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86 Where Did That Pair of Dogs Go?

Despite hearing the words "Qi City", Bai Shixin's expression remained unchanged, as if he had just been dispatched to some random place.

Seeing his calm demeanor, The Bai family's Elder Ancestor was even more satisfied, "Very well, you are one of the most qualified and most intelligent in your current generation of the Giant Rat Demon Clan, so I can rest assured knowing you are on this task."

Bai Shixin was honored, "You speak highly of me, Elder Ancestor."

The Elder Ancestor gave him a few pats on the shoulder before he passed him a jade pendant, "I previously gifted an Aura-Masking Jade to the late eldest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Shiping, but she was killed and that piece was taken by Vigilante A. When I made my advent into this world, I brought three pieces with me. The second piece will now be given to you, and it will mask your demonic aura completely once you wear it. In addition to how careful you are, I can guarantee that you will not be noticed by V