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158 There Will Be No Discussions

In the woods of the Land of Heritage, a lizard and a man were chasing after a lizard and a snake.

Considering the enemies' higher combat power, Vigilante A kept a distance from them and waited for a good time to strike.

As the snake and the lizard left the forest and made a turn toward the hills, Fang Ning realized they were not heading toward the walled city in the valley but another direction...


King cobra and Forest Lizard were discussing their next move with telepathy.

Forest Lizard said, "Sir Shaz, why aren't going straight to the walled city? With my power, we won't need help from other people."

Its thought was simple. 'The more demons involved in this, wouldn't there be more demons to share the Faith of Indian people with? It would be better if fewer demons get a share of the Faith. The best case scenario would be if Shaz died in the hands of the Chinese...'

Shaz said, "No. There's a fire dragon around, it has a way to break throu