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4 Chapter 4: Their Enrollmen

Three months later you didn't see the three friends and enroll with his mother


Mother: Ivy you must be prepare tomorrow it's your enrollment I will arrange your needs for tomorrow

Ivy: ookay (how come they are sophia and Matthew where can they study there again and again?)

the next morning his mother woke up to get ready to eat ivy and wake her up

mom: ivy wake up early so we don't wake up yet i'll wake up very soon ivy: hmmmm that's okay

Mother: ohh eat that easy food wash foam

Ivy: yes

while eating and after eating, ivy took a quick shower because she thought her friends might be there so she took a quick shower.

Ivy immediately got dressed and got her hair done because she hoped her friends would be there, so long as they couldn't make it They left their mother to enroll in the school at a time when they were earning their family income and they were enrolled


Ivy: how are you?

Sophia and Matthew: okay Then you are

Ivy: It's okay too Do You Have to Do After Enrollment?

Sophia: Nothing

Ivy: Let's eat first

Sophia and Matthew: hello We are ivy's friends

Mom: ow hi nice to meet both of you

And Ivy and Sophia continued to work hard until they got back with honor they worked hard and persevered until after high school they became friends with sophia while Matthew did not pass high school because he didn't go very far where he was throwing bolts so he didn't pass.