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8 Chapter 8: Transformation Of Ivy

After 1 week they have the client then the client wants to organize the debut party for her only child
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Ivy: Hi ma'am good afternoon I'm ivy Mendez I'm here to present my event plan for the debut of your daughter so can we start?

Client: yes sure

Ivy: have a seat ma'am

Client: thankyou

And Ivy started to present In the client Of his proposal for debut The client agree at Ivy's lay out So they have been following in the most layout of the event Of suddenly you call Ivy through call


Caller: hi ma'am ivy we have an urgent meeting

Ivy: okay I'm on my way

Ivy: I have an favor for you you're my assistant right? Can you manage an event first? I'm sure it's going to be busy this week

Caller: yes ma'am noted

And his assistant started looking after their client but this time the assistant came to the client to discuss the party again.


Client: You're not the one I'm meeting

Assistant: but my boss assign me to continue what my boss discussed to you

Client: no no no no I want to talk to your boss right now or else I cancel the event I'm looking for someone to take care of my daughter's party

Assistant: okay I just call my boss just wait for a minute


Assistant: ma'am sorry for interrupting you but the client's want to talk you

Ivy; what? I said you do it first

Assistant: sorry ma'am but the client's really want to talk you

Ivy: gosh! Okay fine I'm on my wwy

Ivy arrived at the venue


Ivy: ow hi ma'am so what's the problem?

Client: I thought you are the who fixed and manage my daughter's part

ivy: sorry ma'am I was so busy this past few days

Client: you can't do your job correctly! how dare you!

Ivy: no ma'am! I can do my job I was very busy that's why my assistant present all of my works

Client: why you accept this work if you can't do this!

Ivy: again ma'am I'm very sorry if you want just find another who can the manage the party of your daughter then fine you're not the only client in this world

Client: coming from you! Look at your face! How dare you to say it to me huh? You're the cheapest I've ever seen!

Ivy: I'm sorry again ma'am

Client: Get lost!

Because of what the client said she was thinking that if she fixes herself she doesn't have anyone else to decide what she is so she went to a doctor


Doc: what can I do for you?

Ivy: I would like to fix My whole face I'm having a hard time Thanks to the bad looks of the people around me

Doc: Can I help you out so I scheduled you on next Sunday to start your facial surgery

Ivy: thank you doc

A few days later ivy went to her doctor again to start her surgery

Doc: are you ready

Ivy: yes doc!

And ivy started surgery ....... A few days later it was safe and well ivy's operation ... ivy was in tears as she would have to change her face for just no more he was so nice that other people around him saw his face in the mirror and it was really amazing because he was so beautiful in his face.