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161 I Will Drop By Every Year

Once Fang Ning heard the System mention that the strength of that huge boss had greatly declined, he wanted to call upon his precious game book to check on the opponent's strength, but it did not answer to him like it did before…

He thought, "Eh, where's my book?"

Right after that, he hit his head. It turned out sir System was playing with the Vigilante's Flying Book...

After using the Killing Curse continuously, Shaz the venomous snake suffered great loss in his essence. It widened its horrifying snake mouth abruptly then lowered its head to engulf a blood porcupine that had just crawled out from the gully. It seemed like it wanted to consume the porcupine as a supplement to regain its powers.

After all, that blood porcupine was considered to be a Grade-A powerhouse. While the snake's mouth had a frightening ability to swallow, it was unlike the soul of Sadi the snake charmer; it had resistances. It trod four of its legs on the ground and remained unmoved in