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7 Episode Seven Final:Its Not Really Over

Happiness comes for those who deserve it ,Romeo and I return home from the vacation and he decided to spend the night with me at Mr Ben house so that he will ask for his permission to get married to me I went inside the bedroom direct and left him with mr ben .Michael rush and follow me to the bedroom and was teasing me how was my love vacation I just show him the ring and we both laugh , Michael decided to sleep with his dad and leave the room for me and romeo.in the palor romeo confess to mr ben that he already proposed to me and I already said yes and he want his blessing because he wish to get married to me next week ,mr Ben gives his blessing and thank romeo for taking care of me.....

I finish arranging the bed and enter the bathroom I took my shower when I come out romeo was sitting on the Bed waiting for me ,i smile at him asking him why is he looking at me like that ,go inside and take a bath he remove the towel on my waist and leave me naked I quickly get my shot and put it on.

He come out of the bathroom with the towel on his seeing his chest and six pack makes my body vibrate he comes closer and ask me "do I smell good now "I replied"Yes you smell very nice" he hug me and start touching from my hair down to my chest looking into my eyes softly saying "why are you this cute "I gently smile and replied"you tell me ,how cute you're" he grab my waist so close that I can hear the beating of his heart ,he ask "Can I Kiss you"I just nodded my head Yes .

He kiss me romantically and push me to the bed I put my hand softly rubbing his chest he remove the shot I'm wearing and I remove the towel his wearing he continuously kissing me. We made such intimate Love and A beautiful Night....

Alpha and Jeff attacked the judge and he promise to release Lorene on bail the next day .

Mrs Clarita call Lorene right hand man Excutioner and send him my and Romeo picture to deal with us ,Romeo went back to his mom the next day and explained to her about our wedding even though she hate me and so against it but she choose her son happiness over her own choice .

Days To my Wedding keeps Approaching and decided to have a simple church wedding but Michael organize a bachelor party to Us .The party was extravangance max and lily attend ,Max accept his defeat and apologize to me but lily was so against the wedding up till now . Romeo surprise me with a dance step at the party and I was moved and Lucky to have such a lovely man in my life.The party went successful.

Lorene was released from prison and secretly attend the party to gather information which after he did he left...

but he was surprised to see a job that mrs clarita give them about us which is what is in his mind.....

One Week Later its my Wedding and I'm feeling so blessed I was busy dressing up I wear the suit and romeo walk in ,I clearly tell him to to walk out its not good to see me before the wedding he smiles and give me the little box of gift he bring to me it was a beautiful necklace engraved with #Rojul I was so happy and he kiss my cheeks and walk out .

Our loved ones have gather in the church including the wicked mrs clarita,max and lily ,mr Ben hold my hand and walk me down the aisle romeo was waiting for the alter ,I recite my vow and so did romeo do, we put the ring on each others finger before Lorene and his gangs arrive at the church and shoot romeo and shoot me too at the shoulder and take me away ,romeo loose conscious and faint mrs Santiago and the guards take him to hospital,the gangs take me to a small hut and the four of the them **** me and decided to bury me Alive they take me to a nearby forest and dig a small hole and throw me inside .So this is my story and how it begins because this is just the beginning of my golden journey.Romeo was Rush to the bleeding too much...I was left to died in the hole...

The End of Season One.....

Season two Coming Soon April 10th

what to Expect !

The Updated Julius?

Julius Comeback ?

Romeo Loosing His Mind

Julius Revenge ?

Romeo finding the Truth?

The Death of Romeo And Julius?

See You On April 10th

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