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3 Chapter 3: Achievements

The past few days they have become closer to each other and when teachers are assigned they always work together and within two months their teacher announces that they will have their first periodically exam


Teacher: okay class get ready for the next 3 days we will have a first periodically exam

Students: okay sir noted.

Teacher: class dissmiss

Ivy, Sophia and Matthew came out of their classrooms and they walked out of their school they had to make a review for the upcoming exam


Matthew: how about exam? Let's review at Sophia's house

Ivy: Sure

Sophia: Matthew's right let's review at my home Don't worry mom don't mind It's okay for you.

Ivy: yes

Sophia: I'll see you later it's about 1 p.m.

and when they got to their house and they quickly told their parents that they could go to their Sophia's house to prepare for their upcoming exams.


Sophia: Mommy can we have a review here soon since we took the exam Sophia's Mother: yes sure Sophia what time can I cook?

Sophia: 1 p.m.

Sophia's Monther: All right

Sophia has already called Matthew and Ivy to say that she has been allowed by her mom


Sophia: hey guys let me wait for you here

Matthew: I'll say to my parents
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Ivy: Me too

Sophia: I'll see you later guys

Matthew to his mommy


Matthew: I'm going to Sophia we need to review for our exam

Mommy: sure kid comes home soon Matthew: i will mom thanks

Ivy said to her moms


Ivy: Mom can I go to Sophia's house? Mom: why?

Ivy: I'll just review because we took the exam

Mom: All right ivy, be careful

Ivy: thanks mom

And the three of them got together and started reviewing and Sophia's mom told them to eat while they were watching. and the day of their exam came they all took their test paper seriously after their exams were one of the teachers who passed the exuberance of the three friends who got the highest score in their exam thus, their teacher criticized them. all three are happy with their test scores so every time they get a test they are preparing to review so they can get the highest score again after all Ivy scores get the highest score sophia was second and Matthew was third.

the principal submits to all the student-named teachers who always have the highest score of one with the likes of Ivy, Matthew and Sophia who will be honored for their brains and will be very proud of the three who know they will be among them. he said they were excited to go home to bring their parents the good news and when the day came for the parents to celebrate their achievements each one of them called the principal they got the principal they earned the highest honor when they were honored and their parents embraced them and at the same time three of them did not expect that they would have a surprise in their home and they were greeted by their parents