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183 It’s All His Faul


A group of people were conducting an emergency meeting in China's Truth Department main base, inside the Think Tank Group office.

A group member was reporting the situation, "Captain, in the sky above the Northern region of the Pacific Ocean, XX longitude, XX latitude. A strong force appeared before disappearing. This is classified as special occurrence type 76."

"The nets above have already captured the energy, but without the snares below, they can only prematurely estimate the power level. According to the official report it is currently set as an S- rank. Translated to the Dragon Clan power level chart, it is set as near pond-level. The leader just gave an order to us. He wants us to plan a precautionary action for this occurrence."

Ren Ruofeng listened carefully and remained calm. He touched his face and started thinking.

"Looks like Vigilante A didn't lie to me about soaking that Face Rejuvenating Pill in clear water and washing my face with it. I just @@