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9 Chapter 9: Finding Boyfriend

Since ivy have a job also his position in the company and they are able to lift ivy out of poverty One of the things Lack is The man who loves him but unfortunately He didn't have it suddenly called To ivy it was His friend Sophia


Sophia: hey ivy hello?

Ivy: hi So what's the news and why did you call? Is there a problem? Sophia: Ah No We had a reunion batch

Ivy: When? I'll check my schedule Sophia: next month, ivy almost all of the batch we have partners i also have hope you introduce your boyfriend too hahahaha

Suddenly, ivy is was not happy because she has no boyfriend

Ivy: sure Sophia for sure i Have the most handsome boyfriend

Sophia: SERIOUSLY? !! Don't know, you are hiding it from me

Ivy: you'll meet him at the reunion so seeyahh by the way Sophia I have to go with work yet

Sophia: okay sure see you

Ivy called for her assistant


Assistant: yes ma'am?

Ivy: I have something to do with you Assistant: what is that?

Ivy: I want you to find me a boyfriend with high standards ha Assistant: What for ma'am?

Ivy: We Having a reunion Because most of th have boyfriends okay? Don't ask too many questions so I say okay Assistant: okay ma'am noted

Ivy's assistant is quick to find Ivy's boyfriend looking for high standards and also she ask helps to others to find him hard to find a few days later. He has not been able to find them until they are near the company. he saw a man tall and handsome No two minds The assistant offered The guy on his boss's offer immediately It was approved because The man was also looking for a happy life So they immediately go to the office to introduce the guy who will be ivy's boyfriend


Assistant: excuse me ma'am here you are looking for

Ivy: well, good job

Ivy: so hi I'm ivy Mendez the manager of this company

Juan: And I'm juan edward hart your boyfriend hahaha

Ivy: what's so funny ha?

John: you've been told me that your boss is bad

Assistant: no she's not bad she's already tired

Assistant: so I'm leaving

Ivy: okay thank you again


Juan: so your the boss

Ivy: yes I am so you know, maybe you came in? I want you to pretend as my boyfriend for our upcoming reunion

John: okay fine

And the next day just just visited Ivy's office


Ivy: what are you doing here?

Juan: I'm your boyfriend right? Is it bad to visit my girlfriend?

Ivy: what's wrong? I said at the reunion we will be onstage

John: It's better Now it's better to see If at your reunion I'll be a better boyfriend now that they see you have a boyfriend

Ivy: arrrghhhh k fine!

Juan: that's my girl let's go We used to be hungry (ivy hugged)

Ivy: can you be please stop

Juan: stop what? Don't expect that you will miss me too Get rid of

Ivy and Juan in the car to eat outside ....... After they ate, juan immediately took SI ivy to his place of business

Ivy: thank you

Juan: wow you're welcome my girl and you're not going to cry anymore byeee

Ivy: Well yeah thanks again

Juan: don't forget our date love

Ivy: you love it

Juan: It's your reunion right
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Ivy: OMG yeah I'm going to keep you posted.