to.

This fellow was very insistent on things being fair, since most leaders of modern society have always been well-informed geniuses. However, this rule might soon be broken in this new era.

In a situation like this, however, who would dare say "The Venerable Dragon God packs the strongest punch, he should be the leader"? Wouldn't that be equivalent to slapping the entire Alliance in the face?

The System spoke, "Hey, Mr. Rich Boss, you might be losing your position as Alliance leader… I remember you said once that you're an idiot."

Fang Ning retorted, "You tiny System, if I don't have the intelligence needed to be Alliance leader, how would I have known to fly?"

He immediately roared towards the Draconic Penitentiary, "Anderson, everyone, stop work right now and take a day off. Prepare to come up with a question for me, whoever does well will be given medicine to eat."

The System sneered, "…Mr. Multi-Millionaire Host, you're planning on cheating publicly? Do you have no shame?"

Fang Ning replied, "People who achieve great things do not focus on the small ideals. It is obvious that this clubhead harbors ill intentions. If he successfully snatches the position of Alliance leader from me and he reveals his true demonic form, I'll be the laughing stock of everyone. This is what I call true intelligence, brilliant leaders are always good at listening to the opinions of the public."

The System deadpanned, "You're spouting nonsense again, Host… You might not be qualified for the other skills that an Alliance leader should have, but you're more than qualified in the thick-skinned aspect."

Fang Ning ignored the System's insult. "Thank you for the compliment. I'll be using Vigilante A's identity anyway, and he has nothing left to be embarrassed about. What more should I be scared of?"

The System was speechless, "…"

Noticing everyone's silence. Park Deokhwan remained calm on the outside while his pride bloomed, 'Haha, with the presence of Wisdom Spirits here, why should I worry about being defeated by an idiot like Vigilante A? I have to crush this Alliance of Justice and Order into bits, only then will my masters be happy.'The actual term used here was 棒子, which means club literally, but in this context it is a derogatory term used by the Chinese to refer to Koreans. Read more here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaoli_bangzi