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197 Everyone Was Satisfied


Two days later, Fang Ning received word from Zheng Dao that the Truth Department's Ren Ruofeng, that old man who likes looking like an eighteen-year-old, had a message for him...

The message said, "Brother Dragon, after probing around a little and confirming with Xie Dong, Azure Mountain's Gu Buwei will temporarily not take action against you for his martial sister's death. According to my calculations, it might be some time before anyone would say anything after, maybe after her spirit had been punished enough in the Draconic Penitentiary. Hopefully, you'll be ready for their actions. If you need it, I am willing to be the middleman for you."

Fang Ning had a frown on his face the entire time. He only knew a little bit about the Azure Mountain. He knew that the master of Azure Mountain, Shang Qingshan, was like a god in his own Azure Mountain realm. Just like his own Draconic Penitentiary, they who enter without permission would be killed.

However, aside from Gu Bu @@