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226 I Have Never Known Of Such a Shameless System

The Yellow Dog Xue Ba and the Black Dog Brett followed Fang Ning back to his home in Qi City.

"Master, this is the magic lamp I mentioned. Only thing is, it's very old, and the oil in it is gone. According to the spirit in the lamp, it can fulfill wishes just by burning some of its oil…"

When Yellow Dog arrived, he immediately pulled out the oil lamp from his pocket and placed it on the tea table.

Zheng Dao stood to one side, watching with equal curiosity.

'Isn't this the Oriental version of Aladdin's oil lamp?' the words came up in his mind.

Fang Ning had the same thought.

He opened his mouth. "Magic lamp, magic lamp. I ask you, what kind of lamp oil do you need?"

The bronze-colored lamp shook once, then said, moved, "O unknown great being, my lamp oil can definitely be made by you. I'll give you a copy of the recipe."

Saying thus, they saw oily, blackish words appear on the table as though written using leftover oil.

Fang Ning then heard the System Notification.

[The System has learned the mysterious lamp-oil-making recipe 'Wishing Oil'. Ingredients: ambergris ambergris , thousand-year-old rosin, magical beeswax… Effect: after being poured into the lamp, burning it would give one a chance to fulfill a wish. Note, the wish must fit the rules of the realm it's in and may not be able to be fulfilled. If the wish is not fulfilled, then no oil would be burnt.]

After the System has learned it, the words disappeared as though only shown for Sir System's benefit.

Fang Ning was surprised then. This guy did have some potential. The last person who could vaguely sense Sir System's ability was the Yellow Dog Xue Ba. This lamp, probably also not knowing his true identity, at least knew it was an unknown being.

Luckily for him, he had quickly turned into the Venerable Dragon God and as such did not leak the existence of Sir System. Sir System would be uniquely his forever.

Fang Ning nodded. "Very good. This lamp oil can be made as long as I have all the ingredients. You did well, Xue Ba. Seeing as you don't have your own interspatial equipment, I can gift you one later."

He was thinking that the fifty magical treasures in total owned by Qi Mei and Chen Tianxiao would probably have one. He just had to ask one from Sir System.

Black Dog felt envious at hearing this. This was, in fact, found by both of them…

The Yellow Dog felt gleeful. At last, an interspatial equipment for him to store his books in.

Fang Ning, however, thought, 'Hey, at least there is a way to slack off. There are ways Sir System's 30 thousand Boss-level vitality can be utilized by me.'

There was no need for him to learn. He just needed to make a wish, since Sir System had already used his body to learn it. It would be muscle memory, and he just had to go through it mentally. Judging by the power of the lamp, it was doable since it obeyed the rules of the realm.

The System said, "It is a great treasure. I can use it to earn money. Whoever wants a wish can be charged up to a few hundred million. Is there any problem? Big Billionaire…"

Fang Ning said seriously, "No, Sir System, it's better not to show off our wealth. Remember that."

The System replied, "Oh, then. Maybe I'll only save it for personal use. Unfortunately, my wish cannot be fulfilled if we consider its power. It's not possible to have a windfall of a few million Experience Points… maybe because of the rules in my System Space."

Fang Ning said quickly, "Oh no, it cannot fulfill yours. Maybe it would fulfill mine. Like letting me learn your Dragon Fist…"

The System said, "It's no use letting you learn that. I've seen that you fight like a loser, and it's a waste of my vital energy; not so effective. Be humble and stay in the System Space and earn me more money. The last time I let you compete, you were scared out of your wits. That book would steal my vital energy since it's afraid you'll die."

Fang Ning as too lazy to argue with this fellow. 'If you don't let me use it, I'll somehow persuade you into making the oil, then steal some to use.'

So he spoke to both Yellow and Black Dogs. "Hmm, you have much improved in your cultivation and must have been tired. Right now, the scene is getting messier by the minute, and at this time we have already 2… that is 2 at Pond-level, 1 at Lake-level. When we recruit the Sky Eagle, Chong Daqing and Master Cang, we would have the 6 most powerful masters and we'll be the strongest."

Zheng Dao, standing aside, felt exultant. This was the great vigilante that he had followed: with the aura of power and strength.

It had not seemed like he was deliberately building up his power, but in half a year with the help of another great being, his vital energy had already enticed many noble heroes to follow him.

Chong Daqing was defeated by the Sword Spirit exhibited by the Venerable one.

The yellow and black Heavenly Dogs were rescued by Venerable One when he out doing good.

Master Cang was generously given the higher Method, and was singled out to cultivate the True Path. He had immediately reached Pond-level and chosen to follow Venerable One.

The Sky Eagle liked being free, though Zheng Dao himself had only heard of it and not seen it yet. The Venerable One had generously given assistance and helped it to get worship from the souls in the Draconic Penitentiary so as to free it from the restraints of its tribe. He was close to the Venerable One. He had gotten word that it was now at the Closed-spirit path level and would soon break through to the Lake-level.

Unknowingly, his employer had already become so powerful.

He felt moved, and told himself to work harder and also work overtime to practice.

The Atmospheric Morality Technique gifted by the Venerable One was a very hard method which many could not master. He must appreciate it and try to understand it.

Butler Zheng was not wrong. If Qiao Zishan had learned this technique and broken through to Pond-level, then it would not have taken so long for him – more than half a year -- to reach the threshold of breaking through.

This was thanks to Yellow Dog breaking through to Lake Level and the laws of his realm changing. In the process, his practicing in isolation had allowed him to figure out vaguely some of the rules. With this precious opportunity, he had had the chance to take this step.

With his rare Righteousness attribute, when he read the Atmospheric Morality Technique, he would -- like Master Cang -- immediately understand the True Path and break through to Pond Level.

In the future, he would improve greatly and cultivate to Inland-Sea Level. He did not have to worry about any thresholds. Not to mention his foundation was strong and had strong power, so he could defeat any evil demons.

He was the key development figure in the Truth Department, and he would not face the pressure of the younger generation catching up with him.

Only, if he just left dust in his wake, the younger generation would not have any courage to challenge him. If not, why did he feel pressured by his younger sister?

Qiao Zijiang was already at Basin Level, and he was the eldest yet he was only at Top Basin Level. How could he pass this barrier?

Now, the growing buds developed by the Truth Department were all intelligent and had advantages in many areas. So, many of them were already at Basin Level.

Everyone was competing with their life, and whoever reached Pond Level first would be the seventh Powerhouse.

Although his or her position and power would not be as strong as that of the six before him or her, at least the younger generation – the ones younger than thirty – would be able to lead the pack, and lead all of them to improve.

In the system, every step was a stair, and the number of people who could stand on it were limited. Whoever stood firmly on it first would be the safest and would not be pushed off easily. This was different from the savage competition in Azure Mountain.

Unfortunately for him, his successes and failures were all dependent on the system. He might be able to get many benefits from it, but it also meant that he could never be one of Vigilante A's followers and as such cannot learn the Atmospheric Morality Technique.

He had known this Vigilante A first, and were on the same path, yet he could not get the same treatment as Master Cang. The other's relationship with Vigilante A was like a distance of figuratively, not literally18000 miles and his cultivation was just so.

As Zheng Dao became excited, his phone rang. He excused himself to take the call.

After a while, he moved over. "Venerable One, Landlord Yun of Cloud Fog City in the Siberian Wilderness wants to offer 300 million US dollars of annual pay to hire you as a foreign servant of Cloud Fog City."

At this, Zheng Dao felt touched. If he worked hard at cultivation, when he had the power the money would fall straight onto his lap…

Vigilante A, however, froze and did not speak for a long while.

Fang Ning was puzzled. "Sir, that is a large amount of money. You should agree at once. Why are you deliberating for so long?"

The System said, "No, I can feel that if I do not join in this effort, no natural or man-made disaster would reduce my level of chivalry. If I become their foreign servant and accept their money, then it is a big problem. If they did something bad, then I have to look into it; otherwise my level of chivalry would drop. This is the same as the fake fighting last time. You guessed right: taking the audience's money means having to compete with the best of your ability, though it only dropped a little last time."

Fang Ning nodded. "Oh, true. Then, you can't just play as you wish. The Spiritually-controlled Mech Tournament is starting soon, and I would earn lots of money then. Don't you dare take it. With such a big group fighting with another, who knows in the chaos they would massacre the entire city population. This is not a stable era like before."

Fang Ning was not Sir System, and knew how low humanity could go. To him, the eternal existence of Sir System was his biggest advantage. With Sir System taking over him, he could just dream and feign wisdom while others had to be constantly suspicious and worried, which could be tiring.

The System said quickly, "Eh, discerning by the Big Billionaire's tone of voice, do I get to use that money?"

Fang Ning was speechless. "I have never known such a shameless System. When did I say you can use that money? I would probably just lend you that money without collecting interest…"

The System said, "All right, then that means that I can return it 1000 years later since there's no interest collected…"

Really shameless.

Fang Ning did not want to speak with it anymore He thought for a while then acted for Zheng Dao's benefit. "Did you think that I was the sort of person who lusts after money? This sort of group might have good and bad people, and serving those means that if any of the bad ones bully the good and kind people, then I would have to bear that guilt too. This will not do."

Zheng Dao, upon hearing him decline the offer decisively felt moved once again.

This was the Vigilante he had followed!

300 million?! How many people could look past such an enticing sum? Maybe those who earn this amount monthly without breaking a sweat could.

However, the others could not, and at the least would dither when turning down the offer. Especially in this era of cultivation, where bluntly said, you could extend your lifespan and health with that much money.

He knew his employer's thoughts, and he took wealth seriously because it could increase his strength – the top-quality minerals, medicinal herbs and food ingredients were extremely expensive.

The other now instead exuded a manner showing perfectly what it meant by good people getting wealth through the right ways; what it meant by caring for his feathers; what it meant by being noble…

With such an employer, what did he have to worry about? Did he have to worry about the other misusing his strength to bully others?

Impossible. The other was the guiding light to his path.

Zheng Dao paused his thoughts at that. He conveyed his employer's wish exactly to the caller, Landlord Liu.

Cloud Fog City of the Siberian Wilderness was surrounded by evergreen forests and concealed by a thick fog. As such, it could not be detected by a satellite.

In a large hall, the city duke Yun Hui, together with Landlord Liu and Landlord Yun – a beautiful young woman – conferred.

After receiving the reply from Butler Zheng, they did not speak for a long while.

"Well, Old Man Ling, an old person can always guess things correctly. He turned down the 300 million without so much as a second glance."

"If the other was a cultivator who didn't care for anything of the human realm and disregards money as filth, then I won't be surprised. But then, this person was one who takes money seriously and is always calculating and arguing. He just had to nod and show up a few times every year to get this sum, yet he could turn it down decisively. He's definitely a rare chivalrous hero. Such a rare breed." Duke Yun said with utter admiration.

Landlord Yun was confused. "Cousin, don't you think they have somehow disregarded us?"

Duke Yun smiled. "Looking at his reply, the other powers would never get him either. They would never give a larger sum; even if they did it would be meaningless. If no one got him, then there is no problem of dishonor. However, with such a righteous hero, we have a back road. Landlord Liu, remember to send him gifts in the name of companions on the same Path on special days. Not too expensive, just as long as it conveys our sincerity."

Landlord Liu nodded and concurred with him. He also felt moved by this. This was an honorable way of earning money which anyone seldom gets. Needless to say, money was very important in current society. Even as the era of cultivation arrives, it would be especially important because it largely decides how far you can go in your cultivation and how long your life would get…A greyish or black wax-like substance secreted in the intestines of whales and can be found floating in tropical seasfiguratively, not literallyOriginal 客卿, meaning a person from one feudal state serving another