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Salvation under shadows


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“You“re the best Seb!!.....You“ve learnt too much Seb!!.....We need you Seb!!....It“s time for you to slow down Seb!!.....“ are very few of the uncountable comments which Seb had been hearing since very long.
But it made no difference to her and will never.

All rounder, multi talented teenager, Sybelle, always had an uncontrollable lust for learning. And she vowed to stop at nothing ...
《Salvation under shadows》 Volume 1
1 The one with the wings
2 Just another day
3 The unique group
4 College rush
5 Interrupted flow
6 Fatal encounter
7 Taken into Lucifer
8 Shadowed away
9 Her wings were meant to fly
10 The wings ripped off
11 A cruel salvation
12 His santuary
13 A strange metamorphosis
14 Mind reveals
15 A come back
16 Encounter gone twisty
17 Chess pieces overturned
18 As the story unfolds
19 When a new something strikes
20 Back on a different track
21 A coincidental encounter
22 A huge family
23 Where Lucifer rules
24 Inside blues
25 Fatigued females
26 Daily life with a twis
27 Unkempt wildness
28 Intimacy swayed
29 Intimacy swayed II
30 What's on the inside, is unknown
31 Turn mood
32 The struck feel
33 When Lucifer strikes, it's a sudden catastrophe
34 When the mist cleared
35 Residented
36 Personality uncontrolled
37 Past back itself
38 Where it all started
39 A swap to the better
40 When the sky lit up
41 Under Lucifer's mercy
42 The day with difference
43 Things to the other turn
44 The other turn gone wrong
45 Outbreak of rebels
46 Hell struck times
47 Silent dilemmas
48 Prone to
49 Warlord in the arena
50 Intentions backfired
51 Concerns and spirits
52 A kind deb
53 Unspoken messages
54 Mental mess
55 Words not taken back
56 Lost lass
57 Not your sweet happy end
58 Under uncontrol
59 Hold on the time
60 Into the Amnesia
61 Lost terms
62 Regrets and consequences
63 Military pink
64 A salvation with regrets
65 Complications
66 Unseen voices
67 The mind, a noisy calm
68 And the story began