Ruthless Devourer in Fairy Tail
1 Lucy First Woman
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Ruthless Devourer in Fairy Tail
Author :RuthlessOPMC
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1 Lucy First Woman

"Damn Natsu" Said Sun Yuki as he finished reading fairy tail manga in earth.

"Well at least now I won't be bored anymore as I will get new girls hahaha. Beautiful ladies, just wait for me." Sun Yuki vanished as he said that.

Near the Town of Harujion, In the forest, Yuki appeared out of nowhere.

'now let see, according to manga, lucy will be here' yuki then searched with his divine sense.

'found you'. yuki found lucy as she was using her sex appeal to get a discount for buying white doggy key gate but was surprised afterwards 'what!! a b*tchy girl like her is still a virgin?' 'good, I could make her mine'

Yuki was standing at the forest alone but he could control this planet by just using his divine sense and divine attack, if he attacked using his real body then he was afraid that this planet would be destroyed just like that. Not to mention a planet, one attack from True divinity realm expert could destroy starfields. He could even destroy a galaxy giving an hour time. But there were too much galaxy on one universe. the galaxy was like one particle from water (H2O) and the universe was like an ocean. He used divine sense and found Natsu and Happy. They both had just landed from a train. Then yuki telerported them to nearby ocean and BOOM!! They exploded leaving only a pool of blood. Yuki used his divine attack on them.
He didn't want to leave a trace of how they die so the guild and magic council wouldn't know who kill them.

All the people nearby just saw them dissappear. They think that it was just a magic trick so they respond indifferently.

'His sin is for being a fool.'

Yuki then watched with his divine sense to where fake salamander guy standing. Just like in the story, the salamander using his charm magic on girls. He didn't kill him now because he was going to let Lucy almost be a slave and saved her.

Many women started to gather around that fake salamander guy and finally Lucy also came but Yuki protect her with his divine barrier which can only be seen by someone on the same realm as him, and fortunately only he in this galaxy that has true divinity realm because he could sense all aura in this galaxy. Therefore, Lucy wasn't affected by the charm and went somewhere else ignoring that salamander dude.

That Salamander guy had spotted Lucy earlier and charmed by her beauty so he then started to invite everyone to come to his party and flew off. That guy then turn way around as he searched for Lucy and stalked her. That guy came to know that she wanted to enter Fairy Tail So he used 'i will talk to the master to let you join' and lucy agreed to came to his party.

Yuki was just waiting while eating as he watched everything with his divine sense.

Yuki then teleported to that town and started walking down the street. Every women had drool in their mouth and stared at Yuki Lustfully because of his otherworldly handsome face but they couldn't be near him as he used his barrier to kept them away. Until he found Lucy as she was also walking. Lucy look at him and she blushed hard as Yuki just smiled gently at her.

"Hello Beauty"

"ah, hello"

"would you mind if we chat a bit and let me treat you to a drink ?"

"i don't mind" Inside her mind 'how could I refuse if i get invited by such a handsome hot guy, i hope he is also a powerful magician, maybe i could...'

Yuki bring Lucy to the best restaurant in this town and chat with her until she said that she wanted to prepare to attend a party which salamander guy invite to her.

"I have met those Fairy tail members but based on the description you give, I don't think he is the real guy. Don't worry, if something looks quite not right and you need my help, just crush this thing, i will come for you" said Yuki as he give her something like a talisman. Actually he could sense everthing in this planet but he give her that so that she didn't think he was crazy if she should just shout his name for him to come, it would sound a bit unreal.

"thank you" Lucy smiled from the bottom of her heart. He believe that Yuki was a bit powerful magician because she felt safe sitting near him and his aura made her extremely comfortable. Thus, she bid him farewell.
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