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5 Chapter 5: College Life

Sophia and Ivy went to college together and still have no news of Matthew


Ivy: How's Matthew So Good? Sophia: I haven't heard from her anymore. She never went to our house before because she used to come to us

Ivy: Is that so? Suddenly he lost it and didn't say what he meant And the two of them were very upset because they were messing with Matthew because of that incident Sophia had been wanting to eat in the cafeteria Sophia: Let's just eat hungry

After they eat, they immediately go into their classroom because they have an activity for their professor before they even think about Matthew so they can't focus Because There They Didn't Have to Think About Matthew so that they could finish what they came to do. Thesis because he doesn't have a laptop

When ivy comes home from school She still has her face Concerned about how she will do the thesis because everyone is there to help her finish college

Ivy: but So I'm doing the thesis We don't have the money to buy a laptop

Ivy called Sophia


ivy: hi Sophia sorry I'm late calling I just wanna ask If you have any extra laptop We don't buy any laptop We still have no money but if it's not it's okay

Sophia: Of course there is providing because my mom buy an extra just in case it doesn't work so sure ivy you can use the other one

Ivy: Really? Thank you

Sophia: you're always welcome my friend so what? You want us here to work for us to guide one another
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Ivy: thanks again

And ivy said goodbye to her mother Ivy: Well, I'm just going to be Sophia, right?

Mom: in this night? whatever just go but always remember you should take care of yourself

Ivy: I don't have a laptop because I'm going to check her out.

Mom: All right, ivy

And ivy went to Sophia's house


Sophia: o ivy is there for you to come and get us started

Ivy: thanks again And they have done the thesis so they can finish college many hours Also they are busy for their thesis So rested for a moment and ate they started again Because they are close After ...

ivy: Sophia i'm done thank you

Sophia: really ivy? Same I'm done so what?

Ivy: I'm going home

Sophia: okay ivy take care

The next day they are waiting to come in and study again Their thesis is initially nervous Both because they are so poorly assigned to their professor to listen to What they did before the Thesis Sophia and ivy was left in Out of the room and Sophia started to present ............ after an hour Sophia is over. So next time ivy goes in to present her Thesis is made clear he started to appear for a few hours He just finished and went out of the room to the two of them who were still friends even after the Thesis presentation after three hours the professor called them to say they were passing great pleasure for both because they passed The presentation for the thesis and they will be able to graduate from college Two weeks after their graduation is unbelievable The two their way and they can graduate crying Call their name traces their face The joy ivy has earned Her high honor Summa cum laude and SI Sophia also earned a high honor She is cum laude.