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134 A Mediocre Vigilante A

Fang Ning had watched everything unfold in shock.

Fang Ning said, "System, you actually stole the door huh…"

The System huffed, "Are you amazed? Nobody knows that this grand gate is a grand treasure as well. The Champion Award for this Dark Tournament, 100 million dollars, the right to access Paradise Island are all almost the same as the gate."

"You're the treasure expert, so I'll definitely believe you. But you're in Heroic Mode now, so aren't you afraid of your Heroic Attribute dropping because you're stealing something?"

"How does this count as stealing? The gate followed me willingly, I'm saving him from his misery so I believe my Heroic Attribute will increase instead."

Fang Ning rolled his eyes, thoroughly impressed at the System's logic, "Sh*t, I totally forgot that that gate was alive! I heard that the face on the gate told you a secret right, but he must have used telepathy because I couldn't hear what he said. Tell me, what was the secret abo