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10 Chapter 10: Their Happy Ending

this is The Day Of the batch reunion


Sophia: hey? I'll wait for you my childhood best friend can't wait to see and to know your boyfriend

Ivy: yeah sure, see you

Ivy was restless At that moment So she thought to call Juan


Ivy: hey juan are you ready?

Juan: ah eh yes Are you?

Ivy: I'm so nervous I might fall for our plan

juan: It's not just trust me

Ivy: okay juan see you at the venue

Juan: no, I'll take you back I just want to make sure you're always safe And they both prepared themselves to prepare for the reunion that would take place later. they have arrived at the venue


Ivy: are you ready?
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Juan: yes you are just nervous come here hold my hand And they hold hands in the venue


Sophia: Ivvvvyyyyyyyy

Ivy: ow hi I would like you to meet my boyfriend Juan Edward Hart

Sophia: ow I'm glad to see you

Juan: me too

Sopia: so come in before the party starts

They entered the room while they were still holding their hands tracing the faces of both of them. talk first in outside for a moment

Juan couldn't wait to tell ivy how he felt


Juan: Ivy just wanted to tell you before I see you. I know I'm sure of my feelings

Ivy: What do you mean?

Juan: Listen to me first

Ivy: okay

Juan: I love you! I was just ashamed to tell you because I know that only one offer to be my boyfriend We have no idea but one thing I am sure that I LOVE IVY MENDEZ!

Ivy: Are you serious?

Juan: Am I smiling?

Ivy: I love you too Because I see you are so sincere in everything You feel sorry for me If you tell me I can't believe that I fall into the stranger but the Truth is I love you JUAN EDWARD HART!

juan: so? Are we? As in real? It's not scripted ha Let's go yeeeeessss wuhuuuu! You're finally my girl yeeeeessss !!!!

Ivy: what are you doing '? Shhhh quite hahaha yes for real

Juan: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LOVE! ivy: ILOVEYOUMORE! and there begins Their love story As always, they enjoy being together and satisfied with each other.