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250 Who Else But Him

The Truth Department, the office of the Head of the Think Tank Group.

It was furnished relatively simply, and the only special thing about it was the large number of mirrors.

There was an old bronze one on the table, with an antique look about it.

All of the walls had modern dressing mirrors leaning against them.

There was even an oblong one behind the door. All of the mirrors had old words carved around it, "Use bronze as a mirror, so you can tidy up your appearance; use history as a mirror, so you can know the rise and fall of kingdoms, use people as a mirror, so you can better know yourself." (TN a quote by Chinese Emperor Tang Taizong)

"The Power of Fear?"

The owner of the office, Ren Ruofeng, looked thoughtfully at the report handed in by one of his subordinates.

Zhao Han had been re-educated before, and he was a pretty honest character. That had been the reason he had confessed everything, clearly and easily understood.

After having finished his confession, he asked to be released earlier so he could continue updating his novel…

Ren Ruofeng made a simple remark, 'the other worried too much.'

He was a high-level person, with an intelligence of 99 points. He had immediately understood that it had been a sham, using novels to accumulate the feelings of readers, and the target was their Power of Fear.

Zhao Han himself was clueless, apparently someone else's tool.

The emotions usually produced by humans had different qualities; admiration, fear, joy…

The totem was produced using the collective emotional power of admiration.

Similarly, this Power of Fear can be wielded, powerful in its own right.

As he pondered, the white jade pig sculpture in his mind heated up again.

Ren Ruofeng felt resigned, and summoned it out.

The white jade pig flipped onto its back in a stretch. "Your wife wants to talk to you. Come on, do it quickly. I want to sleep."

Tian Zhu's voice emerged. "Brother Feng, Daqing has returned the sow sculpture. It has seen how Brother Dragon God slayed the demon. Shall I send it over? "

Ren Ruofeng was delighted. One of the best abilities of the sculpture was investigation and communication, which was very much helpful in his military-advisor role.

He said immediately, "Well send it over, Zhu Zhu, quickly."

When he had finished watching the seemingly vague, yet really incredible video, Ren Ruofeng was astounded.

The Venerable One could produce a pair of Heavenly Eyes, seeing through obstacles and aiming straight for the heart of the volcano to destroy the trap laid earlier by the Snake Demon. That had been the turning point.

Lately there has been intelligence inferring that he was cultivating the Path of Heavenly Punishment, but not the Path of Massacre nor the Path of Death.

This inference was probably right, and combining this observation with that concerning the Merciless Path before now, as well as the appearance of the Heavenly Eyes, the vast improvements the other made in terms of strength was absolutely undeniable.

If so, then both sides would not have any clash on ideology, and he was quite relieved.

After all, he did not want to pit his intelligence against such a fighter for justice, especially when he had owed the other so much.

With this, an idea he had had for a long time could be implemented.

China belonged to the Earth, and if something happened to Earth, China could never be left unharmed.

He finally decided that the GASATO, a department constantly looked over, needed a reshuffle.

What should he name it?

Yes, maybe he could call it the Alliance of Justice and Order.

It should be set as a civil alliance, so it would be easier for communication and tweaking. Here in China, the Venerable One could be the head. He was the Eastern Pharos, who else but he could be the head of the Alliance?

Plus, for the fighters of justice in the other countries, it was time for them to shine and work.

Ren Ruofeng felt reassured at this. Unknowingly, the responsibility for the safety and peace of the world now needed to be burdened by China…

For people at his level, they would understand it best. The bigger the responsibility, the higher the power and the advantages coming from it…


Vigilante A's farm villa in Qi City was rich in greenery, full of life.

In May, the flowers competed among each other for their beauty; the trees grew tall and shady.

This was where all righteous heroes assembled, where no evil dared enter.

Wherever the Eastern Pharos was, light would spread all around.

Well, according to the true owner of the villa --Fang Ning, it was the best place to hole up in during the dangerous days of the New Era.

This day, he received a message from Zheng Dao.

"The Truth Department had already investigated thoroughly. That man was truly a tool of the Snake Demon to accumulate the Power of Fear. He had acquired this ability after seeing an image.

Zheng Dao then sent in a picture.

The two heads of the Snake Demon had died so easily, so Fang Ning was confident that he would not fear the remaining six.

However, when he saw the strange purple snake head hidden in the mist, he subconsciously shivered and dared not look at it again.

How could this mysterious creature, existing in no physical form, be destroyed?

Fang Ning pointed to the picture. "Sir, do you know how to kill it?"

The System replied curtly, "I don't."

Fang Ning had already anticipated this. Sir had always farmed monsters showing physical forms; and as for strange, unseen things, he had never given those a whit.

Well, the truth was that it was not intelligent enough to find the root of all those things, which made it ineffective.

If it had worked hard for a week and only managed to farm a little Demon messing around, Sir would probably go insane…

Sir's favorite pastime was like when Daqing labored hard and found the source of the Confusing Mist. It had ran from far away to hunt down the monsters, spending more than ten minutes to finish off the two great monsters. Those two monsters had contributed 50 million experience points each.

Sir had used up much of its experience, but he had now regained 440 million.

These strange, unseen things were not rare, especially after the fire meteor last year. Many queer things had happened in many areas. From the sale of all sorts of protective amulets, he could accurately prove this the needs of the people cannot be faked.

The Sir had never cared about that.

However, if the monsters came crashing in of their own accord, then Sir would be absolutely delighted.

Fang Ning especially could not care, since he would barely have time to hide. His attitude towards those horrifying things was always refusal to help.

"Throwing away the responsibility…" Fang Ning said unconsciously.

The System said, "What do you mean, Host?"

Fang Ning rolled his eyes. "I mean, we should learn to use these experts effectively. Different tasks need different people. You wouldn't understand anyway even if I said it…"

The System replied, "I understand. You just want to foist your responsibility on someone else…"

Fang Ning said defiantly, "How can this be called foisting? Can a boss doing his task be called foisting? Doing everything on my own is a sign of foolishness on my part."

The System continued, "Who do you plan on asking to do this task then?"

Fang Ning altered the direction of his thoughts. "That's it, use this as an opportunity. Next time anything strange and unpredictable comes up, hand them all over to Xue Ba. It's smart and powerful, and knows how to hide itself. Hidden, it cannot be found easily.

"It has learned the Atmospheric Morality Technique and also has extra Morality to protect itself; not to mention it has the ability of burrowing. Who else but it has this many advantages? If there's any sudden danger, there's still the Thousand-mile Assistance to help it."

The System "When Boss puts it like that, the yellow dog is really suitable for the job."

Then, the Yellow Dog Xue Ba, currently having a secret rendezvous with a white Labrador, suddenly had a light in his eyes.

The white canine asked, "Eh, Brother Xue, what's happening to you?"

Xue Ba said gleefully, "I suddenly had a sort of motivation. It must have been an important duty from the heavens. I have finally waited till the day when I could put all my powers to use."

The white canine looked at him adoringly, praising him, "Then Dan Dan would give her congratulations to Brother on getting a chance to put your great goals to practice and quick rise to the top."

At that moment, a certain Black Dog lying in a corner nearby named Brett was glancing covertly at them. When he heard it, he irritatedly stood up, shaking his head briefly before leaving.

'Why am I strong and able, yet no beautiful dogs admires me?

'That time while working outside China, I had met a gorgeous intelligent foreign dog. Why had her eyes lit up at the sight of me, yet she had hesitated before running off?'

With this question in mind, he found a patch of grass and started cultivating in order to release his confusion and sadness.

Zheng Dao, reading nearby, smiled with relief at the sight.

At least those Hundred-mile Celestial Hounds have good attitude. They never worried for long, but worked hard and cultivated every single day without needing him to answer any queries.

Truly, no matter human or dog; the more stupid ones could find happiness more easily.

Soon, the Venerable Dragon God called everyone for a meeting.

Fang Ning handed a picture to the yellow dog, together with the promised Space Bangle. That one had been found in Qi Mei's collection.

He then pronounced, " Xue Ba, this is the cause of the whole disaster. Get the details from Butler Zheng. When you have found it, make sure it no longer comes out to wreak havoc in the human realm. And after this, all cases of strange happenings will be handed over to you."

Xue Ba happily took the Space Bangle and wore it on one of its front legs. It gleefully showed it off to Black Dog, yet realized the other was distracted. It could not help but feel slightly disappointed.

It took a look at the strange picture, turned its pupils about then said firmly, "Sir, who else but me can do this sort of thing, a test of IQ and knowledge? I promise to finish this mission. Only, I hope to have some extra supplies in case of anything."

Fang Ning was a generous boss. He was not that sort of boss who wanted his horses to run fast yet never fed them (TN this is a Chinese idiom meaning a stingy leader who wants his workers to work hard yet does not give enough incentive).

He said gently, "Whatever you need, just ask. As long as it's in my power, I'll meet them."

The Yellow Dog observed his mentally-absent counterpart, then said, "Master, I don't need any expensive or luxurious things. I've heard that blood of black dogs is the best in warding off evil forces, so it'll be good if Brett could regularly supply me with some."

Fang Ning admired the dog. He had found so many advantages the dog possessed, yet here it was taking the chance to give itself insurance. The Black Dog shivered. 'What? Did I hear that someone wants me to donate blood?'

It shot a look of resentment at the Yellow Dog, using its gaze to send a telepathic message "Yellow Boss, why are you so cold-hearted? You are a winner in both love and business of canines, yet you can't even let me go?"

The Yellow Dog said with gravitas, "Serving our master is a god-given duty. You had always eaten and cultivated well here, not to mention you're an aristocrat of the Earthly Hound Clan in the Upper Realm. Your blood can definitely ward off evil. Sometimes, you are even stronger than me with my Morality. This is me giving you a free shot at achievement. Your hematopoietic ability is strong, and your donating blood every year can make you strong and healthy.

"Agree of your own volition, and Master will be very happy; it may be helpful in the future. Who knows, he would get you one of those Spirit Fox gals."

The Black Dog thought it sounded pretty logical, and nodded its head bemusedly.

It then stretched out a paw, saying voluntarily, "For the sake of supporting Master's great vision, I won't stop at anything, even having my organs crushed and smeared onto the ground. My blood is nothing? Leave it to me."

He thought for a while. "Oh yes, I have had Chef God Fang to make meals out of the great serpents for Chong Daqing. You can eat with it, and any required extra food can be supplied by me. Go rejuvenate your body."

The Black Dog was exultant. 'Well, Old Yellow did not lie. That broth made out of the great serpents is a very rare dish indeed, and no ordinary person can have it.'

Having arranged everything accordingly, Fang Ning re-entered his System Space contentedly. He believed that with Xue Ba's IQ, it could definitely solve this problem and find the source. And then, all he needed was to send out Sir System. That was what a boss would do.