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5 Episode Five :Jealous Hear

He Dressed in a white shirt and black jeans the scent of his perfume got our attentions make us all to look up and see him stepping down the stairs looking so take away mrs Santiago smiles and said "well ,now that you're here so I think its time for you to choose who you want to spend your life with among the five of them " Romeo slightly laugh and reply"All of you guys have try your best and I really appreciate all your effort and I choose to know Julius more"right there my heart beat boom because I never thought he would choose such a simple uneducated person like me a tears just drop on my cheeks,he continue saying"You people make me to understand what life really means and love its not a competition or game its a matter of hearts"mrs Santiago was not happy with Romeos choice and called him inside for a minute,mrs Santiago explain "why did you choose that weak dirty boy ,I was hoping you would choose Max his cute perfect and has everything you would want" romeo replies "I didn't just choose him mom but I try to understand him for some reason that you won't understand,mrs Santiago shes not happy at all with how things turn out to be but she knows her son too well that he doesn't like pressure...All the other contestant left but mrs Santiago call Max upstairs to her room and explain to him he was her choice ,while I was left with Romeo in the living room and Thank him for choosing me and that I was happy he give me a chance ....Things seems to be going well for me and for the first time I feel happy.

I was at the Santiago mansion to see romeo because we have an appointment and he want to take me out on a date ,I was sitting on the sofa mrs clarita and Lily walked into the room she was surprised to see me at the house after our confrontation at the restaurant she Angrily said "what the hell are you doing here you stupid arrogant boy "I greeted them with respect and calmness ,romeo replies"his with me ,I'm taking him out on a date" Lily laugh and said "so You choose this dirty boy instead of me wow ,with All these my boobs and package,this is an insult to my beautiful self. romeo just sighed and ask us to leave .mrs clarita is burning with Anger lily is crying ...like some people say others happiness is others sadness for the first time I feel happy been with romeo while Lily she's sad that romeo didn't choose her ,mrs Santiago and max have been busy finding a way to get rid of me because she think I'm not suitable for her son ,while on the other hand mrs clarita plan to teach me a lesson ,my calmness and innocent behavior is what people hate about me which I understand because people think I'm too naive that the world doesn't work for people like us ,After closing the restaurant on my way to Mr Ben house where I have been living for almost 3 years now as I reach the entrance a group of thugs attack and beat me up badly the commotion and noise make mr ben out and the thugs run away Mr Ben took me to hospital and I was admitted.

The Next morning romeo visit me with basket of fruits,and he was happy to see that I wasn't hurt much just a scratch on my forehead.but my body is in pain romeo left to meet with his friend. mrs clarita and lily visit me in the hospital and clarify that she's the one that order the Attack on me and she will even do more if I dont stay away from Romeo and out of their lives .and if I want to report her I should go ahead but wait I don't have a witness she laugh and walk out of the hospital ,Tears drop on my cheeks because I don't know what to do and the situation confuse me because she's right if I decided to report her I won't win the case against her because she has money and connection ,but what should I do then because I don't want to stay away from Romeo...Mr ben and michael take me home I was discharged.

A few Days Later I fully recover I was busy working at the restaurant A beautiful black Jeep Drop at the restaurant a bodyguard come down to the restaurant and call me I follow him back to the car ,mrs Santiago and max set a trap for me ,they call Romeo and ask him to listen how I will choose money over him ...I didn't know that the phone was on record call i enter the car and seat at the front with the driver while mrs Santiago and max are sitting at back ,mrs Santiago said" Julius do you know why I'm here today " i just nodded No ,she continued"well i don't like you for my Son Romeo because you're not perfect to be in our family "I take a deep breath and reply"Ma ,Romeo and I we are just friends he doesn't like me that much" mrs Santiago stop me and said "but I don't want you around him ,max here is the perfect choice for him ,well here is the cheque of two million collect it and stay away from him ,I think this will be enough for you and if its not enough tell me I will add you ..just name your price " I think for some moment then I collect the cheque she was happy then I tear it into pieces and throw it inside the car ,I replied"No disrespect to you Ma ,but I'm disappointed in you ,so you think two million is just my worth or is two million more than your son happiness,some mothers will do anything for they children happiness but you're here bribing me to stay away from your son because you don't even care if it will make him sad or happy well I might be poor and a orphan but i won't collect any money from you but if you don't like me I will try my best to stay away from your son.Thank you have a nice day...I left the car crying I feel my heart was shattered into pieces.Max sighs and ended the record call ,romeo who is laying down on his bed hear all the conversations and feel so emotional and left the room so quickly,max said " mummy romeo has heard all the conversations our plan backfire what are we going to do next " in Anger mrs Santiago replied" I'm not done with Him Yet I will make him regret knowing me ,let's go driver ".....

I sit at the back of the restaurant crying and shedding tears I felt a hand on my shoulder the scent of his perfume make me stop crying and look up ,his standing looking at me right there you can see love in his eyes he bend down wipe my tears away I just hug him and continue crying and he keep petting me to calm down he holds my hands and said"I'm happy that you didn't sell what I feel for you with my mom money and I'm happy to know that you really care about my happiness and I will try my best to make you happy" his words are so sweet to hear I just stare at him lost in my fantasy how perfect romeo is ,his good looking,kind and educated he stared at me beautifully and finally he kiss me OMG I feel like I was dreaming he continue kissing me we have a steamy kiss for like a minute....so he feel shy and run away without saying anything,I smile and went back to the restaurant....

Two Weeks Later Romeo Start working as a lawyer at his friend law firm his such a good lawyer...but I didn't get to see him or talk to him since our first kiss but I was hoping to hear from him since today is my birthday. Mr Ben,Michael and I are busy with the Arrangements for my birthday .

Two more Episodes Left to the Final of season one....

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