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90 Aren’t Allowed to Ask That Question

In an underground base somewhere, an emergency meeting had just ended. Bai Shixin's calm expression remained unchanged, as he walked back home slowly. On the way back, a lot of his fellow Greater Rat Demons that he had met eyed him with a variety of gazes. Some watched him in jealousy, some in envy, but most watched him in anger or in distasteful glee.

When he saw his wife upon reaching home, her usual enthusiasm was laced with a slight worry that anyone else would have missed otherwise.

His heart fell and he spoke, "Jing Er, what are you worried about again? The Elder Ancestor personally made me Senior Military Advisor at the meeting just now. I'll have countless people at my disposal, so even if I completely lose my martial prowess and am no longer able to practice cultivation, it doesn't matter."

Jing Er answered, "Shixin, I heard that demons viewed an individual's potential as a measure of their power. You losing your power essentially makes you a sitting duck;