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1 Episode One :The beginning

Episode One : The Beginning

My Name is Julius But some of my closed friends and family call me Jojo....and this is my story ,People often say that you can't predict whats going to happen in your life but one thing for sure is my Life is Full of miseries and Clamities. I'm an ophan i grow with no parents or any family member ,when i was a baby my mom abandoned me to an old lady that take care of me...and she don't know where my mom run off to or any member of my family ,she take good care of me but sad she passes away when i was 18 which breaks my heart and make me so lonely but i try my best to be strong in order to make her proud also i have my best friend by my side ..Michael his such a good and caring friend when he lost his mom we became so close we are like family his father mr Ben always treat me like a son .Both of us are chef cooking is our hobbies .....To cut the story short I'm 23 years old now and today is my wedding and I'm so happy getting married to the love of my life Romeo..Mr Ben walk down the aisle with me the church was gather with our loved ones friends and family, the pastor preach about the wedding and finally its vows time and I started with my vows "Romeo you have been part of my life and I'm not perfect to love you because I don't deserve you,I'm young childish and immature but i promise to love you with all my heart and to spend the rest of my life with you and only you,when i made mistakes i want you to correct me and shout at me ,i julius take you to be my lovely husband to love and to cherish (tears roll on my cheeks ) then i continue. to hold on with u and be your pillar i dedicated my life my soul and my body to you...just as i finish reciting my vows a group of four gangs barge into the church holding guns laughing at us all the people inside the church are scared the leader walk direct to us and point the gun at romeo out of fair i stand strong and ask "what do you want from us "the leader reply" I'm here to get back at your husband but wait who's the husband and the wife he (mockingly laugh) and continue"i promise to get back at you after destroying my case ,you think i will be locked forever ,well come with me" his dragging romeo with him i pull his shirt asking him "let him go please I'm begging today is our wedding day "A sound of bullet make me turn around and see that they shot Romeo on his chest he fell down i rush to him crying for help his mom from the chair rush to him telling her guard to take him to hospital right there the leader grab me by the neck i was squeezing and telling him to let me go but instead he shot me on my arm and take me on his shoulder i was crying calling out to romeon and he was desperately trying to get up and help me but he was too weak and fell down and fainted...They take me to a small hut around a jungle which i don't even know the area ,the four of them **** me and decided to bury me alive right there i feel like I'm dead even though I'm still breathing.i was shock ,devastated and in so much pain i can't even utter a word just shading a tears .they dig a small hole and throw me inside and put some sand on me....And left.

At that time the flashback of my life coming back to me.people often say that before we died we keep thinking of our previous life.

so let me take you back to my previous life ..





Episode Two..... coming Soon
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