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Seized by the System

Author:Mu Heng

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UpdateTime:3/1/2020 8:45:42 PM

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Procrastinator extraordinaire, Fang Ning, had lost his consciousness after banging his head on a night of celebration. He woke up to a realization that he no longer had control of his body, as a System had taken it over. Will he eventually regain control of his body or will he be trapped in his body forever? How does he maneuver this situation? What’s in store f...
《Seized by the System》 Volume 1
1 I've Been Seized by the System
2 The System is Fighting for Justice
3 The System is Looting
4 Continue to Fight for Justice!
5 Relief Time!
6 The Need to Increase Efficiency
7 System, Start an Internet Café for Me
8 There’s No Problem That Imagination Cannot Fix
9 If It’s Possible, Then Open Another One
10 Silently Became A Role Model
11 You need Aggro for your Ulti
12 A New Age Quietly Arrives
13 No More Farming
14 Here at Las
15 Never Forsake, Never Give Up
16 The System Isn’t Afraid of Ghosts
17 Gaining the Ability to Kill Ghosts Too
18 Fulfill Your Destinies, I’ll Just Stay Pu
19 You’re Eating Meat While I’m Eating Bread, You’re Prospering While I’m Suffering
20 Be Prepared for Anything and Everything
21 The System’s Got Everything Covered?
22 Still need to Listen to the Hos
23 A Technique Fell From the Sky
24 Who else do you need to pay your gratitudes to? Let’s go and farm them!
25 Overthinking: A Series
26 No Farming Neutral Monsters?
27 The System’s Decision
28 Just A Single Move
29 When You’re Awesome, Everyone Looks To You
30 Host, The 2-in-1 Meal You’re Afraid Of Is Here
31 Your Pride to Marry the Dragon Princess, My Pride to be Entrusted!
32 The Orphan is Seized
33 It Seems Like It’s Los
34 Only One Meal Per Week
35 I Can Only Be A Dragon
36 A Truly Difficult Mission
37 Eat Before Working
38 Put That Damned Eunuch Down
39 'Vigilante A' Is A Dragon!
40 Difficult Mission Director Mo
41 Here, Let Me Teach You How to Train Your Ice Dragon
42 Gifts of monsters and money
43 No Toleration for Disconnection!
44 Can No Hero Resist The Temptation of Beauty?
45 You Got Tricked!
46 Found You
47 The Giant Rat Crisis
48 A Plan to Stop the Disconnection?
49 The Joy of Spotting Prey
50 Don’t Spare A Single One
51 Start Farming!
52 What Should We Do When the Monsters Commit Suicide?
53 The Relentless Peak
54 No Farming of White Named Monsters
55 We’re the Owner
56 Issue A Challenge For Me
57 It’s a Cultivation Race!
58 Not Some Easy-To-Deal-With Super Boss
59 Preparations for Farming the Boss
60 Searching Every Nook and Cranny for the Missing Boss
61 The Cunning Super Boss
62 Being F*cking Awesome Is Really Pressuring
63 Fake It Till You Make I
64 A Tight Slap to the Face
65 A Cultivation Club Has Opened
66 Retaliate If They Overstep
67 To You, Earning Money is Better Than Cultivation
68 It Really Got Deflected...
69 The Three Most Dangerous Types of Extraordinaires
70 Let Us Start Cultivating
71 System, You're Being Cocky
72 Even A Villain Could Survive After the Villain Monologue...
73 If You Could Attain Immortality and Live as a Shut-In Forever, Why Settle for Less?
74 There Are Different Types of Death Penalty Too!
75 Must Have Travelled Thousands of Miles Just to Save Me
76 How Can I Compete When Even the Genius Needs to Cheat?
77 Soon, You All Will Go Blind from the Brightness
78 It's Possible to Spend a Hundred Million On a Meal, Can You Believe It?
79 We Shouldn’t Exploit Others!
80 That Vigilante A is Much Nicer to Talk to!
81 A Follower Full of Fighting Spirit and a Recovering Boss
82 We Should Let the Monsters Look for Us in the Future
83 How Does One Train to Quickly Attain the Greatness Needed to Cultivate Morality?
84 Time to Farm Hard Monsters
85 These Two Monsters Were... Underwhelming
86 Where Did That Pair of Dogs Go?
87 I Treat You as a Brother, And You Dare Plot Against Me?
88 The Shock of Willpower Can Already Be Triggered?
89 Turning a Genius Into a Good-For-Nothing
90 Aren’t Allowed to Ask That Question
91 I Knew That This New Game Is Not As Simple As It Looks
92 The Host Can Really Show-off Now
93 If It Misses, Please Upgrade
94 Sir System Went Ballistic...
95 Someone Is Going to Slay a Dragon
96 I Can Learn This Stuff with One Look
97 Sir System, You're Showing Off Again
98 Primordial Creation of Three? No, Just Multithreading.
99 I’ll Cultivate Godhood Properly After Getting Through This
100 Travelling a Thousand Miles on a Sword for a Dog
101 The Burden Will Still Be Handled by Sir System, I Just Have to Continue Cheering
102 The First Thing We Have to Completely Eradicate
《Seized by the System》 Volume 2
103 This Is How You Utilize a Perfect Partner
104 Man Proposes, God Disposes… Give Me Ten Million And I’ll Tell You What It Means
105 We’ll Be Able To Fly For Free In The Future
106 Heroic Achievement: Unparelled Affection!
107 The System Decided to Conduct an Experimen
108 Sure Enough, Problematic Situations Should Be Left to the Hos
109 A Word of Advice for You, Host.
110 Sir System Learns to Cry Wine and Sell Vinegar
111 Don't Even Think About Touching My Precious Game Book
112 Never Say “Never”
113 There Is but One Truth!
114 You Won't Be Able to Put Those Experiences to Use If I Suppress My Grade and Seize Full Control of Your Body
115 Extend Your Head over Here, System, Let Me Buff You
116 The Easiest Way To Get Aggro!
117 The Death Snipe Is In Process
118 Apparently Someone Wants To Kill that Dog of A Vigilante
119 My Brother, If You Don't Turn Green for Me, I Can't Help You
120 I Reckon Vigilante A Would Be Injured for at Least a Few Years
121 Turn-based Battle Commentary and the Godlike Teammate
122 Initiating System Advancement Plan
123 The Beginning of a Part of the Plan
124 Repent, Even if You’re Already Dead!
125 It Seems That I Must Get a Huge Collection for Him
126 A Host That Is Still Confiden
127 Rescue is Arriving in T-24 hours
128 Only The Useful Could Live Longer
129 The Genius with the Overactive Imagination and The Freshie Inmate Leader
130 Vigilante A, the Unambitious
131 My Warpath, the Star Ocean
132 I Wanna Wait for Them on My Throne
133 Watch Me Break a Door As I Leave
134 A Mediocre Vigilante A
135 It’s Just Barely Fighting, Right?
136 Disassembling the Stage in a Fake Fight, Disassembling the House in a Real One!
137 The Idiot Who Trapped Himself
138 Two Types, Two Outcomes
139 They Think You’re Too Strong, So They Don’t Want To Play With You Anymore
140 In the System Space, I'm the King.
141 Farm All You Like, Just Be Discree
142 The Land of Heritage
143 Know Yourself and Your Enemies, and You Will Never Be Defeated
144 I Already Have an Awesome Plan
145 Ptooey, This is Your Awesome Plan?
146 Vigilante A Rates Everyone
147 Brains and Brawn, Not Just One
148 Who's the Idiot?
149 Everyone Is Angry
150 The Experience Pack and the Positional Warfare
151 Host, Make Me a Farming Spo
152 Strength in Unity, Tiandao Dominates!
153 This Farming Spot Is Not Easy to Build
154 Let's Go, We'll Gift the Spadehead a Buff Or Debuff
155 Running Toward the Vast Outside World
156 Every Pro Has Its Con in Worldly Matters
157 Making Sure the Vile Snake Will Never Again Cheat Other Demons
158 There Will Be No Discussions
159 First, Have A Taste Of ‘Vigilante A’s Flying Book'
160 I Am Just That Dishonorable, What Are You Gonna Do About I
161 I Will Drop By Every Year
162 A Huge Earning
163 Well, Then, Did Your Fiance Run Away On Your Wedding?
164 A Fox Assuming A Tiger’s Authority
165 A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
166 Harvest Ceremony
167 We Have Been Tricked
168 Vigilante A Isn’t Just One Person
169 Who Would I Hit If Not You?
170 There’s Still A Tiger Pelt There...
171 What An Awesome Explanation
172 Rather Die Than Be Caugh
173 What Is Your Facial Regiment?
174 Bossman, Do You Have Time Tonight?
175 There's a Term Called 'Sharing'
176 An Unnecessary Worry
177 Hurry Up And Turn Blue
178 We’ve Become Very Awesome
179 I Have To Let An Extremely Awesome Fellow In
180 I Want To Fly Higher
181 Just like Heaven
182 Tom Is Still More Intelligen
183 It’s All His Faul
184 Never Forget The Bottom, When You Get To The Top
185 Azure Mountain
186 Let’s Launch One Too
187 A Mosquito's Flesh is Still Flesh
188 Hurry and Call the Venerable Dragon God
189 Whoever Prevents Me from Using the Internet Shall be Made A Fool Of Themselves!
190 Watch My Talisman
191 Effective Abacus
192 Under The Bright Light of the Sun
193 One Cannot Get What is Denied Him by Destiny No Matter How Hard He Tries; the Vicissitudes of Life Has its Causes
194 Sir System is a Great Teacher
195 Sir, I Want to Go Sow Fields
196 Ascension Tower
197 Everyone Was Satisfied
198 I Felt like My Chivalrous Virtue Has Risen Slightly
199 We Are Just Selling a Ball
200 In Death, We Can't Even Reincarnate as a Pig
201 Six Times the Protein Conten
202 Everyone Knows About My Murderous Instinc
203 Dig a Deep Groove Firs
204 Impale Them Till They Die like a Bunch of Candied Haws
205 Time to Achieve Lake-level
206 Unparalleled
207 It’ll Be Enough As Long As We Don’t Lose
208 The True Protagonist Appears
209 Even If He Acts Like a Pig, He Was Still a Descended Pig!
210 Nine Transformations Rejuvenating Pill
211 How Effective It is for a High-level Character to Farm Lower-level Monsters
212 You Shouldn’t Use Your Strength to Bully Others?
213 The Monster That Was Strong Enough To Make Sir System Retrea
214 Bodhisattva and True Dragon, I Have Been Tricked by You!
215 Enter the Azure Mountain Sect and Cuckold or Be Cuckolded by Others
216 The True Rules of Azure Mountain
217 Who Were You Practicing Cultivation With During That Time
218 If Only You Were as Powerful as the Venerable Dragon God Then
219 You Only Worry About Losing the Internet Connection
220 Sir System Would Always Be Sir System
221 Fight to Your Heart’s Conten
222 How Can We Let Your Little Field Trip End Just Like That?
223 I Think I Heard Someone Say They Want to Give Me Money
224 Magic Lamp
225 If You’re Not Pond-level, Then You Can’t Even Compare to a Dog.
226 I Have Never Known Of Such a Shameless System
227 I Am Not as Calculating as You Humans
228 I Have A Friend
229 Zhuge Liang May Be Smart, But Destiny is a Far More Complicated Matter
230 The Power of the Totem
231 A Dragon Flew Across the Sky
232 No Need to Leave with the Well
233 Swallowed I
234 The One Who Was On Their Phone While Facing The Dragon God...
235 I Always Pay to Win
236 Heavenly Karma
237 Gentleman
238 It Will Be Hard to Find More Allies
239 Our Spirit Bear Wasn’t Weak. It Was All Because of Vigilante A’s Foxiness
240 One Can Only Learn More by Staying Humble
241 A New World
242 Heartless Technique
243 I Never Met Such a Shameless Person
244 Nothing to Be Surprised Abou
245 Peace, Because Someone Else Is Carrying the Burden
246 Edible and Inedible
247 Who Dares to Kill Me?!
248 All Martial Arts in the World Have Weaknesses, except for Pay-To-Winners!
249 The Great Days are Just Ahead
250 Who Else But Him
251 The Path of Heavenly Punishmen
252 Assume the Role Even with My Sickness
253 A Grievous Injustice
254 Add Another Temporary Function for Me
255 Who Is Qualified Then?
256 Gaining Compliance Through Reason
257 An Arcane Realm Fell from the Sky
258 The Hero Wouldn't Have Liked Someone Else to Take His Job
259 The Son of Heaven Who Is a Piece of Mud That Doesn't Stick to the Wall
260 Movies Were Just Movies
261 Who Wants To Enter The City Firs
262 Oh My, the Octopus Brothers Turned Against Each Other! The Reason is…
263 No One Can Stop Our Desire For Containers
264 A Great Change
265 The Appearance of Whirlpools
266 Demon of Ten Lifetimes
267 Recalling the Pas
268 Who’s the Fool
269 He Has A Dream
270 This Old Book Really Can Be Thrown Away
271 Come Beat Me Up
272 Twelve Arms' Destiny
273 Tian Zhu Might be the Biggest Winner?
274 A Mighty War Demon
275 No One in This World Could Fulfill the Three Conditions
276 Willing to Serve the Venerable One!
277 The Hunting Ground of the War Demon
278 World Number One
279 I Crushed The Demon With a Flap of My Tail
280 Land of Demonic Energy
281 You Really Need Treatmen
282 I’ll Just Blame Someone Else Too
283 Sir System Wouldn't Fall for the Same Trick Twice
284 I... Don't... Accept...
285 Can We Ask Him to Take It Back?
286 I Shall Battle for Another Thousand Years in Here
287 Dream-Cultivation Method
288 Work Overtime from Today Onwards
289 Take the Residue and Refuse the Essence
290 An Idea
291 Work Hard for a Hundred Days
292 Demon Baby
293 Demons, Are They Really So Scary
294 I Will Definitely Not Let It Corrode Me Even Slightly
295 All Living Creatures Vie for Freedom under the Autumn Sky
296 The Moon is Approaching Us
297 Who Has Such a Great Ability
298 You Can’t Eat Fish Anymore
299 Daddy Axiom
300 Who Can Buy a Ticket?
301 Hurry Up and Build Noah’s Ark
302 Decided To Do It Alone
303 Looking For A Steed Using A Picture And Hook's Express Delivery
304 Killing A Staff Officer As A Sacrifice For The Heavens
305 Whether You’d Like To Die Or Not, We’re Powerless To Help
306 Sacrificing to the Heavens and Ascension
307 The True Bodhi Tactics, Defeat the Enemy and Achieve Victory
308 When the Dragon God Appeared, All Knelt in Admiration
309 The Beasts’ Battle for Daddy
310 Who Will Hold The Sky
311 How To Go Against This Bear
312 The Power of The Righteous Path
313 Tall And Strong, Perfect To Hold The Sky
314 Iron Blood Octopus
315 The Book And The Cat Must Be Fated
316 We Have To Work Overtime Even If The Sky Doesn't Collapse
317 This Black Cat Has a Bad Conscience
318 An Octupus' Ambition
319 Undead Realm
320 How To Buy A Train Ticket?
321 The Land of Eternity and the Eternal Fountain
322 Splitting the Arcane Realm in Three
323 Looking for a Donkey While Riding the Horse
324 The Eastern Pharos Shines on the Entire World, the Draconic Penitentiary Subdues All under the Sky
325 Ferrying the Dead into Heaven, Ferrying the Living across Seas
326 Quickly Lead It Back onto the Right Path
327 An Honest Man Among All Honest Men
328 Two Paths
329 Cang Gongzi
330 You Shall Be Crowned King
331 All Beings In The World
332 Where's the Principle of Heaven?
333 Those Who Stay near Vermilion Get Stained Red
334 Rain is Coming
335 Every Salted Fish Share the Common Responsibility for the Fate of the World
336 Who Else But Me?
337 Birth of the Divine Monumen
338 I’m Seized by the System Anyway
339 Hold the Responsibility
340 Its Hard to Fool Them, Even for Once
341 Birthday Presen
342 Zhi Nan's Might Surpasses the Heavens and Dharma
343 Strike the Temple Block Ten Thousand Times, and You Will See
344 Who Should I Send?
345 Play Real-Life PUBG With Me
346 Why Haven’t You Entered Yet?
347 Plan Before You Act, Step Back to be Safe
348 If There are No Demons To Farm, We Will Create Them
349 The Way of the System
350 Magical Mountain Keeper
351 A Wide Sea Allows Fish to Leap About, a Vast Sky Allows Birds to Fly*
352 A Big Sho
353 This Request Is Quite Difficul
354 Work Hard
355 All the Demons Had Suffered Enough of Vigilante A
356 Slaying Demon with Morality
357 You Should Understand
358 A Little Flower La La La
359 An Understanding Friend Is Hard To Find
360 From Today Onwards, Let’s Cut the Cake
361 My Path Is Formed
362 The Seas Will Become Our Bosom Friends, The Heavens Will Become Our Neighbors
363 Be A Happy Person
364 Make All Laws Disappear, Rid the Heavens of its Existence
365 The Host’s Image
366 I Bring My Own Power Supplies
367 A Salted Fish Never Changes Its Scales
368 Boasting Past the Heavens
369 Lost Again
370 Targeted Stalking
371 I Want To Become A Dragon
372 Don’t Think a True Dragon Can’t be A Pond Loach
373 No Fighting Without Cheating
374 I Shall Fight in My Own Battlefield
375 Just Take a Breather
376 Mythological Era
377 Heavenly Meri
378 Keep up One’s Spirit, Keep a Close Watch
379 Most Suitable for Being Stationed to Keep Watch
380 The Show Is Starting
381 The Tide Has Turned
382 The Gold Standard To Climb The Divine Gate
383 Evil Has Finally Arrived
384 The Hongmen Banquet of The Righteous
385 The First to Ascend the Stairway to Heaven
386 The Fearsome Stairway to Heaven
387 Pulling His Own Leg
388 The Real Representative of the Demons
389 It’s Just That Simple
390 The Third Stage
391 The Best Reward
392 Kill Two Birds with One Stone
393 Tools Are Not Allowed Inside
394 Is This the Will of the Heavens?
395 Whoever Gives It Favor Is Its Daddy
396 The Older, The Wiser
397 Eating A Whale
398 Digesting the Question
399 Indigestion
400 The Great Green Insect Containing a Universe Within I
401 Know Your Appetite
402 The Fierce Dark Tiger and Black Cat Tom
403 There’s Always a Light at the End of the Tunnel
404 Lonely Life
405 A Cat’s Hard Life
406 This Chicken Soup Tastes Good
407 Birth Of A Big Fiend
408 Where Did You Come From, Fiend
409 You Shall Suffer Heavenly Retribution
410 The Ever-Victorious
411 Annihilate the Enemy With the Heavenly Axiom
412 Origin
413 Total Mobilization of the Draconic Penitentiary
414 Amazing for the Kidneys
415 How Would a Little House Finch Outwit an Old Sparrow
416 Luring the Enemies
417 Safety Firs
418 Like This, or Like This?
419 The Diligent and The Lazy
420 Spiritual Projection
421 The Draconic Penitentiary’s Fame
422 You Have No Right to Remain Silen
423 Heaven Will Help When Your Luck Arrives
424 Too Smart For Your Own Good
425 God Mode
426 A Foolish Old Man Moving A Mountain
427 Becoming Shareholders From Borrowing Money
428 The Whereabouts of All Clans
429 The Closure of the Divine Gate
430 The Weak Are Also Strong
431 Demonic Sharing Platform
432 Three Concerns
433 Keep to One's Original Intention and Achieve a Happy Ending
434 The Master of the Earthly Monumen
435 Heaven Loves to Dote on Dumb Children
436 Heroic Character
437 Ask for a Sky-High Price
438 Eighteen Gold Mountains
439 Dissidents
440 Sky Eagle Acknowledges A Master
441 Be Of Service At Your Disposal
442 You Are The Most Idle One
443 The Power of Protection
444 The Birth of the Heart River
445 All a Bunch of Veteran Actors
446 I’ll Change Your *ss
447 Alliance Conference
448 The Wind Is Rising
449 The Ones Who Take the First Step
450 Childish
451 Buying A House
452 The System Map’s Bottleneck
453 On What Authority?
454 How Do We Solve This? Through Foreign Aid
455 Mythical Metal Dog
456 Unparalleled Generosity
457 Who Should We Choose
458 A Salute of Justice
459 Demon’s Nature
460 Absolute Necessity
461 The Benefits Of Reading
462 The Black Dog’s Inner Devil
463 A Gentleman Should Be Like Him
464 Hypocrisy and Justice
465 What Is A Human
466 Heavenly Light of Acknowledgemen
467 Civilizing Sapient Creatures
468 Fight Fire With Fire
469 Cultivating Immortality for Three Days
470 Unpleasant Beloved
471 A Script That Judges Good and Evil
472 To Devour a Golden Core
473 Who Has The Solution
474 Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique
475 The Rise of the Son of Heaven
476 The Real Secre
477 The Capital of Darkness
478 I Want an Engagemen
479 A Fellow From The Same Hometown
480 “Black Tiger Mount”
481 Strange Fuels
482 The Mechs
483 There Is No Such Thing As Turning Into A Devil
484 As Merciful And Kind-hearted As I
485 Knock This Devil Ou
486 Awe-Inspiring Righteousness
487 Overcome Impetuosity and Exercise Patience
488 The Moon's Going Away
489 The Turtledove That Took Over The Magpie's Nes
490 The Plan Begins
491 Beating Them at Their Own Game
492 The Protagonist’s Appearance
493 Demon Transformation Ceremony
494 The Path Of Ascension
495 To Kill With A Borrowed Knife
496 The Heavenly Dumplings
497 The Scrap Collection Army
498 Fabricating A Charge
499 Wishful Thinking
500 Three Questions
501 Birth Of the Devil Sword
502 Toil Like A Cow And Work Like A Horse
503 Empathize With One Another
504 Lunaette’s Appearance
505 The Experiment Had Just Begun
506 Heaven Is About To Confer A Great Office On A Bear
507 The Map is Still Locked
508 We Shall Not Miss It This Time
509 Add a Little Something
510 Who Did It Really Belong To
511 On the Emergence of the Era of Vitality
512 When Falsity Is Regarded as Truth, Truth Is Seen as Less Genuine Than Falsity
513 The End of the Newbie Camp
514 Picking Up a Gold Nugge
515 Ling Yunzi
516 A Paradise for Each Person
517 Pink-eyed
518 The Reappearance of the Four Dragons
519 Shadowless Poison
520 Never Forgive
521 Disaster of Romance
522 Seven Fairies
523 New Colonizers
524 Dogfigh
525 The Sacred Dragon Force Must Not Be Offended
526 Live In Happiness
527 A City Comprised Wholly of Good People
528 With One's Own Power
529 Lockdown
530 Suppressing A Demon
531 Who Will Be The Next Head
532 Making Bridal Clothes For Others
533 Dilemma
534 Vengeance
535 Ever-Changing Situation
536 Before The Decisive Battle
537 Chicken Ribs, Chicken Ribs
538 Suppressed By Bloodline
539 Surgery For An An
540 A Mysterious Folio
541 Taking Advantage
542 The Half-built Vision of the First King
543 The Final Winner
544 A Card Up One’s Sleeve
545 Miscalculation
546 Letting the Dust Settle
547 An Intellectual’s Affair
548 Rare Book
549 Hundred Fish Feas
550 One Heart And One Mind
551 A House Full Of Men
552 Purify Through The Buddhist Mantra
553 Never Be Greedy for Material Enjoyments
554 All Were Busy
555 The Dumpling Will Appear
556 Survival of the Fittes
557 Big Harves
558 I, Tom, Have Returned
559 Close At Hand
560 A Super Scholar and A Study God
561 The Rise of the Octopus Empire
562 Octopuses Will Change Too
563 It’s Not My Aspiration To Be Conferred A Noble Rank, I Only Wish For An Unruffled Sea
564 Sunset At The Harbor
565 Blessed Without Knowing I
566 The New Era’s Scientific System
567 The Earthly Monument Is Fully Developed
568 Greedy And Discontented
569 A Filled Biscuit Fell From the Sky
570 A Pie That Fell from the Sky
571 An Alteration of Destiny
572 What A Pity It Would Be If He Dies
573 The Wolves’ Fangs Snap
574 Planning Ahead
575 Viral
576 Freedom is Priceless
577 An Old Foe Arrives
578 The Descent of Darkness
579 Where Truth Lies
580 Seal Heaven And Earth
581 Sky-Piercing Finger
582 Strike Of Heavenly Fortune
583 Enter The World With A Real Body
584 There’s No Rebirth Here
585 The Path of Godhood and The Path of Immortality
586 The Production Capability of the Era of Vitality
587 Danger in Qi City
588 Brain-Devouring Insec
589 That’ll Be Great For My Kidneys
590 The Change Of An Era’s Name
591 Not Touched Anymore
592 The Problem Of A New Era
593 Reinforce And Restrain One Another
594 For All The Beings In The World
595 A Woodpecker and the Great Green Insec
596 Questioning the Sky and the Ground
597 Great Wall
598 The Establishment Of The Scientific Academy For Vitality
599 The Base Of Vitality
600 Great Wall Summi
601 Keeping Up Appearances
602 Real Distance
603 A Problem with Sunligh
604 The Purpose of the Summi
605 The Greatest Protector
606 The Blessed Heavenly Dignity
607 The Heavenly Axiom is About a Means to an End
608 Heavenly Axiom Needs More Love
609 The Human Defense
610 The Earth Defence
611 The End Of The Summi
612 Enlightenmen
613 Perseverance
614 A Benevolent Person Has No Enemies
615 The Upper Realm Immigration
616 The Kowtow at the Critical Momen
617 The Use of Grace and Power
618 Paying the Price
619 Bullying the Weak and Fearing the Strong
620 Not Afraid of Death
621 Battle Between Two Paths
622 The Backup
623 Bullet in the Brain
624 A Just Cause Enjoys Abundant Suppor
625 A Horrifying Time
626 Killing Is Easy
627 Recharged to the Max
628 Unable to Refuse Either
629 Shoot First, Then Targe
630 Everything Was Swell
631 Asking For More
632 A Devil Saint’s Ambition
633 Do As One Pleases
634 All An Ac
635 Be Gentle
636 Try Again
637 Unpredictable
638 A Group of Bachelors
639 The Venerable One’s Difficulty
640 The Standard Beyond 150
641 Spring Burs
642 Moving the Mountain’s Entrance
643 Do you have anything to say?
644 Losing Ten Billion
645 Finally, There Is Change
646 A Big Disappointmen
647 Do Not Move
648 Evenly Matched With The Enemy
649 Still Alive
650 I Agree
651 Remain Unmoved
652 Cannon Fodder
653 Before and After Rising to Power
654 Competitor
655 United Hear
656 So-Called Karma
657 Karmic Entanglemen
658 Two Types of Almighty Beings
659 Harmony Is a Virtue
660 A War Is Coming
661 Between A Rock and A Hard Place
662 Who Was I
663 The Appearance of an Evil God
664 A Piece of Work
665 The Alliance of Kind Deities
666 Rightful Takings
667 Salvation Meeting
668 Division of Forces
669 Waiting for Rabbits
670 Finally Came
671 Looking Anxious
672 High Aims and Soaring Aspirations
673 Soul Imprin
674 Magical Energy Bank
675 Mutual Transformation
676 Real or Fake
677 Adding Screen-Time
678 Finding Someone
679 Technological Monopoly
680 Magical Provenance
681 The Ultimate Weapon
682 System Bound
683 Cracking by Imitating
684 No One Can Steal My Baby
685 A Small Matter
686 Not A Small Matter
687 Absolutely No Leaks
688 Give Them To Me
689 Stop Bothering Me
690 Raising Fish Ourselves
691 Wholehearted Acceptance
692 How Brilliant, Sir System
693 A Family of Dragons
694 The Power of Heaven and Earth
695 The Land of Sanguinity
696 Do Less Talking
697 Nothing Will Stand in the Way
698 This Was The Truth
699 The Biggest Opponen
700 Between Two Fires
701 Unable to Get In
702 Unable to Leave
703 A Cruel Place
704 True Danger
705 The Pupil Surpasses The Master
706 Treasure Guard
707 Finally Lost Your Memory
708 No Other Alternatives
709 Recovered
710 Testing the Waters
711 Boundary Of No Killing
712 The New Qualifier
713 Enter In Person
714 Bubbles
715 Nothing to Worry Abou
716 Terminus
717 Gravel
718 Helpless
719 Walking the Path of Humans
720 A Kind Person
721 Let’s See How You Go Mad
722 The Scorching Sun That Melts The Chilling Snow
723 Transforming Heaven And Earth
724 Three Lifetimes
725 The Meeting Of Five Factions
726 Going Against the Heavens and Earth
727 The Glutton's Fate
728 The Scavengers
729 The Arrival of Taotie
730 The Universe’s Righteous Path
731 Endless Battles
732 The Difficulties of Converging Paths
733 To Each His Own
734 Not Giving Face
735 Not Giving Face
736 The Beginning of a Battle
737 Buying Thirty-Thousand At The Last Minute
738 All Have Perished
739 The Secret Pawn
740 The Convergence Of Paths
741 The Prestige of the Heavenly Axiom
742 The Man Who Won by Lying Down
743 Be Hones
744 Business Pavilion
745 Cooperate
746 Magical Energy Loan
747 Two Kinds of People
748 Mother River
749 Being A Heavenly Father Is Not Easy
750 Hidden Dangers
751 Conservation and Recycling of Resources for Yield Maximization
752 Wishful Thinking
753 Sequence Of Events
754 The Truth
755 Shackles
756 There Should Be Evidence
757 The Nodes of Vitality
758 Vitality Filling
759 Depend on Ourselves
760 Embezzlemen
761 The Heavenly Axiom’s Counterattack
762 Setting A Small Targe
763 Put On The Golden Fille
764 The Secret of The Passage
765 The Ways to Block
766 It’s Gonna Blow
767 Customs
768 An Important Matter
769 Eating Comes Firs
770 Give It Some Though
771 A Major Disaster
772 The Favor of Destiny
773 Isolationism
774 A Change in Stance
775 Dancing with the Devil
776 The Oncoming Storm
777 The Descending of the Gods
778 The Origin of the Arcane Realm
779 Ancient Etiquette
780 A Conflic
781 High and Low Statuses
782 The Chariot And The Soldier
783 Curb The Enemy And Go For the Win
784 Playing The Tyran
785 Escape
786 Recursive Cycle
787 Holding On To Your Roots
788 A Battle of Endurance
789 Exoteric emigration
790 Stranglehold
791 The Pitfalls of the Convergence of Paths
792 Eyesores
793 Worrywar
794 Vagabonds
795 Dependence
796 Divination
797 Spirit Foxes
798 Face
799 The God of Plagues
800 Lash Ou
801 The Pact Between Gods and Humans
802 Entering into an Agreemen
803 Migration
804 Not Going To Take It Lying Down
805 Nightmare
806 Salted Duck Egg
807 Supervision
808 The All-Purpose Bacteria
809 Void Lending
810 Time For Your Medicine
811 Cultivation Of The Hear
812 The Convergence of Paths Tutorial
813 True Power
814 The Greatest Fear
815 Loser System
816 Unrelenting Heavenly Axiom
817 3.8 Billion Years Of Forlorn Seas And Songs Of Sorrow
818 The Key
819 The Greatest Interest Of The Gods
820 Time and Tide Wait for No Man
821 The Way of the Sain
822 Cloud Computational Center
823 Computing The Heavens And Earth
824 Such A Shame
825 There Are People In The Computer
826 Malady
827 Assistance
828 The God Of Single Cells
829 Actually, I’m A Dragon
830 Take the Road of Others
831 Heavenly Book Levels Up
832 The Fundamentals of Becoming a God
833 Studying
834 Probing
835 Priorities
836 The Scou
837 Divine Punishmen
838 Retrea
839 The Key To Reaching Illumination
840 Reason
841 Biological Computer
842 The Premature Death Of Mars
843 Invasion
844 You Reap What You Sow
845 The Battle of the God s of War
846 Never Forget Your True Self
847 Optimus Prime
848 Guide Demons
849 Rival
850 Core
851 River Of Fire
852 Giving Anything In Its Possession
853 Confidan
854 Conditions
855 Barking Up The Wrong Tree
856 For The Greater Good
857 Kicking Away The Ladder
858 Culinary God
859 The Cruel Truth
860 Cheated Twice
861 Black Po
862 Ren
863 Resurrection
864 Are You Comforted
865 The Plo
866 Speak With Conscience
867 Crying From The Spiciness
868 Immortality
869 Worship
870 Lies
871 A Little Spicy Would Be Nice
872 Rights
873 Deal
874 Cut the Ground on Which Someone Else Stood
875 Riding the Tide of Times
876 Cut the Gordian Kno
877 Mystical Pill
878 Probing Into
879 Alignment of the Five Planets
880 Dormancy
881 The Wrath of Heaven
882 It’s Difficult to Learn From Enemies
883 Question
884 The Universe
885 Dus
886 Not Supposed to Exis
887 The Distinction Between Gods
888 Quantum Communication
889 Cultivating On A Loan
890 Magical Wu Mu
891 The Embodiment of Good and Evil
892 The One in Control
893 God and Devil Morality Technique
894 The Path of Technology
895 May Buddha Have Mercy
896 Changes
897 Solving Problems
898 Return of the River God
899 Magnetic People
900 The Heroism Path
901 Equality
902 A Waste of Talents
903 Deterrence
904 Energy Sources
905 This Damned Era
906 The Stars And The Sea
907 Smells Good
908 Darkness Under The Lights
909 The Hidden Dragon Within The Abyss
910 Flying Dragon In The Sky
911 The Strangest of the Strange
912 Almsgiver, Be a Monk!
913 Saint System
914 Do Not Do Anything More Than Three Times
915 The 50 Billion Plan
916 The Wealth Of All Humanity
917 False Monks
918 New Changes In The Situation
919 The Reopening Of The Divine Gate
920 A Transfer Of Quotas
921 Humans And Spirits On The Same Path
922 We Are Even
《Seized by the System》 Volume 3
923 Server Update
924 Beyond The Dark Fog
925 Pathfinder
926 Saving Death
927 Pony Crossing the River
928 Resentment Monster
929 A Wasted Chance
930 Condition of Portal Teleportation
931 Bai
932 Severance with Death
933 System Currency
934 Inside Man
935 Idle Game
936 Ammunition
937 Purify Their Hearts
938 Dualism
939 Recycling
940 Devil Invasion
941 Evacuating Is Better Than Stopping the Flow
942 Disparity
943 Grievous Sigh
944 Vessels
945 Revelations
946 Prolonging Its Lifespan
947 Move
948 Mutiny
949 Break Up
950 Resistance
951 Cowards
952 Grain Reserves
953 System And Host Rely On Heavenly Axiom to Maintain Their Friendship
954 Favored by the Heavens
955 Human Skulls Were Gifted
956 Fatal Weakness
957 A Major Loss
958 Nine Transformation Soul Restoration Orb
959 Extending Life
960 Malevolent Spirits Were Hard To Find
961 Mending The Heavens
962 Waging War With A Just Cause
963 The Right Way To Switch On A God
964 Bestowment Extrication
965 The Louder You Yell, The More Powerful The Attack
966 Let’s See Who Spends The Mos
967 Phony
968 Dangerous
969 Escape And Pursui
970 The Alignment Of The Five Planets
971 Fortifying Defence and Clearing the Field
972 Portable System
973 Clues
974 Can’t Laugh
975 Shadow King
976 Lie Low
977 Recoup and Recuperate
978 Surprise
979 Magical Energy Loan
980 History Repeats Itself
981 Never Cease to Exis
982 Death with A Strike
983 The Boss’ Tragic Death
984 The World in the Building
985 Management Chip
986 Lunatic
987 Honorary Spiri
988 The Saints’ Ploy
989 Stall
990 Avatar of the Spirit Lord
991 Long Health Bar
992 Countermeasure
993 Victory
994 Follow Up A Victory And Press Home The Attack
995 For Experience
996 Rise Of The Demon Clans
997 Forsaking The Darkness For Ligh
998 Tying The String To The Kite
999 The Long-Term Plan
1000 Just Tell Them I Died
1001 The Progressive Organization
1002 Play Pretend As A Dragon
1003 The Era Of Terror
1004 Not To Be Delayed
1005 Sealing Technique
1006 There Is No Savior
1007 We Are Waterweeds
1008 Birthing A Nation
1009 Death By The Spirit Cauldron
1010 What Is Happiness
1011 Mission Preparation
1012 The Perfect Ending
1013 Recommending Each Other
1014 Battle Double
1015 Green Comes From Blue
1016 Warriors
1017 Keep in Touch
1018 The Diary Of Maxwell
1019 Infinite Population
1020 Master Of The Universe
1021 A Frog Has Four Fee
1022 The Root Of The Problem
1023 Andromeda Galaxy
1024 Thinking For The Future
1025 Sun-lock Formation of the Five Planets
1026 Food Crisis
1027 Sly System
1028 The Best Dog
1029 The Idiot and The Slave
1030 The Power of Justice
1031 Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers
1032 Play Solo
1033 Dragon Monsters
1034 Roar It Out Of Hiding
1035 Water Fauce
1036 Essence Of The Wind
1037 Comprehend
1038 Old Friends
1039 Whirlwind
1040 Hurting Each Other
1041 Cousin Brothers
1042 No Mismatch After All
1043 One Step At A Time
1044 Civil War
1045 Confidence
1046 The Grand Secretaria
1047 Cleanup
1048 Seven Lunar Mansions Of The Azure Dragon
1049 A Budge
1050 The Battle of the Two Dragons
1051 The Power of the Blazing Orb
1052 That’s Strange
1053 Hierarchy
1054 Resolute
1055 God-level System
1056 When There’s So Much Debt, One Stops Worrying
1057 Transfer of Skill
1058 The Rise of The Heroes
1059 Four Great Inventions
1060 The Rules of God-level
1061 Don’t Be Greedy
1062 We are Friends
1063 The Real Loophole in the Maxim
1064 Be Kind
1065 Cooperation Agreemen
1066 Moving Back
1067 Brothers’ Domain
1068 Conflic
1069 Integration
1070 The Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below Projec
1071 Big Guy
1072 Colonization Of Extraterrestrial Planets
1073 Crab People
1074 The Ways Of Civilized People
1075 Road Construction
1076 Negotiation
1077 Nine Transformation Morality Golden Core Technique
1078 Working Overtime To Find A Way Forward
1079 Going All Ou
1080 No Choice But To Intervene
1081 Being Honest Or Being Correc
1082 The Path Toward Illumination
1083 Crossed The Stars To See You
1084 World Advancemen
1085 The Story of a Little River
1086 Upper Realm Strategy Devise System
1087 Upper Realm Rescue Mission
1088 The Coffin
1089 Test World
1090 Restraining Order
1091 Descend Again
1092 Old World
1093 System Kingdom
1094 Attempt to Withstand
1095 Too Handsome
1096 Technical Resources
1097 The Good and Bad People of the Upper Realm
1098 The Appearance of the Nine Dragons
1099 Chaotic Space
1100 Dead God
1101 The Final Days of a Dynasty
1102 The Calamity for Immortality
1103 Exploiting Loopholes
1104 Taoist and Buddhist Scriptures
1105 Looking for an Agen
1106 Spark
1107 A Quiet World
1108 We are the Lightbulbs
1109 Journey of Civilization
1110 The Suspiration of the Origin
1111 Pawn
1112 Battle with Heaven and Earth
1113 Descend Collectively
1114 Harvester
1115 I Hope So
1116 Interstellar Transmigration Plan
1117 Another Trick
1118 The System’s Source Code
1119 The Bequeathal Of The God Of Sleep
1120 Gather The Nets
1121 A Duel
1122 The Position Of A God
1123 Civil War
1124 The Dragon God Saving The Marke
1125 Second Shadow
1126 Solid-Ethereal State Shif
1127 Human Labor
1128 Let All Devils Run Wild
1129 No Discoun
1130 Dimension-Reduction Attack
1131 The Neuroanatomy Of Sleep And Dreams
1132 Put into Practice
1133 Mission Accomplished
1134 Father and Son
1135 The Secret of the Gods and Deities
1136 Dragon of Destiny
1137 Return to Chaos
1138 Outside The Universe
1139 Becoming A God Today
1140 God Is A Programmer
1141 Competitive World
1142 Second Dimension
1143 Retrea
1144 Beta Version
1145 Limit Tes
1146 Shock
1147 Reparation
1148 Infiltrate
1149 All Lives May Be Abandoned
1150 New Laws
1151 Thoughts
1152 Entering the Chaos
1153 Divination Reading
1154 Sacrifice
1155 Dog Training
1156 Operation
1157 Seizing The World
1158 They Were Replaceable
1159 The Ruler
1160 Rest Easy
1161 The Reappearance of the Divine Monumen
1162 Humanity and Relief
1163 Cheating
1164 Heavenly Devil
1165 The Death of the Saints
1166 Grand Finale