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6 Chapter 6: Finding Job

When ivy's finished college she wants to find a job right away because ivy can finally help her parents out of poverty. So she thought about what a good job it would be. his parents So suddenly something was going on in his mind He didn't know If he would tell his parents a few days later He decided to say something. To his parents


Ivy: Mom dae can I talk to you? Mom: yes ivy Dad: What about his ivy?

Ivy: Maybe it's time for me to fill What you've done since I was a kid I just wanted to help YOU with our expenses here at home and then I'm here Learning quickly I'll find a job Mom: wow ivy. It's good to hear that Where are you going to work

Ivy: to the manila hope that dad if it's okay to you bigger because I'll earn it if I work there
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Dad: so you will be away for a long time

Ivy: every Saturday I'll be home Mom: Are you sure? You Only Be There

Dad: Can you be your own ivy? There you may be

Ivy: It's okay Just more of that I'll probably meet there

And her parents had allowed her to work in an office immediately organized by ivy. The eligibility requirements for her to go to work for a few days Just then ivy went to work for them to find a job.

When he arrived in Manila he wasted no time And immediately sought employment in his first job he received immediately due to the wonderful record of ivy he was so happy that work because it is one of the big companies in a few more days to go before she went into training because ivy had no experience working in the company. The day of her work started, ivy had a great deal of jealousy that other employees were jealous of. his company re-experienced What happened to him when he was still in the study while his co-workers looked at him and helped him but he did not try to stop him from working.