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150 The Experience Pack and the Positional Warfare

Shaz herded the porcupine demons to another herb base. It had stayed in the Land of Heritage for eight years, collecting information about the Chinese's actions.

However, they did not pick a fight with it, so it would not risk injury to threaten them. Now that the Indians have arrived, it had the hope to advance, so it no longer had to care. As soon as it advanced to the next level, it would reign supreme in the Land of Heritage.

It could easily overpower its natural enemies instead of just scaring them off with its higher cultivation base.

Half an hour after Vigilante A flew toward one of the herb bases, it turned around and zoomed back into the headquarters.

Fang Ning was puzzled, "Why are you turning back? Was there a treasure back there..."

The System said, "Hey, Host, you're getting to know me pretty well. However, it's not a treasure, it's a kill count..."

Soon, Fang Ning saw the struggling porcupine demon on the ground, poisoned by Shaz.</p