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Scholar“s Advanced Technological System

Author:Morning Star LL

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After suffering from a heat stroke while working under the scorching heat of summer, Lu Zhou, a hardworking but poor university student, somehow becomes the owner of an advanced technological system. With the cheat given by the system, his university life changes overnight.

A Master“s degree? Easy.

PhD? Not a problem.

From a nobo...
《Scholar“s Advanced Technological System》 Volume 1
1 Shocked! A Six-figure Job is Actually...
2 A Genius Student's Lifestyle Does Not Need An Explanation
3 A True Genius Would Never Waste His Time
4 Everyone Study Questions, I Study Books
5 Wash Your Face Before the Lucky Draw
6 The Answer For A Proof Question
7 Everyone Else Is Trash Compared To A Genius Studen
8 The Optimal Inversion Theory of Linear Operators and Linear Functions
9 Did I Even Study At University...
10 I Have Two Girlfriends
11 Even A Genius Had Shortcomings
12 Jealousy Has Built Up My Walls
13 Even If You Guys Aren't Ashamed, I'm Ashamed!
14 Get A Job, Genius
15 A Way To Liquidate General Points?
16 He's The Best Undergraduate Student!
17 Thesis Submission!
18 The 100 Experience Points That Made Me Go Crazy
19 The Three Missions That Scammed The User
20 Two Gods Carry A Trash?
21 He Turned Out To Be An Honest Man
22 The Correct Thesis Writing Posture
23 The Classic Business Modeling Problem
24 First Training Session
25 I'm So Angry
26 Who Am I? Where Am I? What Am I writing?
27 Brain Is Too Empty, Study More!
28 The Final First Year Class Meeting
29 Maybe, This Was Talent?
30 Let's Play Checkers, I'll Let You Go Firs
31 I Can't Gain Weight No Matter How Much I Ea
32 The Correct Way Of Using The High Tech System Was Grinding?
33 Stubborn Cockroach
34 Not Valuing Money
35 My Support Is Good
36 Brother Zhou, Something Bad Happened!
37 I Agree
38 Help In One's Hour Of Need
39 Understand The Lawyer's Letter
40 Simply Outrageous
41 Come Take Your Delivery
42 I Want To Be A Scientis
43 Should You Forgive When Possible? Nope
44 Resentment From Loners
45 Thinking About Fear
46 Studying Python All Nigh
47 Developing An App Exper
48 Making A Fortune From Writing Theses
49 I Lost Out!
50 A True Genius Student Can Apply Their Knowledge
51 Sudden Inspiration
52 Trending Again
53 The Given Loan
54 Weak Studen
55 Please Do Not Use The System’s Resources On Retarded Questions
56 You Have To Always Give Your Child A Good Foundation
57 The Artificial Intelligence Eye
58 Modeling Captain
59 You Want A Permission Slip? Let Me Test You
60 National Competition Begin!
61 Grinding For 72 Hours
62 If You Don't Screw Up, I Won't Respect You
63 At Least A National Award!
64 Provincial Presentation
65 Expert Interview
66 National Champion!
67 Unlucky
68 Can I Touch Your Trophy?
69 The Magical Number Theory
70 Proving Zhou's Conjecture!
71 You Can't Even Imagine The Joyfulness Of A Genius Studen
72 Professor Deligne's Gasp Of Surprise
73 I Don't Want To Go To Space Ye
74 The Secrets Of The System
75 The Correct Method For Tuning The Artificial Intelligence
76 It's Good To Be Utilitarian
77 The Three Deadly Missions
78 Answering Qian Xuesen's Question!
79 The Reporters Are Downstairs!
80 Lu Zhou, You're On Fire!
81 Lu Zhou Is Secretly Observing
82 Can't Even Go To Lecture
83 I Don't Believe I
84 I Don't Deserve This Honor
85 Turns Out There's An Expert Helping
86 Learning From Successful People
87 Pulling People To Join
88 I'm Impressed
89 The First Meeting
90 Self-love Is A Disease
91 Physics Research Mission?
92 The Importance Of Metaphysics in Scientific Research
93 A Skillful Loser
94 Can You Do It Or No
95 This Doesn't Make Sense
96 This Was Correct!
97 You Can't No-show!
98 This Did Not Make Sense
99 Are All Geniuses Like This?
100 Conclusion Report!
101 A Small Contribution
102 Investing Five Million
103 Washing His Face Did Not Do Anything
104 The Expected Ending
105 The Saddest Thing In Life...
106 Interesting
107 Winner Takes All
108 Evil Capitalism
109 A Genius Can Never Have Too Many Certificates
110 I Wish You A Bright Future
111 Poverty Revealing Smile
112 The Annual Person Awards!
113 Wave of Geniuses
114 The TOEFL Exam
115 No Match For Your Opponen
116 I Don't Understand You
117 Arriving at Princeton!
118 The Moment Of Witnessing History?
119 Gentleman's Demeanor
120 Moment Of Inspiration
121 Party Of The Mathematicians
122 The World Of Inspiration
123 Genius? Madman?
124 Witnessing The Great Momen
125 I Only Want To Sleep
126 Closing Ceremony
127 Level Breakthrough!
《Scholar“s Advanced Technological System》 Volume 2
128 System, Give Me A Fanta
129 Thank You For Giving Me Courage
130 Letter Of The Emperor
131 Pretend Like I Didn't Ask
132 New Years At Home
133 Child Stay Aside
134 Industrious User
135 Group Date
136 Three Seconds
137 Equilibrium Problems in Hilbert Space
138 Imitated?
139 Blatant Academic Fraud
140 Hammer Of Justice
141 Read The News Yourself
142 Weak
143 Thousands Of People
144 Thesis Submission
145 I Can't Go To Class
146 Talk On Stage
147 Life Is Inevitable
148 Graduation Oral Defense
149 A Person's Graduation
150 Moving Rooms
151 Witnessing History?
152 You Do It, Or I do It?
153 Beautiful And Deadly Tree
154 The First Wreckage
155 The Academician's exam
156 LHCb Intern
157 Arrived In Switzerland!
158 Assignment Of Tasks
159 A Good News And A Bad News
160 I Have Objections
161 Physics Is A Rigorous Discipline
162 Edward Witten
163 Meticulous
164 Cheers?
165 Talk By Mr. Witten
166 Martial Law
167 Unexpected Discoveries
168 A Heavy Particle?
169 Good Luck!
170 Perfecting Theory
171 Frank Wilczek
172 European Conference on Nuclear Research
173 A Treasure Map
174 Corrected
175 Interview
176 Strongest Intern
177 A Lot Of Information
178 Back to Jin Ling
179 Level 3 Physics!
180 The Standard Model
181 Taking You To See Someone
182 Scientis
183 A Gold Mine
184 Experiment Begin!
185 Surprisingly Effective
186 Unexpected Reunion
187 No More Opportunities In The Future
188 Dorm 201
189 Different Than Imagination?
190 Speechless.
191 Inspiration Always Comes Inadvertently
192 Annual Mathematics!
193 Correct Posture
194 Meeting In Beijing
195 Announcement Of Grand Prize!
196 Controversial Winners
197 Have To Go
198 Rejection
199 A Thirty-Minute Repor
200 Already Proven?!
201 Level Four Mathematics!
202 Lucky Draw
203 Next?
204 Enviable Troubles
205 Spending Money
206 2.8 Million Yuan Computer
207 All Good Things Come To An End
208 Patents
209 Arrival In California
210 My Trophy?
211 Youngest Winner!
212 Relationship
213 One Small Step
214 Not Easy To Get You Outside
215 Is Not Easy For Geniuses
216 Bullsh*ting Is Not A Good Habi
217 Back To School
218 It's Been A Worthwhile Four Years
219 Human Nature
220 Bro, Insurance?
221 Speech Under The Flag
222 Another Graduation Year
223 Embarking On A New Journey!
224 Small World
225 Haunted?
226 Two Choices
227 Another Way
228 Your Hands Are Your Tools
229 Full On Research
230 Real Men Drive SUVs
231 Ideas Emerge!
232 Bad News
233 The Last Piece Of The Puzzle
234 Surprising Evaluation
235 Proving The Conjecture!
236 A Second
237 Level 5 Mathematics!
238 Came For You
239 Lively Town of Princeton
240 I Was Never Worried
241 Victory Champagne