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236 Heavenly Karma

Two hours later, three hundred miles away from Cloud Fog City, was a wide opened grass field without any signs of life.

Among the grass was some white bones that had been corroded by time, and lost its shape, so it was hard to tell if the bones belonged to a human, a wolf, or sheep.

In the era with thick vitality, one could softly hear the voices of the dead while walking on the field.

Multiple observation units had already reached the area.

On the East was the Chinese Observation Group. There were twelve of them, two of them Pond-level while the rest Basin-level.

The European Observation Group were on the West with thirty-two people. There were three Pond-level powerhouses accompanied by others at Bucket-level or better.

To the South was the English and American United Observation Group. There were eighteen of them, with two at Pond-level and the rest were Bucket-level.

That's right, England never enjoyed sitting near its neighboring countries.

The South Western side was occupied by observation groups from multiple countries, led by India. India was highly populated and thus sent out the most amount of people, around hundreds of them.

Among them, the weakest members were Bucket-level, with six Pond-level powerhouses.

No one was standing on the North side as everyone was afraid that they might be killed when the spirit bear rushed from that direction…

According to the observation of the satellite, that Russian spirit bear was dashing in a straight line from the North without taking any turns, stomping on multiple rare and protected animals and plants.

Everyone was nervous and eagerly waiting for the two to clash.

This would be the fight between the two strongest powerhouses allowed in the current rules.

Especially when one of them was a summoned totem, which was a trump card for multiple larger countries.

So many people came from thousands of kilometers away not to support Vigilante A, but because they wanted to have an idea whether this summoned totem had the ability to suppress top-ranked powerhouses.

In the Chinese Observation Group at the East.

Someone asked, "They never agreed on a specific location for their battle, but why did everyone decide to gather here and wait?"

Ren Ruofeng laughed but refused to answer. He looked around trying to figure out who had the wisdom to answer the question.

Xue Feng raised his hands and replied, "The Russian spirit bear is moving towards Cloud Fog City in a straight line. The Venerable Dragon One is a righteous person and would never harm innocents in his battles. This place is the final location that will not affect the Cloud Fog City if they fight here. Everyone understood that and chose to come here early to wait. The battle would be anywhere from here to somewhere up north. Once they started their battle, everyone would move towards them naturally."

What he said made sense and didn't justify the comment "zero IQ and EQ" that he received.

The others agreed with what he said. After just a few days of not meeting him, Xue Feng had already improved not just in his technique, but also his intelligence, and everyone was surprised by his reasonable analysis.

Qiao Zijiang rolled her eyes as she heard him and said with disdain, "A bunch of idiots. All you guys know is analytics, why don't you all just look up to the sky?"

Everyone was confused and lifted their heads to look above and realized what she meant. Those Pond-level powerhouses wouldn't choose this place as their observation ground randomly without any clue.

The sky was blue and clear with clouds all over. Some people with good eyesight managed to see a little green dragon tail exposed beneath a piece of cloud…

"The Venerable one is really wise and master of all combat tactics. He already decided to wait for the spirit bear instead of wasting his energy looking for it. Seems like he is confident with his ability and must be certain he has a great chance of fighting against it," Xue Feng failed to act wise but he didn't feel ashamed. Instead, he immediately started praising the Venerable One.

He received a huge favor from Sir System prior to that…

The Bodhisattva Spirit King's magical energy seed greatly benefitted him. He reached the peak of Basin-level and could easily step into the next level, so of course, he needed to praise Vigilante A.

The others nodded in agreement, and why shouldn't they? One was dashing all the way over while the other one was resting and regathering his energy. The advantage was clear to everyone.

Xu Rui looked bad because he realized that his hypothesis on the plane was completely refuted. Vigilante A had been waiting for the opponent and yet he said that he might be afraid of that spirit bear. He felt that what he said made him a fool.

He continued and slowly said, "He surely can come out victorious in the battle because he is very skillful and resourceful, but at the expenses of some risks that he might need to take. That spirit bear is the summoned totem from a country. Even though it cannot match our country's totem, it still has its own special parts being the first ever summoned totem in the world."

He wouldn't make himself look like a person with no class by looking down on Vigilante A at that moment…

However, he was a person full of pride and didn't want to praise him like the others were doing.

The Qiao family were the dragon supporters in the Truth Department, and Xue Feng had been tutored by them. These people would naturally try their best to protect the Venerable Dragon God regardless of who his opponent was.

There was nothing wrong for them to do that, but Xu Rui wanted to be different than the rest and decided to say something else that differed from the norm.

The others head him and started thinking. They realized what he had his own reason. Although Xu Rui was always full of pride and looked down on others, he was being fair in his judgment.

Qiao Zijiang pouted. She sensed that the things Xu Rui said were not because he was trying to be fair, but because he didn't like to admit that there was someone out there stronger than him.

That was the same as how he usually treated his elder brother.

Soon he would realize that he couldn't even match the dog owned by the Venerable Dragon God…

At least his elder brother was at the same level as the black dog…

At that moment, the other observation groups were also having their own discussion. A few of them also started to gamble and bet a large amount on who would win the fight.

"I bet the Eastern Dragon God will win. He is so strong that the organizer of the Dark Tournament no longer dares to invite him! Who else has managed to do that?"

"Not necessarily," An old priest with white hair and beard in the European Observation Group shook his head and said, "The totem is created through the cumulative spiritual energy of millions of people, and has unmeasurable power. That Russian spirit bear is already so strong, and now they are fighting in, technically, the land of Russia, which is its home ground. It can continue to absorb energy, like how Antaeus the Giant was standing on his mother, Gaia. Will you still jump to that conclusion with these two factors?"

The old priest was experienced and had been involved in God-related work for ten plus years, yet he never blindly depended on God. Instead, he always tried to analyze and research things through science.

He truly understood that the most powerful traits of the summoned totem were that, for the sake of its citizens, it would fight with honor and die in glory, and it would wear its battle scars like medals.

Compared to those Gods that lived high above enjoying the worship of the humans while sending disaster to "test" the humans when they were angry, it was different.

He loved the originality of the summoned totem more than those humanized by God.

Everyone was agreeing with him when the old priest gave his analysis.

"What Master Blaise said is correct as well. The Russian spirit bear does have a bigger advantage compared to the Eastern Dragon God."

"Who is Blaise? Is he famous? Is he related to Bryant?"

"You never heard of Master Blaise? He received his Ph.D. in Religion Studies from Cambridge University and had been researching on the theory of Godhood since he was 15. He had been involved in such research for over 50 years, and summoned totem is one of the results on the path of Godhood."

"I see, looks like the Eastern Dragon God might not be a match against the Russian totem."

"That is also a good thing actually. Those descendants from the upper realm never took us, humans, seriously. They would just descend whenever they want and take your body whenever they please. This is the time we show them our true power."

"Don't paint everyone with the same brush. This Dragon God is different. Its responsibility was to help us remove the criminals and evil beings, and it is different compared to those descendants that suppress the weak. Besides, there are a lot more criminals among us," Someone said angrily.

He must be someone that benefitted indirectly from the actions of the Vigilante A, but Sir System had no idea about that…

On top of the cloud laid a green dragon.

"That stupid bear is still running? Why is it so slow?" Fang Ning sat in the prison with Anderson and was chit chatting.

Anderson replied, "Sorry sir, I haven't done much research on these totems. I don't have any samples for that kind of work. If the Venerable one can capture it, maybe then I can tell you why it was running so slowly."

Fang Ning asked Sir System, "Can you do that?"

System replied, "I will have no problem capturing that person the spirit bear possessed, but I can only decide after the battle if that spirit bear can be suppressed or not."

While they were chit chatting, a hundred meters tall spirit bear finally appeared from the North to meet its million-strong eagerly waiting audience!

The word million was not an exaggeration, as there were hundreds of thousands of people watching it from Cloud Fog City, while many people were watching the live stream…


Everyone started screaming.

That hug spirit bear appeared on the ground and sensed something. It slowed down and took its step towards the plain.

Every step it took was like a drum beating in everyone's heart, thumping as it took its step…

Some of them started moving backward. Even though they were a distance away from the battleground, and around ten plus kilometers away from the spirit bear, they felt like being further away would make them safer.

What kind of angry bear is this?!

It was walking with its four legs and was one hundred plus meters tall. It was covered with white fur and its four legs were strong. They were supporting its body and it sank into the ground with each step. Its hind legs were stronger, but its front legs were not to be trifled with. Everyone could imagine the effect if someone got whacked by them.

However, the part where everyone was paying attention towards were the two red eyes, which highly contrasted the white fur on its body.

Those that saw the eyes either live or through online streaming felt shivers running down their spines.

Its eyes were filled with murderous intent. Everyone knew that if it managed to break into Cloud Fog City, none of the hundred thousand villagers will come out alive!

Everyone stopped their discussion and were holding their breaths.

This huge monster was emitting a strong energy from its body. It was a fierce beast that no one ever has seen before!

No one at the scene dared to make a noise. They were afraid that their voices might intimidate the beast, leading to it charging towards them and crushing them into powder!

All they could was imagined that the green dragon in the sky could never handle a slap by that crazy beast.

That fierce bear started walking. Although it was walking slowly, it reached the spot where the green dragon was at in an instant due to its enormous size.

The bear screamed at the sky with a mighty roar!

The huge bear stood up and banged its chest. At that moment, everyone felt that it looked like King Kong!


Everyone covered their ears as the sound was so loud it almost broke everyone's eardrums.

"Stop hiding up there! Loach! You dare to occupy the land of Russia, I will crush all of you and devour you all! Just like how I did those people before!"

The huge bear was roaring towards the sky and spoke human language.

However, no one was surprised by the fact that it had the capacity for speech…

The next moment, something shocking occurred.

Epic and magnificent music started playing in the sky!

Everyone that was observing on the ground felt that they were back to the older Mongolian era.

Everyone saw the green dragon started to descend from the sky along with the music.

"Shameless beast! You are robbing the land of others. You, crazy bear, has no idea what is right and what is wrong, and you are helping the criminals!

"Today, I will take this opportunity and beat you until you surrender. I will let you understand the absolute power of the God!"

Everyone opened their eyes as they heard the strong and prideful voice. They looked up to the sky and was waiting to see what crazy technique the green dragon was going to perform!

The strong bear heard it and got even angrier. It stomped the ground and a huge crater appeared before it disappeared into the sky.

Everyone was shocked. They saw the huge bear appeared in the sky, next to the green dragon, swinging its paw trying to swipe the dragon!

This crazy bear was hiding its true power!

Not only could it dash a thousand meters forward in an instant, it could do that and jump ten thousand meters towards the sky when facing against a flying enemy!

Whoever tried to take advantage of its inability to fly would be utterly shocked by what it could do.

That green dragon was flying ten thousand meters above the ground!

Some of them closed their eyes as they were afraid that the next thing that was going to happen was that the green dragon would explode from that slap.

However, nothing happened, and a loud bang appeared!

The green dragon knew what was going to happen and dodged upwards, and the huge bear completely missed its surprise attack!

It missed and immediately fall back to the ground. The earth shook, and a hundred meters deep hole appeared on the ground.

It was obvious that the bear had reduced its impact using its energy. If not, it would have created more mess falling from so high above.

Although everyone was standing very far away, they were still affected by the impact and felt that everything around them was shaking.

They looked up at the sky and saw a thousand-meters-long sword appear out of nowhere.

It was so long and huge that everyone on the ground could see the details of the sword.

The sword was surrounded by electric, fire and wind energy, and its hilt was made out of three dragon heads colored green, purple, and red.

Everyone heard Vigilante A's voice appeared from the three dragon heads.

"Crazy bear, I will use my Heavenly Punishment Sword Technique to kill you. You will understand what exactly is Heavenly Karma!"

Everyone felt that after the bear landed from the sky, it looked like it had used up a lot of energy. It became powerless and lacked the intimidating presence it had at the start.

However, it suddenly opened its mouth towards one direction and closed it. Everyone felt that it no longer felt weak, and it had regained its power.

Master Blaise prediction was correct. It really could regain its energy on the battleground.

Everyone was shocked. This would be similar as to fighting a boss monster that could regenerate its health!

That huge bear roared at the sky again without losing its battle spirit.

White light suddenly shined through its body, and its fur thickened like it was wearing multiple layers of armor.

And at the same moment, that long sword started falling from the sky!