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195 Sir, I Want to Go Sow Fields


With the help of so many multiplying factors, the System could use the role of a normal martial art hero-assisting system to gain an extremely high level of explosive power and down and opponent in one blow, thus causing many results that would have made many masters cultivating the Trueness Cultivation Method silent with awe.

In its hands, as long as it has vital energy, ordinary martial art skills were legendary, with power far stronger than normal Trueness Cultivation Method skills.

This was why Sir System took the cultivation of 'Atmospheric Morality Technique' seriously.

If there were no increasing factors for vital energy, its exploding power would be sharply decreased, down 5 times the factor. The original basic Martial art skill power - 60 times stronger - will be reduced to 15 times.

When the vitality was completely consumed, one had to drag the battle out if they still wished to attack the opponent,

The good thing about the Trueness Cultivatio @@