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2 Chapter 2: Meeting new friends

The second day of his schooling, his mother woke him up
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Mother: wake up ivy early so you can come in at 5:30 ivy only responds and in a few minutes ivy does not wake up until her mother wakes her again

Mother: Ivy what are you up to doing at school?

Ivy: hmmmm i don't want to come in ivy replied

Mom: why don't you have to come in so you are enrolled in study well why don't you want to come in ..?

Ivy: hmmm nothing ....Ivy pretend nothing mom: he didn't even wake up

Ivy: yes ...

Mother: Eat your prepared food and have a water bath

Ivy: yes ivy is very lazy and even greets her because she had a bad day on her first day of school

Mother: hurry up and take that time what time is 7:30 your time is 6:00

Ivy: yes .. her mother had prepared her water and her things

Mother: oh, so easy to latch on to what time you are going so far ivy got dressed after she got dressed so that her bag of rice and water when she was wearing a shoes

Ivy: I'm leaving

Mother: All right, be careful when you go to school

Father: Be careful Ivy

Started walking from their house to their school as soon as she got to their school she felt like she was embarrassed by the sight and of yesterday she could easily enter her classroom. After five minutes everyone was released because his classmates had a flag ceremony and Ivy was at the end because he couldn't forget what he was doing the first day he was embarrassed and then they could come up with some money. as he watched and helped her humiliate himself as the flag ceremony started and after they walked back to their classroom Ivy's woes were not completely erased by the devices until they arrived. in the classroom his classmate kicked him out of the way and started to laugh at him.

a classmate slapped him: ahh hahahaha Ivy still ugly hahahhaa he laughed at everyone but all he did was humiliate and he was silent in his des few minutes until their teacher sir areil orminita got up and greeted the teacher "good morning sir areil: ok class who will lead the prayer ...... ok all sit down next one you pray ahead ok one by one you go ahead and pray till the prayer it's all up to you if you make a prayer of prayer or imitate those in church ok ..

Whole Class: ok sir

others ask: sir you're the only teacher in this class

Sir Areil: no because i'm not just your teacher you have another subject temporarily not now but maybe on the next few days maybe they will recognize that i am my time with you always 11:00 to 12:00 pm before I always come back because our classroom is neat and tidy

Whole Class: ok sir

Sir Ariel: you have new classmates mateo and sophia you get to know your new classmates they are coming from another classroom they come here and you know your classmates ...

Matthew first introduce his self


Matthew: my name is Matthew I'm 13 years old from bicol Matthew is tall white and rich at the same time smart as ivy

Sophia: hello everyone I'm Sophia same as Matthew I'm 13 years old and also I'm from bicol Matthew and Sophia have been friends for a while now they are very young Sophia and

Matthew: Hiiiii   Ivy is still quiet

Sophia: Hi I'm Sophia why are you so quiet? Matthew: Yes we are Ivy was still in the silence but she didn't hold back from the two herds until she recess. Sophia: hey would you like to go with Matthew to eat FOR the first time ivy replied

Ivy: Are you sure?

Matthew and ivy: yes ofcourse (smiling)

At the same time The three went to the cafeteria to eat and talked about activities for school work

Matthew: what was your name before We were together before we knew Your name by the way I'm Matthew and this is Sophia when we were young So we know each other

Ivy: I'm ivy (smiling) sorry If I don't speak too much I'm ashamed

Sophia: don't be shy when we're here and you don't have to worry about us. At the same time they went to their classroom and sat next to the chair because of the friendliness of their friends I was unable to focus too much on their lecture. At the same time they went to their classroom and seat next to the chair because of friends of ivy.... ivy was unable to focus too much on their lecture.

Then again ivy kept quiet

Sophia: Are you okay ?

Ivy: I'm fine I'm a bit off Because I didn't understand the lecture we had before Matthew: Is it because we are sorry hahaha Don't worry we will send you notes so we can study The lecture once Matthew wanders around to borrow his classmates' Matthew screamed at.


relative lesson: o this I wrote it Then sit there Matthew: thank you hhahaah

Matthew: o ivy it maybe i'll tell you what to say hahahahaha

Sophia: Matthew, keep quiet WHILE you look like ivy has a problem with her

Matthew: sorrryyy

Ivy: It's okay Just what are you doing? Let's go home once we get out of school And then they came out of their classroom and they were still talking and yelling and ivy was saying goodbye.

Ivy: guys I'm going to go home first and I'll help my parents go home Rin You take care of You

Matthew and Sophia: All right