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45 City of Heaven

If you couldn't reach the top, then destroy the pyramid. That is what I used to do

"Yes I can use healing skills "

I said that as I continue to treat him

< this kind of magic is really rare there are only a few people who can use the magic of healing so everyone is looking for them everywhere they are hired with very large sums of money you will have a good future> by the time he finished his words I finished healing his wound completely

"Let's go, char"

(where is everybody ? )

"They were killed, there is nobody else," I said that without features

He had a sad look on his face but quickly removed it he too quickly and put his sword on his back

And he laughed

(Death is our way, my friend)

Death is our way

(That sentence made me shocked and amazed )

Char described all my life with those little words

Everything in my life is about death, everything is


I completed the last day in the forest. We moved quickly until we reached the outside. We did not meet any strong monsters

So we came out of the forest safely and we found ourselves in front of a very giant wall you couldn't see the end nor the beginning of it

There was a large gate in the middle where many soldiers stood

Many people moved towards that gate, there were hundreds of people outside the city

I and Cher started to

Go to the door

I suddenly asked why all these people were trying to reach the city of heaven

The city of heaven is different from any other city, because it is not under the authority of the kingdom and it has its own king, who makes all its decisions, a Senate and a special army, and the army of the city of heaven is considered much stronger than the army of the kingdom, but the strange thing is that this army did not participate in the battle with the army of the demons king This city is now the strongest force in the kingdom so everyone tries to become a resident of it or even aspire people like us to enter the Institute of the stars >

He explained to me the reality of this city I am in shock of what he saying

how a city separates itself from the kingdom and has its own army

And how King Jaber allowed this to happen and why he didn't go to war

But Char completed quickly

<But the strangest thing in this city is that the king and the elders are selected from the students of the Institute of Stars using the competition in the fourth year 6 victors become the fifth elders and the king of the city of heaven their decisions are absolute >

I was even more surprised by this

We were near the gate

Char said to stay next to him and not move

When we approached the soldiers Shar showed

His blue halo

Many people have moved away from him

The soldiers showed a respectful look

Not every day does a person of this age appear and has reached this strength

If they knew he had done it in five years, some might lose his mind

One of the soldiers looked at me and said

(who is this ?)

Char looked at him and said

<my Brother>

The soldier opened a small door for us to enter the city of heaven