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7 Chapter 7: Promotion

@@A few years later ivy's work at the company was noticed by her boss due to the hard work and talent shown by ivy in the company No longer two minds Her boss to promote her as the new manager of the company ivy in the news from her boss because of that promotion she can help her family because her salary will increase because she is happy to call her family


Ivy: I'm promoting as a new manager Mom: really ?owmygod thank you Then what is that?

Ivy: it's okay how are you there? Can I send you another Expense? Take care of Dad always iloveyou two

Mom: be careful don'tto let yourself down okay Eat at the right time we miss you

Ivy is more at work because she's talking to her mom because she's a full time manager at her writing job. Her activities are so much more so she's always been in the office not eating too much. Well because he is very busy but he is still thankful that he is still taking such a high position in the company.