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172 Rather Die Than Be Caugh

With explanation from Anderson, Fang Ning felt as if he never needed to look at system notifications anymore and could easily understand most parts of the battles on the spot.

With Anderson's explanations, he realized Pond-level powerhouses should always try to avoid being hit by attacks combining modern scientific weapons and Vitality techniques as there was much to risk by defending against them.

Maram could evade pretty much all the targeted attacks save for a few, of which he managed by utilizing Heavenly Armor.

However, when faced with area-of-effect attacks, even if he managed to get away from the central area of the attack, he would still be injured by splash damage...

Anderson was really a genius in that his deduction was on point. The area did have a Confinement Formation that blocked off escape route from all directions.

Maram had tried to evade the final missile attack by flying, but he started falling before he even reached three-hundred met