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1 Chapter 1: Beggining Of Life

Ivy please help your mom to prepare our dinner her dad says while her dad cooks their dinner


Ivy : mom let me help you to prepare our dinner

Mother: go ahead and get the three plates and utensils and i will take the glasses

When Ivy had brought the plates and utensils her Mother had prepared them and as her Father had prepared the rice and dish they began to pick up and eat after they had eaten suddenly turn out of the light and her father going to check their power supply because they are the only one who don't have electricity so they were the only one without electricity.

So Ivy go and get the match and candles and light of the candle serves as the light in their home and then they had to eat what they ate and wash.

after they eat they go to bed early because they have no electricity. the next day ivy was preparing her things because she was going to school because of their poverty ivy bring food but this time her food was only rice.
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ivy: nay. tay. I will go now Mother: All right daughter be careful to go home immediately after school

ivy : ok mom i'll go

When ivy left to go to school the first day of Ivy went to school she didn't know what to do about how she would interact with her fellow students. in every direction he always looked at the students and laughed, so he could easily find his classroom for immediate access.

When he reached his classroom he saw that his teacher was already there and their teacher is Ariel Orminita was an English teacher.


Teacher: so, class since this our first day i want all of you to stand here in front and introduce your self because he said he looks like ivy because he looks and looks like his classmates are still making fun of him

Ivy: I'm ivy mendez 12 years old from sipucot bicol after the introduction

Ivy was embarrassed because she was not accustomed to speaking in front of many people so when she walked back to her seat for a few minutes she was coming home and Ivy was packing her things for go home. and when he returned home he reached his mother who was preparing their meal


Ivy: mom, I'm here

Dad: Ow are you there just goto your room and get dressed first and we're going to eat

Mom: yes Ivy, you can get dressed ready to eat

Ivy: yes mom