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174 Bossman, Do You Have Time Tonight?

System Notification: [The System used Beginner-level Alchemy and consumed low-quality vitality crops to make 3 Beginner-level Face Rejuvenating Pill.]

The System said, "Host, you have a higher charisma. Go and hoodwink him, best if he could buy it every month..."

Fang Ning complained, "Are you letting me do everything shameless? Didn't I ask you earlier to offer to cover their alchemy businesses, what did you say? You say it's troublesome..."

The System said, "They have several hundred thousand people, how would I be able to synthesize all of their needs? I can only take some higher level transactions."

Fang Ning had an idea. "If that's the case, let's target these Pond-level powerhouses and open an internet shop for them. I'll let Zheng Dao take care of it as well. Every one of your System Skills was so badass, isn't it wasteful to just leave it around. You don't need to do much, just take one of your multithreads to do a little bit when you're free. It's fi