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77 Soon, You All Will Go Blind from the Brightness

Hai Lan spoke first, "Are you saying the demon is dead?"

Zheng Dao nodded in answer, "I guarantee it. I cannot feel it at all."

Hai Lan wasn't suspicious; she had heard from the others that Vigilante A had shape-shifted into a dragon to swallow the demon, so the demon's confirmed death was just a matter of time. Half a day had past, which meant half a year had passed by in the realm of the demon. Now that it was useless, its death was inevitable, and the time was just right.

She nodded at the Qiao siblings, who were standing next to her, "Vigilante A will be appearing soon."

Zheng Dao was confused, "Who is Vigilante A?"

To which Hai Lan answered, "The person that killed that demon."

Zheng Dao's eyes lit up with gratefulness; so it was him that had saved Zheng Dao from his nightmare, he must properly thank that person.

Zheng Dao then said, "Since that demon is dead, am I free to go?"

Hai Lan shook her head, "Although we've found out tha