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Seized by the System

Author:Mu Heng

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UpdateTime:2018/11/6 20:21:23

Updates:Chapter 133: Watch Me Break a Door As I Leave

Procrastinator extraordinaire, Fang Ning, had lost his consciousness after banging his head on a night of celebration. He woke up to a realization that he no longer had control of his body, as a System had taken it over. Will he eventually regain control of his body or will he be trapped in his body forever? How does he maneuver this situation? What’s in store for Fang Ning? 我被系统托管了
《Seized by the System》 Text
Chapter 1: I've Been Seized by the System
Chapter 2: The System is Fighting for Justice
Chapter 3: The System is Looting
Chapter 4: Continue to Fight for Justice!
Chapter 5: Relief Time!
Chapter 6: The Need to Increase Efficiency
Chapter 7: System, Start an Internet Café for Me
Chapter 8: There’s No Problem That Imagination Cannot Fix
Chapter 9: If It’s Possible, Then Open Another One
Chapter 10: Silently Became A Role Model
Chapter 11: You need Aggro for your Ulti
Chapter 12: A New Age Quietly Arrives
Chapter 13: No More Farming
Chapter 14: Here at Last
Chapter 15: Never Forsake, Never Give Up
Chapter 16: The System Isn’t Afraid of Ghosts
Chapter 17: Gaining the Ability to Kill Ghosts Too
Chapter 18: Fulfill Your Destinies, I’ll Just Stay Put
Chapter 19: You’re Eating Meat While I’m Eating Bread, You’re Prospering While I’m Suffering
Chapter 20: Be Prepared for Anything and Everything
Chapter 21: The System’s Got Everything Covered?
Chapter 22: Still need to Listen to the Host
Chapter 23: A Technique Fell From the Sky
Chapter 24: Who else do you need to pay your gratitudes to? Let’s go and farm them!
Chapter 25: Overthinking: A Series
Chapter 26: No Farming Neutral Monsters?
Chapter 27: The System’s Decision
Chapter 28: Just A Single Move
Chapter 29: When You’re Awesome, Everyone Looks To You
Chapter 30: Host, The 2-in-1 Meal You’re Afraid Of Is Her
Chapter 31: Your Pride to Marry the Dragon Princess, My Pride to be Entrusted!
Chapter 32: The Orphan is Seized
Chapter 33: It Seems Like It’s Lost
Chapter 34: Only One Meal Per Week
Chapter 35: I Can Only Be A Dragon
Chapter 36: A Truly Difficult Mission
Chapter 37: Eat Before Working
Chapter 38: Put That Damned Eunuch Down
Chapter 39: 'Vigilante A' Is A Dragon!
Chapter 40: Difficult Mission Director Mo
Chapter 41: Here, Let Me Teach You How to Train Your Ice Dragon
Chapter 42: Gifts of monsters and money
Chapter 43: No Toleration for Disconnection!
Chapter 44: Can No Hero Resist The Temptation of Beauty?
Chapter 45: You Got Tricked!
Chapter 46: Found You
Chapter 47: The Giant Rat Crisis
Chapter 48: A Plan to Stop the Disconnection?
Chapter 49: The Joy of Spotting Prey
Chapter 50: Don’t Spare A Single One
Chapter 51: Start Farming!
Chapter 52: What Should We Do When the Monsters Commit Suicide?
Chapter 53: The Relentless Peak
Chapter 54: No Farming of White Named Monsters
Chapter 55: We’re the Owner
Chapter 56: Issue A Challenge For Me
Chapter 57: It’s a Cultivation Race!
Chapter 58: Not Some Easy-To-Deal-With Super Boss
Chapter 59: Preparations for Farming the Boss
Chapter 60: Searching Every Nook and Cranny for the Missing Boss
Chapter 61: The Cunning Super Boss
Chapter 62: Being F*cking Awesome Is Really Pressuring
Chapter 63: Fake It Till You Make It
Chapter 64: A Tight Slap to the Face
Chapter 65: A Cultivation Club Has Opened
Chapter 66: Retaliate If They Overstep
Chapter 67: To You, Earning Money is Better Than Cultivation
Chapter 68: It Really Got Deflected...
Chapter 69: The Three Most Dangerous Types of Extraordinaires
Chapter 70: Let Us Start Cultivating
Chapter 71: System, You're Being Cocky
Chapter 72: Even A Villain Could Survive After the Villain Monologue...
Chapter 73: If You Could Attain Immortality and Live as a Shut-In Forever, Why Settle for Less?
Chapter 74: There Are Different Types of Death Penalty Too!
Chapter 75: Must Have Travelled Thousands of Miles Just to Save Me
Chapter 76: How Can I Compete When Even the Genius Needs to Cheat?
Chapter 77: Soon, You All Will Go Blind from the Brightness
Chapter 78: It's Possible to Spend a Hundred Million On a Meal, Can You Believe It?
Chapter 79: We Shouldn’t Exploit Others!
Chapter 80: That Vigilante A is Much Nicer to Talk to!
Chapter 81: A Follower Full of Fighting Spirit and a Recovering Boss
Chapter 82: We Should Let the Monsters Look for Us in the Future
Chapter 83: How Does One Train to Quickly Attain the Greatness Needed to Cultivate Morality?
Chapter 84: Time to Farm Hard Monsters
Chapter 85: These Two Monsters Were... Underwhelming
Chapter 86: Where Did That Pair of Dogs Go?
Chapter 87: I Treat You as a Brother, And You Dare Plot Against Me?
Chapter 88: The Shock of Willpower Can Already Be Triggered?
Chapter 89: Turning a Genius Into a Good-For-Nothing
Chapter 90: Aren’t Allowed to Ask That Question
Chapter 91: I Knew That This New Game Is Not As Simple As It Looks
Chapter 92: The Host Can Really Show-off Now
Chapter 93: If It Misses, Please Upgrade
Chapter 94: Sir System Went Ballistic...
Chapter 95: Someone Is Going to Slay a Dragon
Chapter 96: I Can Learn This Stuff with One Look
Chapter 97: Sir System, You're Showing Off Again
Chapter 98: Primordial Creation of Three? No, Just Multithreading.
Chapter 99: I’ll Cultivate Godhood Properly After Getting Through This
Chapter 100: Travelling a Thousand Miles on a Sword for a Dog
Chapter 101: The Burden Will Still Be Handled by Sir System, I Just Have to Continue Cheering
Chapter 102: The First Thing We Have to Completely Eradicate
Chapter 103: This Is How You Utilize a Perfect Partner
Chapter 104: Man Proposes, God Disposes… Give Me Ten Million And I’ll Tell You What It Means
Chapter 105: We’ll Be Able To Fly For Free In The Future
Chapter 106: Heroic Achievement: Unparelled Affection!
Chapter 107: The System Decided to Conduct an Experiment
Chapter 108: Sure Enough, Problematic Situations Should Be Left to the Host
Chapter 109: A Word of Advice for You, Host.
Chapter 110: Sir System Learns to Cry Wine and Sell Vinegar
Chapter 111: Don't Even Think About Touching My Precious Game Book
Chapter 112: Never Say “Never”
Chapter 113: There Is but One Truth!
Chapter 114: You Won't Be Able to Put Those Experiences to Use If I Suppress My Grade and Seize Full Control of Your Body
Chapter 115: Extend Your Head over Here, System, Let Me Buff You
Chapter 116: The Easiest Way To Get Aggro!
Chapter 117: The Death Snipe Is In Process
Chapter 118: Apparently Someone Wants To Kill that Dog of A Vigilante
Chapter 119: My Brother, If You Don't Turn Green for Me, I Can't Help You
Chapter 120: I Reckon Vigilante A Would Be Injured for at Least a Few Years
Chapter 121: Turn-based Battle Commentary and the Godlike Teammate
Chapter 122: Initiating System Advancement Plan
Chapter 123: The Beginning of a Part of the Plan
Chapter 124: Repent, Even if You’re Already Dead!
Chapter 125: It Seems That I Must Get a Huge Collection for Him
Chapter 126: A Host That Is Still Confident
Chapter 127: Rescue is Arriving in T-24 hours
Chapter 128: Only The Useful Could Live Longer
Chapter 129: The Genius with the Overactive Imagination and The Freshie Inmate Leader
Chapter 130: Vigilante A, the Unambitious
Chapter 131: My Warpath, the Star Ocean
Chapter 132: I Wanna Wait for Them on My Throne
Chapter 133: Watch Me Break a Door As I Leave