Runes of Hecate
1 Migration Writing Prompts Contest #50
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Runes of Hecate
Author :yoursexypotato
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1 Migration Writing Prompts Contest #50


Wassup everyone, yoursexypotato here!

I just want to remind you all that I really appreciate your support, especially those who have added this novel to their library. It really motivates me to write when the numbers go up(yes, I can see the number of people who added this novel to their library).

Just a news for everyone!

I will be entering Writing Prompts Contest #50: Mage. Yay! Not a pro, but why not?

I won't be adding any more chapters to this specific page because I will be transferring it to the other one -- the one I'm entering the contest with. You can all remove THIS specific book, Runes of Hecate (MIGRATED), and add the other one.

Same chapters, same story.

It's just that, in order to enter the contest, the novel should be newly added to Webnovel. That means at the moment of the novel's creation, you specify the writing contest you are joining. Mine is already out there so the only way to get around it is to create a "new" novel and update that one. It's not against the rules, so that's what I did.

Here is the new link for the novel (which would also be available in THIS novel's synopsis):


If you like my novel, please support me! I'd really appreciate it if you vote this novel, even just for the week of the contest.

As a compensation for bothering all of you, I'll throw in a couple more chapters in advance! I hope that would be enough :D

Peace out! @@
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