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4 Episode Four :Red Roses

It was A sunny Afternoon and I received a text confirming that I was chosen as the final candidates for the top five and the we are invited to the Santiago house the next day, I was happy and worried because nobody knows what we will face in the Santiago's house but I promise to try my best.

The Next day we all gather at the Santiago house,and all the other contestant are cuter than me that makes me even more worried mrs Santiago step down to the living room and welcome us into her House and ask to introduce ourselves which we did exactly,and she choose max the most handsome guy among us to start the first day ,and I will be the third one...well the four of us left the Santiago house without us even set our eyes on the prince .I came back to the restaurant to continue my work for the day and there I saw a fight in the restaurant mrs clarita slap mr ben for giving her the wrong order right there my heart was fuel with anger but I calm it down because they said customer are always right but that's not fair to make them treat people like trash ,I try to reason with her and make her understand and that we will make her order right away but she raise her hand to slap me I grap the hand and tell her that is enough and she should leave she spit on my face and walk away....mr ben took the tissue and clean my face and tell me to go and change...and that's just how my beef with mrs clarita start.....

on the other hand romeo is sleeping Max arrange his lunch by the bed side for him and wake him up ,romeo feel like a child because max is treating him like his sick and like a child so he wake up and enter the bathroom to shower and have the lunch ,max already arranged the clothes for him to wear the clothes make him look like one of the lost kardashian brother ,romeo take a total dislike of max but its too late max has fallen head over hill in love with romeo...romeo pretended to be going out with friends just get away from max...

on the second day which is Steven day well it was a disaster because Steven is very clumsy he never did anything right he didn't even last five hours with romeo before he chase him out ..

on the third day which is my day I enter the house and mrs Santiago she's reading a magazine in the living room and ask me to go upstairs to the prince room .I enter the room and didn't see anybody then I hear the sound of water so his taking a shower then I started picking up the dirty clothes on the ground and putting it in the basket for laundry and arranged his book case side there he open the door I turned back only to see his face the man who ruined my cake ,he quickly question what are you doing in my room ,I simply reply I'm here because its my day today and I didn't even know you're the prince ,he laugh and said I didn't even know that even Mr grumpy will be competing for my heart ,I angrily replied assuming I know it was you from the start I won't have come ,I try to leave the room he grap my shirt and said where are you going you're sticking here with me today and I try to make him leave my shirt right there the towel on his waist untie OMG he has such a nice body and a very big ,u know what I mean I look at then scream pervert he quickly took the towel and tied it back .I asked him what did he want to do today he said we are going to the garden so I pick up clothes for him,he dressed up and we left to the beautiful garden near they house....we sit on a mat and he asked me why I participate in the competition,I explained to him that I love cooking so much that's why and I thought this will be a great opportunity for me ,I'm not here just because of love for you Mr ,he smile and said well but you're here in any way...I replied I don't even know your name but let me tell you something what you're doing now its wrong you should love who you want at the time you want you're a grown man I don't think its fair for you to be treated like a child ,but then I'm sorry if I said anything wrong,...he was looking directly into my eyes which makes my heart beat but I don't know why his starring at me like that, he sighed and said my name is Romeo but much people call me prince ,and you? I replied the name is Julius but call me jojo and shake hands ,I added don't think we are friends because I didn't forgive you for ruining my cake the other day he laughed and said your eyes are like red roses burning with kind and anger flames....I just take a deep breath and stay quiet.

we spend the whole day in the garden and we came back home late he dropped me at Mr Ben house.
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The competition is Over All the five candidates participate and have a single day with the prince.Now we are at mrs Santiago house waiting to hear the results..

Episode 5 coming Soon

what to expect!

Who win?

Romeo new Work?

Mrs Santiago Plan and Anger?

mrs clarita wicked plans?

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