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177 Hurry Up And Turn Blue


In Qi City's district, on the pathway towards Vigilante A's suburb farm, a Benz was cruising smoothly with a Land Rover and a big truck behind it.

It was the convoy sent by Fang Family Restaurant. At that moment, a quiet conversation was going on inside the leading Benz.

When Zhao Ying looked at her serious-looking boss on the passenger seat, she was speechless, "How long has it been, the boss had shriveled away in the blink of an eye, in the end he's still sent his Mechanical Puppet out to deal with situations, what a lazy man indeed."

She carried her hamster and lowered her head to secretly communicate through telepathy, but since she was not very familiar with that technique, she stammered at times.

"Xiao, Xiao Cang, you...are you sure? We're going to meet my savior now, yet he still dares to send a fake person to handle the situation, isn't he scared that my savior will be sent into a rage like an emperor?"

The hamster looked completely dumbstruck. @@