10 Saitama Cultivating

"Cultivation huh.." Saitama was thinking deeply, he was getting more and more excited for this unknown world he ended up to. He only felt this kind of excitement before when he started training and started to confront monsters, where every confrontation ended him in a bad state.

"Yes Master." Bob obediently replied.

Upon thinking more of it, Saitama thought of an idea.

"Well how about me trying this so called cultivation?" Saitama said with a hint of excitement. All he has is brute and pure strength, one that will obliterate an enemy with his first alone. He wanted to try this skills like magic.

"I have a talent measuring device here master. It will measure one person potential and talents in regards to cultivation." Bob waved his hands and an mystical looking orb appeared, with strange runic drawing carved within.

Upon seeing the Bob summoning an item in thin air, Saitama was surprised.

"If you are wondering how i did this Master, it is because I possess a mystical item called 'Spatial Ring' it is a ring that can store items in a pocket dimensions. If there are mystical skills such as 'skill books' , there are also mystical items such as this 'Spatial Ring' of mine." Seeing the surprised expression of his Master, Bob quickly explained.

"So cool." Saitama muttered.

"I can give one to you later master." Bob offered. Hearing of his disciple's offer, Saitama's eyes twinkled. Thinking of it, he can now store his hero costume inside it and bring it anywhere he goes without hassle. No more going back to the house to change.

Bob presented the mystical orb in front of Saitama, he then beckons Saitama to put his hand on the orb.

The orb lit up faintly then after a moment revealing a number, 1.

Seeing the result, Bob was somehow disappointed. Level 1 talent is the lowest talent of cultivation, one with such talent can only hope reaching peak Body enhancing stage in all his life. This measuring talent device of his is a quasi-heavenly treasure, it can measure up to level 14 talent, which is currently the peak level talent existed. Whereas he has level 12 talent, same with his disicple, Soul Fiend, but he didn't bragged about it.

Of all the talent measuring device on this realm, it can only measure up to level 5. In his realm, the Soul Imperial Realm, this kind of talent is akin to trash. Level 6 talent is considered as below average while Level 7 is the average. Those trashes in his Realm are geniuses in this Realm, one can say that this Lower Realm is very weak. But still, he doesn't dare to underestimate it due to some anomalies he sensed earlier, those unknown places and region in this Realm. So one way or another, his Master is also the trashiest trash of all trash in regards of talents in cultivating, but although disappointed of the results, his Master pure brute strength still dominates all.

"Oooh, number 1? Does it mean I have the highest talent of all?" Saitama was starting to get excited just by thinking of it.

"Errr... Actually master, Level 1 is the lowest of all talent." Bob said with difficulty.

Saitama wasn't pertubed by it. He was only excited of fighting those people with mystical powers and cultivators.

"Don't worry Master! Although it is the lowest, you can still cultivate even a little." Bob tried his best to comfort and ensure Saitama.

"Its okay, no worries." Saitama just waved it off.

Bob wanted his Master to cultivate, he thought of countless of cultivation techniques he currently has that his Master can cultivate. Upon thinking deeply, he can only think of one in his belongings, the "Basic Cultivation technique". It is the very first cultivation technique and people regard it as their foundation. Some high tier techniques also uses the Basic Cultivation technique as their foundation. But in the current generation, majority of the cultivators already forgotten the technique as countless of techniques emerges in the river of time. The 'Basic Cultivation technique' now only serves as antique and never used.

But the good thing about both the said technique is that everyone can cultivate it, it has no requirements and other criteria.

The reason why Bob chose the 'Basic Cultivation Technique' is because other than it being the basic of all cultivation, as the title said, and the very first, although it is an ignorbale cultivation technique, it's origin is unknown. Many cultivators glossed over the fact that it was the very first cultivation technique, the very first one since time immemorial. Its origin cannot trace back by any means. Bob once discovered an information in an extremely ancient and mysterious tomb, that this technique has the possibility of existing even before a single soul appear, before a single living thing existed. One also vaguely stated that the Cultivation technique existed after the universe was created.

In the past, Bob once thought that the 'Basic Cultivation technique' was part of the top ranking of the Heavenly Treasures, a ranking of treasures above the quasi-heavenly one.

So for many years, after discovering the technique, Bob studied it with all his might, expecting to discover a secret treasure or even a primordial type of cultivation technique but to no avail nothing happened. This technique only taught how to start cultivation, and how to gain a strand of universal energy, an energy that drives one's cultivation.

"Master, I have a technique here called 'Basic Cultivation technique', it is as the title say, a technique on how to cultivate and sense energy." Bob opened his spatial ring and brought out a scroll.

Saitama recieved it and opened the scroll.

Saitama read all the contents before finally trying it out. It took an hour before Saitama felt a strand of energy in his heart. Its feeling is like knowing how it feels when the blood flows in the body.

Bob was scrutinizing Saitama's cultivation. He was once again somehow disappointed. Truly as what expected to a level 1 talent. A true talented cultivator can sense the energy in an instant but Saitama actually took an hour to sense. His Master talent in cultivating was truly too low.