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3 Episode Three : Destiny

OMG I'm supposed to be fantasized by his cute Look but that's not what I'm even worried about , I'm more worried about the cake that I need to delivered ,I splash the pieces cake in my hand on his expensive suit ,right there you can see the Anger on my face but his just standing there looking at me with his smiley face....I move closer to him with saying "Hey mr look what you did to me and my cake ,what am I suppose to do now " with his gentle voice he replied"I'm very sorry its an accident please don't be offended " aggressively said "Your sorry won't change the fact that you destroy my cake ,You must pay for it....and then he replied that if he pays the cake i will have to buy his new suit and I know right there that I can't afford it and just like I was busy thinking how I could afford the suit he just walk into his car and drive away out of Anger and took the cake from ground and smash it on his car ,but he just left....so I decided to return back to mr Ben and explain everything to him and he understand and we make another cake immediately for the customer and I deliver it...Back At home Romeo is sitting in the living room playing game on his phone mrs Santiago walk into the room sit near him and start talking about lily to him and he should consider even going out on a dinner for just once to get to know her ,Romeo decided to confess to her that his gay and his only interested in men Mrs Santiago love romeo so much and his her only son so she didn't feel bad with his coming out but choose to love him just the way he is, madam clarita whom is standing at the door eavesdropping on they conversation walk in anger and started shouting and yelling at romeo and telling mrs Santiago how her daughter remain single and a virgin just waiting for him only for him to turn out to be a sissy and a fag ,mrs Santiago stopped her right there with those words and warn her that she's only after her son happiness ,madam clarita hiss and walk out of the room ....mrs Santiago (sigh) and tell romeo that she will accept him no matter what but she will be the only one to choose a perfect match boyfriend for him someone who will take care of him ,romeo laugh and agree to his mother's request ....madam clarita reach home in anger throw her back at the sofa Lily come out and ask what is happening, madam clarita explain everything to her daughter and lily burst with cry and cursing the Santiago family madam Clarita vow to her that she will make them pay the hard way ....One Week Later mrs Santiago already arranged and posted the flyers for the competition looking for top five chef each to spend a day with the prince . I was busy at the restaurant like every single day Mr ben and his son walk into the restaurant holding the flyers and Mr ben ask me to participate in the competition I was hesitant about it because I'm really OK with my work in the restaurant but after so much convincing from mr ben I decided to join the competition and I summit my details through the number on the flyer waiting for they response.....

Episode four Next week

what to Expect

who will win the competition???

how will Julius feel meeting Romeo Again???

what is madam Clarita plan???

Will the Love blossom ???

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