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2 Episode Two : Mr Handsome

The Whole Santiago Family are Busy with the preparation for the homecoming of Romeo who spend four years studying Law in India ,mr Late Santiago is half Asia Thailand and America they're such a wealthy and Royal family and Romeo happen to be the only son the Apple of their eyes, All the arrangements for his coming has been made and his mom mrs santiago are waiting for his arrival with her friend madam clarita and her daughter Lily .....Their heard the sound of his car parked at the parking lot ,Romeo run in the parlor saying "mummy I'm home " mrs Santiago hug and welcome him same with madam clarita and lily ,they went to the dining table and eat the delicious food prepare just for him ,romeo wanted to go and have a shower and a little nap ,but mrs Santiago follow him to his bedroom and introduce to him that Lily is the girl she keep for him to marry out of surprise u romeo burst with laugh and said "mum who told you i want to get married to her ,even though she's okay and pretty but I'm not interested in her " mrs Santiago feel a little bit disappointed but she keep insisting and try to pursue him to agree ,but he just excuse himself and enter the bathroom mrs left his room disappointed...I was busy working at the restaurant while mr Ben ask if i deliver the cake that our customer order for his wife birthday then I said No so he ask me to deliver it, the cake has been Arrange ...Romeo has finished showering and his friends call him to meet them at a restaurant for catching for long time he dressed up and drive to meet with them ...I was walking along the road holding the cake while looking for a taxi then his car brushes my arm and the cake fall down ,the fancy black car stop ,i was angry that the cake spoil I hit the car bonet and ask the owner to come out and see the damages he cause ,right there the car door open and he come out of the car looking so damn handsome and cute and he smell perfect too.Right there i feel my heart beating dooom dooooom doooom ....

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What to Expect

Romeo Coming Out?

Madam Clarita's Anger?

The Competition?

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