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144 Woman Trapped In Ice Part-3

After Froleytia dragged her father away, Lizel and her family took their leave.

Mefisto looked at Kai and smiled "Young man, I never thought that you would steal the heart of the pearl of the Chaos Empire so quickly. Do you know how many men's throughout the Chaos Empire will curse that you still partially rejected her"

"I have not rejected her, I just said that she will have to share my love with other women," replied Kai.

Mefisto shook his head and said wisely "No wonder the Emperor was so angry. If before a father you say that his daughter had to share her man with other women especially when she is an imperial princess. How can he agree willingly? I am her teacher, I too don't want my student to marry such a man. But I also cannot ignore her opinion"

"Anyway, I heard Mister Jai called you the supreme ruler of the continent and Grandmaster Arbus is already dead and the Arbus standing before us is not him but a person who looks like Arbus is your elder. Jai also said our Forbidden Forest was always the strongest. What did he mean by that?" said Mefisto, curious.

He had already heard and remembered the words which Jai uttered before the presence of everyone.

Hearing that Jai looked at Kai and talked with him through mind transmission.

According to Kai, there is no need to hide his identity as the lord of the Forbidden Forest

"Just don't tell him about the divine rank barrier around the core region of the Forbidden Forest. Let him know that Forbidden Forest has magic beasts of rank 5 and 6"

Jai nodded and told Mefisto about Kai and the strength of the Forbidden Forest.

The more Mefisto heard about the secret strength of the Forbidden Forest, he was astonished. He just can't believe that there are at least half a million rank 4 beast, a hundred thousand rank 5 and no less than a thousand rank 6 magic beast in the Forbidden Forest. Most amazing thing was that Kai is the lord of the Forbidden Forest and rules over them. Even the man called Jai standing before him is a magic beast to be more precise Dragon in legends and Esabella also has an ancient fire dragon bloodline.

On top of that, Arbus standing before him is not Arbus but the reincarnated magic beast who had been reborn in the body of Arbus after his death.

All of these were too unbelievable for him.

Specifically, there are Saint magic users currently in the continent aside from Jai and all of them work for Kai.

Thinking about that, he looked at Kai under a new light and could not help but think about Dai Yusa's words.

'The beings you are going to see in the future will be like so-called Gods'

"The era of magic champions and the dominance of three empires had come to an end. No, the three empires were just ignorant about the ground matters of the continent. If not for that, power like the golden star-cross would not have stayed hidden from our eyes" thought Mefisto and shook his head.  Thought Mefisto and shook his head, looking at Kai he asked:

"The recent beast tide at the eastern boundary of Romand Kingdom. Is it happening under your command?"

Kai nodded "The inner structure of Buraford Kingdom was almost crushed during the clash with undead Emperor Yakto and knowing that the Romand Kingdom is hostile to us. I ordered the magic beasts to attack the eastern boundary of Romand Kingdom and took that time to recover" said Kai.

Hearing that Mefisto took some time to calm down and sat on Kai's bed to relax.

All of this information was too important and also somewhat made him afraid of Kai.

What could happen, If Kai directs the entire forces of the Forbidden Forest against the continent? He couldn't help but think about it and quiver in fear.

Meanwhile, Kai ordered Alina to bring a glass of water for him.

On the other hand, Froleytia and Emperor Harold were discussing intensely the relationship between her and Kai.

[Room Adjacent to Kai's] 

The room had a bed in the center with two round glass windows. Alongside with a study table, two chairs, and wardrobes on the right side of the room.

With walls painted in green color with a yellow outline around the corners and a magic lamp hanging from the ceiling.

Froleytia and Emperor Harold were sitting on the wooden chairs beside the windows and looking at each other and talking with each other.

"My daughter, are you serious about the marriage? Do you want to marry the king of Buraford Kingdom?'' asked Harold with a sad expression as he looked at his daughter.

He was currently not acting as the emperor of a nation but a father who is concerned about the decision of her daughter.

Who wants to marry his daughter to a man with multiple women. Even he only has one wife. It had been something like an untold rule in the imperial family that the Emperor of a nation cannot have more than one wife. Even other Empire and three kingdoms also follow it. The only exception was the previous king of Buraford Kingdom. Who was not supposed to be the king, but became a king due to Yami Buraford health issues.

Now a king of Buraford Kingdom is trying to break the rules of royal and imperial families, which they had followed for many generations.

"Father, I have decided. The only man who I admire in the entire continent aside from you. Is him and I don't think he will mistreat me"

"How can you say that? For how many days do you know him? One to two days" replied Harold with a worried expression.

He didn't want his daughter to make such an important decision in a hurry. The Imperial princess was always treated as a thing for a political marriage to strengthen the connection with the other party. Who can benefit from the Empire. But he is not like the previous Chaos Empire rulers. He doesn't want his only daughter to marry someone for benefits and has never restricted her.

Looking straight into his daughter's eyes which were full of determination, he sighed.

"Froleytia is my first child after a hundred years. It's because of my high cultivation and imperial rank bloodline which affects the reproduction of the next generation and I'm still not sure when I can have my next child and will it be a boy or a girl. I already thought about breaking the tradition and making her the first Empress of the Chaos Empire but seeing the current situation and her desire to marry into the royal family of Buraford Kingdom. It may not be possible, but I want her to at least become the queen of Buraford Kingdom" thought Harold and as he asked.

"Had Kai told you. Who will be the future queen of Buraford Kingdom?" asked Harold.

Hearing that Froleytia shook her head.

"So it's still not decided. Then there is still hope" thought Emperor Harold.

"Let's go. I would like to talk with him about the issue of your marriage. If you want to marry him I won't stop you, but at least, you must become the queen" said Harold.

As he left the room to talk with Kai. Froleytia followed behind him.

[Kai's Room]

Mefisto was currently drinking water and listening to Kai and Asava's conversation.

The focus of their conversation was about the winter song lake of the Chaos Empire.

Which also attracted his attention.

After all, it is one of the three major calamities of the continent and is located within the Chaos Empire. For the last three hundred years, no new lake monsters have appeared but it's still a matter of concern for the empire.

The other two calamities are already solved by Kai. Only this one remained.

"Elder Asava, so you're telling me that Arbus was the one who was trying to invade the Samsara world and that the Vampiwolf inside the Samsara world was created by him?"

Asava shook his head. "He was looking for a way to increase his lifespan and that Vampiwolf was one of his experiments. Which went missing. As for the other being, who is trying to invade the Samsara world; I have no idea"

"He had caught a dark wolf king from the Forbidden forest and fused him with the vampire bloodline using the help of a mature heavenly treasure, just like your heroic Spirit Command staff," said Asava.

Kai thought for a moment and asked "Where did he get the vampire blood and the heavenly treasure from?"

Hearing that Asava looked at his spiral ring and took out two things.

First was a scythe just like the one carried by soul reader Pluto and another was a block of ice.

As soon as he took the block of ice, the temperature of the room started to dramatically decrease at a rapid rate. Water and the vapor in the air started to solidify and form ice crystals. The most astonishing thing was that inside the ice block was a woman wearing a dark blue military uniform with a long skirt and her face covered by a blue mask with a sword stabbed in the middle of her belly.

"Arbus found her inside the depths of winter song lake when he was 256years old. He became curious to know about the source of the birth of the lake monster inside the lake. According to him, the scythe is the cause behind the birth of the lake monster. The power of the scythe causes a mutation in the aquatic creatures inside the lake" said Asava as he pointed at the black scythe.

"On the other hand, he extracted the vampire blood from this woman that is frozen in ice. You must know that the woman is still alive and is currently in a deep state of slumber. She has two peak Saint rank bloodlines flowing in her veins. The vampire bloodline and a witch bloodline. Her cultivation is that of a peak magic Commander. Even Arbus does not dare to awake her. According to him, she is an ancient living resident of the Great Magic world" said Asava seriously.

Hearing that entire room became pin-drop silence.