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79 We Shouldn’t Exploit Others!

Hailan paled when she heard what was said.

Qiao Zijiang sighed softly.

Qiao Zishan and the staff shared glances with each other. They silently stood up and said that they had some errands to run, a lesson is now firmly seared in their minds: Do not sit at the same table with Vigilante A in the next dinner that you offer to pay. The hero is inhuman, and will not compromise with your average tabletop manners and customs. 

Qiao Anping, the only person that could stop the hero from devouring everything in existence, would rather resign his position as the Vice Principal than to personally ask his guest to stop eating. That goes against his nature and personality!

Hailan sought help from Qiao Zijiang, in hopes that the Female Zhuge would be able to come up with some ideas. She glanced at the time to find that it's 30 minutes to midnight, a time that might not be suitable for most of their members who were senior citizens.

Hailan's eyes brightened after the t