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121 Turn-based Battle Commentary and the Godlike Teammate

As the black force field appeared and blocked the fire from attacking the caskets, Anderson said with slight disappointment.

"As expected, you can tell where my weak spots are with just one look. The Empty Fort Strategy didn't work at all. But if I don't put the egg under care, I would worry about those mice stealing it. It's such a bother to not be on my turf."

However, their disappointment was slight, as soon as they defended their weak spots, they retaliated suddenly!

In the next instance, the tiny fire dragon evaded and a tiny scar appeared on the scales on its head.

"You're really fast! This is the first time ever someone had evaded my Spiritual Slash... You must have a high-level combat AI chip somewhere in your body. No living being could evade the attack even with their absolute reaction speed. Being a true dragon must be nice, you have a strong bloodline, you can easily adapt to anything. Normal Descended ones could not install these AI chips in the