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《Sage Monarch》 Text
Chapter 1: Befuddled by Love
Chapter 2: Profiting from a Disaster
Chapter 3: Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth
Chapter 4: Energy Eruption Level
Chapter 5: Yang Clan Forum
Chapter 6: Tit for Ta
Chapter 7: A Bolt from the Blue
Chapter 8: Displaying Prowess to the Full
Chapter 9: Shocking Everyone Presen
Chapter 10: Duel in Three Months
Chapter 11: Invincible King’s Fis
Chapter 12: Sixth Phase of Energy Arts
Chapter 13: Fist Versus Bell
Chapter 14: Daughter of the City Magistrate
Chapter 15: Detoxification
Chapter 16: Profoundly Shocking
Chapter 17: A Dream of a Thousand Years
Chapter 18: Blackcorpse Mountains
Chapter 19: Hunting Demonlings
Chapter 20: Battling a White Ape
Chapter 21: Seventh Phase Breakthrough
Chapter 22: A Goldmine
Chapter 23: Going Home
Chapter 24: Attending the Banque
Chapter 25: Dealing with the Chen Clan
Chapter 26: Who Dares Block My Path?
Chapter 27: Hostility from the City Magistrate
Chapter 28: Open Clan Fighting
Chapter 29: Defeating the Chen Clan
Chapter 30: One Man Tries to Kill a Thousand
Chapter 31: Pillaging
Chapter 32: Spoils of War
Chapter 33: Disciples of the House of Spring and Autumn
Chapter 34: Four Seasons Swordplay
Chapter 35: Chiliocosm Mirror
Chapter 36: Ambush
Chapter 37: Fighting a Master of Energy
Chapter 38: Eighth Phase
Chapter 39: Killing a Master of Energy
Chapter 40: Preparing a Diversion
Chapter 41: Three Months Later
Chapter 42: The Clan’s Autumn Hun
Chapter 43: A Slap on the Face
Chapter 44: The Chief Elders, Astonished
Chapter 45: Vanquishing All Five
Chapter 46: I Make the Rules
Chapter 47: Uniting the Clan
Chapter 48: Aunt Susu
Chapter 49: Passing Energy to Father
Chapter 50: Yun Zhonglong
Chapter 51: Young Man in Blue
Chapter 52: Sea God Institute
Chapter 53: Heart of the Sea
Chapter 54: Entering the Institute
Chapter 55: Yun Hailan’s Whereabouts
Chapter 56: Thumb-Ring of Holding
Chapter 57: Vampire Brigands
Chapter 58: Chu Tiange
Chapter 59: Another Encounter with Yun Hailan
Chapter 60: Paying Back Humiliation
Chapter 61: Master of Energy Level
Chapter 62: Secrets of the Hanging Mountain
Chapter 63: The Sage Monarch Society
Chapter 64: Dragonpearl
Chapter 65: The Ancient City of Kroran
Chapter 66: Red Fur
Chapter 67: The Brigands’ Treasure Stores
Chapter 68: The Brigands’ Treasure Stores Part 2
Chapter 69: Battling a Lifeseizer
Chapter 70: The Power of Twenty Megamammoths
Chapter 71: Everyone Levels Up
Chapter 72: Returning to the Institute
Chapter 73: Outer Campus Students
Chapter 74: Giant Guards
Chapter 75: Aunt Susu
Chapter 76: Profound Energy Arts
Chapter 77: Medicinal Pill Explanation
Chapter 78: Sage Devil
Chapter 79: Breaking into the Lifeseizing Level
Chapter 80: Life Force Springwater
Chapter 81: Another Encounter with Chu Tiange
Chapter 82: An Enormous Tomb
Chapter 83: Thousand-Year-Old Corpse King
Chapter 84: Chu Tiange Appears Again
Chapter 85: Fierce Comba
Chapter 86: Killing Chu Tiange Part 1
Chapter 87: Killing Chu Tiange Part 2
Chapter 88: Aftermath
Chapter 89: Consuming a Demon Core
Chapter 90: Lifeseizing Level
Chapter 91: God-Devil Seal
Chapter 92: Academy of Sage Studies
Chapter 93: How Impudent!
Chapter 94: Ceremony
Chapter 95: Becoming an Elite Studen
Chapter 96: Uniting Yanhaven
Chapter 97: Energy Formation Drill
Chapter 98: Summoned by an Energy Crane
Chapter 99: Sun Moon Institute
Chapter 100: Wrecking the Proposal
Chapter 101: Holy Daughter Manyflowers
Chapter 102: Minorcosm World
Chapter 103: Enemies Mee
Chapter 104: Patriarchs Wind and Cloud
Chapter 105: Ramifications of Accepting an Apprentice
Chapter 106: Secondary Lifeseizing
Chapter 107: Physical Transformation
Chapter 108: Preventative Measures
Chapter 109: Black Floodwyrm Grotto
Chapter 110: Encountering a Black Floodwyrm
Chapter 111: Exceptional Strike
Chapter 112: More Assassinations
Chapter 113: The Devils in Chaos
Chapter 114: Killing a Quinary Lifeseizer
Chapter 115: Another Brother
Chapter 116: A God from Heaven Descended into the Mortal World
Chapter 117: The Fury of Song Haishan
Chapter 118: Crush Him in Person
Chapter 119: As Useless as Chickens or Dogs
Chapter 120: Blood Tribute
Chapter 121: You Think I Won’t?
Chapter 122: Going Home
Chapter 123: Yang Zhan, Lifeseizer
Chapter 124: Official Banque
Chapter 125: Spring and Autumn; Shadowbligh
Chapter 126: Entering the Blackcorpse Mountains
Chapter 127: Getting Stronger
Chapter 128: Devil-Ghost Spirit Body
Chapter 129: Devil Horde Defilemen
Chapter 130: Quaternary Lifeseizing
Chapter 131: Heavencorpse Dimension
Chapter 132: Conclave Students
Chapter 133: Grand Thunderclap Swordplay
Chapter 134: Three Birds, One Spear...
Chapter 135: Ghost Emperor Yama
Chapter 136: The Imp Acts
Chapter 137: God Legion Seal
Chapter 138: Young Lord from the House of Spring and Autumn
Chapter 139: Converting Enemies to Friends
Chapter 140: All Men Are Brothers
Chapter 141: Jun Tianchou Requests Help
Chapter 142: Fiend-Devil Viscounts
Chapter 143: Doing It Alone
Chapter 144: Saving Everyone
Chapter 145: Fighting Devils
Chapter 146: Sworn Siblings from All Corners
Chapter 147: Sword Training
Chapter 148: Island of Unusual Fate
Chapter 149: Subduing the Divine Sword
Chapter 150: Ice-Soul God-Sword
Chapter 151: Shroud-Heaven Alliance
Chapter 152: Sword Dao from the Distant Pas
Chapter 153: Capturing Frost-Drake
Chapter 154: Behind-the-Scenes Information
Chapter 155: Join Us
Chapter 156: Power Rising Everywhere
Chapter 157: Becoming a Legendary
Chapter 158: Seven Apertures Sprite Body
Chapter 159: Martial Arts Competition
Chapter 160: Seven Seas of Energy
Chapter 161: Treachery
Chapter 162: The Competition Begins
Chapter 163: Heroes Gather
Chapter 164: A Hot Knife Through Butter
Chapter 165: Revealing Ability
Chapter 166: You Can’t Block One Sword Strike
Chapter 167: Finals
Chapter 168: Finals Part 2
Chapter 169: Finals Part 3
Chapter 170: First Place
Chapter 171: First Place Part 2
Chapter 172: First Place Part 3
Chapter 173: A Moment of Great Danger
Chapter 174: Supreme Honor and Righteousness
Chapter 175: Matchlessly Rude and Unreasonable
Chapter 176: Utter Chaos
Chapter 177: A Sudden Developmen
Chapter 178: The Chancellor
Chapter 179: Ancient Mine
Chapter 180: Turning in Merit Points
Chapter 181: Euphoria Godstone
Chapter 182: Devil Embryo
Chapter 183: Hell Portal
Chapter 184: Reaching the Peak
Chapter 185: Arriving at the Ancient Quarry
Chapter 186: Deadly Spell Formation
Chapter 187: Sura Devil-Eye
Chapter 188: Sealed Asura
Chapter 189: A Cha
Chapter 190: No Way
Chapter 191: The Nine Legendary Transformations
Chapter 192: Nonary Lifeseizing
Chapter 193: A Fierce Battle Between Two Heroes
Chapter 194: Massive Figh
Chapter 195: Spell Formation, Activated
Chapter 196: Taking the Pagoda
Chapter 197: The Crown Prince in Danger
Chapter 198: Seriously Hurt and Running
Chapter 199: Calling Out to Sworn Siblings
Chapter 200: Astonishing the Tabernacle of Flame
Chapter 201: Cultivating Together
Chapter 202: Five Years
Chapter 203: Gathered Under One Roof
Chapter 204: Physique of the Sovereign Lord
Chapter 205: Spirit Rain
Chapter 206: Six Months
Chapter 207: Repairing the Roof before the Storm
Chapter 208: The Myriad Consortium
Chapter 209: Buying Information
Chapter 210: Taking More Heads
Chapter 211: Wiping Out the Myriad Consortium
Chapter 212: Exterminating Them All
Chapter 213: The House of Shadowblight's Moving Island
Chapter 214: Holy Neophyte
Chapter 215: Stealing Spirit Stones
Chapter 216: Spirit Stones In Hand
Chapter 217: Tackling Legendary
Chapter 218: Mastering the Legendary
Chapter 219: Brazen Assassination
Chapter 220: Terrifying Attack
Chapter 221: You’re Not Going Anywhere
Chapter 222: The Crown Prince’s Whereabouts
Chapter 223: A Deal with the Shroud-Heaven Alliance
Chapter 224: Hua Tianxiong
Chapter 225: Old Man Superdestruction
Chapter 226: Demanding Spirit Stones
Chapter 227: Striking it Rich
Chapter 228: Five Phases Treasures
Chapter 229: Heaven-Demon Seed
Chapter 230: Deliberately Making Things Difficul
Chapter 231: You Qualify?
Chapter 232: None of You Qualify
Chapter 233: Strike First, Achieve Lethality
Chapter 234: Becoming a Holy Neophyte
Chapter 235: Killing Grand Elder Feat-Virtue
Chapter 236: Psychic Tempes
Chapter 237: Inter-Society Alliance
Chapter 238: Being Used Again
Chapter 239: Mission: Mend Heaven
Chapter 240: All-Encompassing Devil Energy
Chapter 241: Hell Monsoon
Chapter 242: Spirit-Soul Transformation
Chapter 243: Deadly Training
Chapter 244: Completing the Spore-Devil
Chapter 245: Completing the Spore-Devil Part 2
Chapter 246: Selfless Philanthropis
Chapter 247: Trying to Steal a Chicken....
Chapter 248: Astral-Star Fiend-Devil
Chapter 249: Thirty Thousand Ancient Megamammoths
Chapter 250: Planar Pearl
Chapter 251: Breaking Through the Interceptors
Chapter 252: Left Behind by Sages
Chapter 253: Immense Fortune
Chapter 254: Hero
Chapter 255: Joy and Worry
Chapter 256: Discussing Important Business
Chapter 257: Western Continen
Chapter 258: Silvermoon
Chapter 259: Let the Slaughter Begin
Chapter 260: Crashing the Party
Chapter 261: Lady-Princess Silvermoon
Chapter 262: Taking the City
Chapter 263: Sagely-Grade Spirit Stone
Chapter 264: Filling Up with True Energy
Chapter 265: Nine Stars Pearl Necklace
Chapter 266: Incapable
Chapter 267: The Will of Great Sages
Chapter 268: Frenzied Fligh
Chapter 269: Angel Wings Transformation
Chapter 270: Escaping Alive
Chapter 271: Drift with the Waves, Go with the Flow
Chapter 272: Quake-Dawn Continen
Chapter 273: Secrets of the Crown Prince
Chapter 274: Reaching the Third Transformation
Chapter 275: Experts Gather
Chapter 276: Breaking Open the Door
Chapter 277: Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker
Chapter 278: Battling a Half Sage
Chapter 279: Vanquishing a Half Sage
Chapter 280: Vermillion Dragon City
Chapter 281: Grand-Wilds Mansion
Chapter 282: Capturing an Asura
Chapter 283: Working with the Five Phases
Chapter 284: Deal
Chapter 285: Assessmen
Chapter 286: Captain
Chapter 287: Wormhole
Chapter 288: Returning to Rich-Lush
Chapter 289: Giant Snake from the Hell of Nagas
Chapter 290: Another Encounter with the Ghost Emperor
Chapter 291: Donning the Tiger Skin
Chapter 292: Power of the Wilds God
Chapter 293: You Lose
Chapter 294: Flabbergasting News
Chapter 295: Difficult Questions
Chapter 296: That’s All the Evidence You Have?
Chapter 297: Someone from the Quake-Dawn Cathedral
Chapter 298: Rage of the Ghost Emperor
Chapter 299: Negotiation
Chapter 300: Go Ahead and Figh
Chapter 301: One Hundred Days
Chapter 302: Restoring a Soul
Chapter 303: Supreme Devil Migh
Chapter 304: Progress
Chapter 305: There’s a Way
Chapter 306: Yore-Wilds’ Hear
Chapter 307: Sage Monarch City
Chapter 308: Underneath the Continen
Chapter 309: The Depths of Primal-Chaos
Chapter 310: Black Golden Dragon-Smelting Cauldron
Chapter 311: Taking the Fragmen
Chapter 312: Without a Hitch
Chapter 313: Yin-Yang
Chapter 314: Ballad of the Dao Testimonial
Chapter 315: The Return of Yun Hailan
Chapter 316: Dragon World Godpower
Chapter 317: Immortal Plane
Chapter 318: The Will of an Immortal
Chapter 319: Godly Might of the Paradise
Chapter 320: Sixth Legendary Transformation
Chapter 321: Prologue to the Final Battle
Chapter 322: The Crown Prince Returns
Chapter 323: Incredible Decisiveness
Chapter 324: Savage Compulsion