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199 We Are Just Selling a Ball


Seeing that, Qiao Anping immediately declined, saying, "I couldn't- It's better that you keep it for yo- No, no, I have mostly recovered thanks to your medicine last time, you don't have to do this."

Not returning the pleasantries, Fang Ning passed the medicine to Zheng Dao beside him and instructed, "Butler Zheng, arrange for this to be sent to Fellow cultivator Qiao's residence."

Everyone else stared blankly at the scene. None of the participants were so dumb that they could not recognize the quality of the three Nine Transformations Soul Rejuvenation Pills. They looked strikingly ethereal and smelled otherworldly fragrant, unlike those they used to buy from the Azure Mountain...

"Looks like he really is a true dragon with a strong support. No wonder he doesn't fear the Azure Mountain," another wave of silent communication was underway.

"But why did he not use it for himself? Could it be that the injury to his spirit was difficult to cure even with medicine @@